May 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag: Beauty’s Fresh Picks

Time for another Ipsy Glam bag post! How can that be?!? I know, I know, I always say this, but jeeze time goes by fast! If you don’t know what Ipsy is, then you have been living under a tree! No, just kidding! It is a $10 beauty subscription service that sends 4-6 makeup, skincare, or any type of beauty¬†product in a cosmetic bag.

May’s Theme

Beauty’s Fresh Picks


The Bag

I actually really liked this month’s bag. It seems like nice quality and more earth friendly. This bag is actually one of my favorite bags from Ipsy.


The Items

A few skincare items and a couple makeup items. ūüôā


1) Therapy Session Hair Mask by Eva NYC

According to Ipsy’s website, “The Therapy Session Hair Mask deeply conditions, repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair. Argan Oil nourishes and revitalizes, while Keravis Protein drastically increases hair‚Äôs strength and elasticity. The results are hydrated, soft and manageable hair.”


I was excited to receive this item because I always like trying out hair masks. I do highlight my hair, doing that causes some dryness and damage. This item seemed like a pretty good size for a subscription box. The texture of my hair is pretty fine. I have not used this item yet and I probably will post this post before I use it, but I will update you on if I like it or not with a review.

2) Classic Sport SPF50 by Hang Ten

According to Ipsy’s website, “Protect and nourish your skin with our clear, lightweight, naturally scented sunscreen. Provides maximum water resistance and full body coverage against harmful UVA/UVB rays. “


This is how I feel about receiving this item…..¬†:/ Not excited at all! Although, it will probably be pretty useful. I am pretty fair skinned and definitely need to use sunscreen. Skin Cancer…bad! Therefore, thank you Ipsy for trying to take care of my skin. ¬†I suppose it does fit with the theme. But, really I can buy sunscreen anywhere. But, it is nice to be able to try out this one. I hate those sun screens where I can feel like it is on and when it is greasy. This sunscreen promises to be non-greasy. I did put a little bit on my arm and it seemed like it wasn’t greasy at all. Yay! It also has a light scent that actually smells nice, unlike the usual sunscreen scent ( it is synthetic fragrance free). This sunscreen is SPF 50 which is nice. Also, this sunscreen has natural ingredients in it which is a big pro. It is cruelty free!¬†

3) Mineral Eyeshadow Duo by Pacifica 

What Ipsy says, “The Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo are coconut infused mineral eye shadows that are a perfect addition to any makeup collection. Packaged in a beautiful travel ready recyclable container, these exclusive duos are customized just for ipsy! These shades can be found in the Pacifica Mystical and Charmed Palette. Smooth application with gorgeous color pay-off.”

PicMonkey Collage 2

I was really excited to try out some Pacifica eye-shadows, because I love their lip tints. Their lip tints are actually a holy grail of mine. Pacifica is known for being more of a natural company so I really like them for that. I do wish that I would have gotten the duo¬†with the purple and white shade instead. But, oh well! It was still nice to be able to try their shadows.¬†This duo was nothing special. The shadows aren’t crazy pigmented, but they aren’t horrible either. I would say right in the middle. The formula is powdery. I feel like these shadows would have done better over a white or colored base to help the colors pop more because as you can see in my look above, the shades are hard to see.

4) Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer 

What Ipsy says, “Bronzing has never been so delicious. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer is a shimmer-free, matte bronzer perfect for contouring and creating an all-over deep tan using real antioxidant-rich cocoa powder. It‚Äôs all the tan without the twinkle. Infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and signature bronzing pigments to create a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens skin tone. “


I actually have this bronzer in a Too Faced palette of mine, I have yet to really use it. I tend to shy away from bronzers. I have nothing against them, but usually I am in a hurry when doing makeup so I just end up skipping this step. I also don’t really know the best way to apply it either. But, maybe I should start because practice makes perfect. Since I already have this bronzer, Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner will be receiving this in our upcoming box swaps. I do love the scent of this bronzer; chocolate! ūüôā

 5) Avene Thermal Water

What Ipsy says, “Known for its long history in treating atopic dermatitis, the Av√®ne Thermal Spring Water is the only thermal spring water bottled directly from the source and packaged in a sterile environment to guarantee purity and maximum skin benefits. Its unique composition is proven to soothe inflammation, itching, redness, general sensitivity and post-medical and aesthetic procedure irritation as it softens, protects and purifies the skin. Av√®ne Thermal Spring Water is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. “

PicMonkey Collage

I feel like I am the perfect person to test this product out. I may not have that much redness on my face, but I sure do on my hands. That photo was taken¬†after work. Also, in real life it was more red than in the photo. Working as a nurse means a lot of gloves and a lot of hand washing. My hands are sensitive and end up getting red and rashy as the shift goes on. I have been battling this through winter and I am hoping that it will come to an end soon. It really makes me sad when they say, “they can determine the age of a woman, by her hands.” ūüė¶ ¬†This product promises to reduce inflammation, itching, redness, and a few others as stated above in the description. The second photo of my hands is a picture of the product sprayed onto my hands. I wouldn’t say that it kept all of its promises, but it did help a little with each category for the most part. It was soothing to my itchy hands and it took the redness down with time (hands looked better in the morning). I did feel like it dried my hands out a bit, but with lotion it was better. I wouldn’t repurchase this item, but I am going to continue using it to see if I get further results and my opinion changes.

Overall, I really liked this bag! It was more based on skincare than makeup, but it is always nice that Ipsy changes it up a bit each and every month. I love getting my Ipsy bag and will continue to subscribe to Ipsy! Comment and let me know if you get Ipsy and what you thought of this bag this month.

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Day 19: April 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag Beauty Rocks

With it nearing the end of April that can mean a variety of things, with receiving my Ipsy glam bag being one of them. Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that costs $10 dollars a month. They usually send around 5 beauty samples ranging from skincare to makeup in a cute little cosmetic bag. I have had Ipsy for a good portion of time and I do really enjoy receiving these monthly. BirchBox has come and gone, and Beauty Box 5 may be out the door as well, but Ipsy so far has been my favorite.

Time to share with you all the items that I got this month!

This month’s theme was Beauty Rocks! Personally I think that this month’s bag is ugly. Definitely not a fan of it, but I suppose that it does fit the theme really well. This month’s bag also has a smell to it that I can’t explain. I would say that it is a mix between a factory/chemical smell and something I can’t distinguish. I do really like the shade of purple, but that is no surprise because I love purple!


Here is the little card that comes inside the bag. It just shows information about brand offers. I hate that Ipsy doesn’t include a card that states a description about the products like BirchBox and Beauty Box 5.


Here is an overview of the items included!


Item #1 Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion skin exfoliant

What Ipsy says, “The dr. brandt¬ģ microdermabrasion gently sweeps away dead skin cells and softens skin texture, which enables better absorption of skincare products and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, acne marks, and skin discolorations. A great at home alternative to professional clinical treatments. Safe to use for all skin types. For best results use with dr. brandt¬ģ skincare products. ” Information found here.¬†

I didn’t feel like trying this on my face quite yet, especially with starting my long stretch at work. I really don’t want to have any break outs because I decided to try a new product on my face. I did try a tiny bit on a portion of the top of my hand and this stuff sure made them smooth. The scrub particles are very fine which is something that I like. I do really like the scent as well. It reminds me of lime tea. So far I’m very intrigued to give this a go and see if it makes my face super soft, but that will happen after my long stretch at work.


Item #2  24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil from Urban Decay in Black Velvet

What Ipsy says, “A must for smoky-eye fanatics: an ultra-plush version of UD‚Äôs creamy, waterproof 24/7 formula. Create perfectly blended-out or rich, precise lines that are blacker-than-black. ” More information found here.¬†

I really like these eye liner pencils from Urban Decay. When I first started getting into Urban Decay, I got this set that came with a bunch of mini eyeliners. I think that they’re super creamy and easy to use. This eyeliner does not tug on the eyelid during application. I hate that I have to sharpen these pencils, but since I like the formula I don’t mind too much. I am more of a fan of twist up eye liner pencils such as Stila, but I feel like Stila’s formula is a little too soft. All in all I was happy to receive another pencil and was even more excited because it is in a color that I have never tried.



Item #3 Tinted Lip Balm by Cailyn in Apple Pink

What Ipsy said, “Indulge in colors that last and formulas that enrich! This ultra matte, super moisturizing lip balm offers you rich colors with amazing staying power.” More information found here.¬†

This lip balm has super bulky packaging. At first I was amazed by how bulky it was until I realized that it came with a lip brush. So far I like this lip balm and I love that it came with a brush (seems to be a nice one too). Although, yes I think the shape is odd and I might have a hard time finding a place for it in my collection I know I will get some good use out of this one. I really like the color and don’t think that it is too bold for me. I do think that it wasn’t as moisturizing as it claims. I just added a swipe of my Miranda’s Tangerine lip balm for some extra moisture.

caitlyn collage


Item #4 Jasmine Perfume Oil Roll On by Demeter

What Ipsy says, “An exotic, sweet, warm floral bouquet. Demeter‚Äôs Jasmine is the experience of the living flowers picked on a beautiful spring night. Wear alone or layer with your favorite Demeter fragrance. With over 250 fragrances, the Demeter Fragrance library is inspired by everyday objects and experiences. ” More information found here.¬†

I was not impressed with the scent of this! I feel like a person is either going to love it or hate it. I just wasn’t liking it because it was way too strong for me. I do have a perfume collection and I never ever saw myself wanting to use this. So I decided to swap with another person. She is sending me an Essie polish in exchange for this product and the following product below.


Item #5 Pop! Goes the Shadow by Elizabeth Mott in Champagne

What ¬†Ipsy says, “The Elizabeth Mott pop! goes the eyeshadow is the ultimate eyeshadow that’s long lasting, easy to apply, and effortlessly blends. Buildable colors will take you from subtle highlights to dramatic smokey eyes. With pop! goes the shadow, eye shadow creasing is a thing of the past. Get ready to try the eye shadow that will change your life!” More information found here.¬†

I just wasn’t excited about this item. It’s not because I didn’t think that the color was pretty. I did not swatch it for the reason that I swapped it for my Essie polish, but the color did look pretty in the pan. I tend to use palettes instead of single eye-shadows. I think the reason that I decided not to even try it was because I belong to a group on Facebook where we can swap and trade beauty subscription items. I decided to post a picture of both this item and the one above and see what people had to say. I am quite happy that I will be getting a new Essie polish instead.


So that concludes this bag for the month of April. So overall I thought this bag was medicore. I just wasn’t as excited as previous bags. I think that part of it was because I am¬†annoyed because I never receive the Ipsy products that I actually want ever. I really wanted the Benefit Lolltint, but oh well! I just get annoyed when any subscription box service posts a photo of an item on their Facebook page or Instagram or some social media site as a sneak peek and then I don’t even receive that item. Sorry for my little rant! Comment and let me know if you subscribe to Ipsy and what you got in your Ipsy bag! I love hearing from my readers!

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March Ipsy Glam Bag: Destination Beauty

I can’t believe it is already time for March’s Ipsy bag post! I am still in shock that it is March of 2014 and that means it will soon be April. But, that just means nice weather is coming?!? Here in Minnesota we had a few days of snow melting and 50 degree weather (which I call no jacket weather). Hello Spring!!! Then on Tuesday a snow storm! Come back Spring! My niece’s school was canceled again! This has been a horrible winter. Even my elderly patients at work who have gone through many winters have said that this one just keeps going and going and going! This has been one of the coldest winters that I remember! Sorry for my little rant, but it was well needed!


No jacket! Decided to check out the Sugar Shack of Alex.


Melting snow! You can see grass! Well…brown grass.


Yay it’s melting!!!

Well all that brown grass is now covered with snow again. I am also sporting my winter jacket again.

Onto the fun part!!!


I’m not really a fan of this month’s bag. I like that it is vinyl and can easily be cleaned if there is a spill (considering this month’s theme is destination beauty). I’m not a fan of the print. It is just too weird and out there for me. I have seen much better Ipsy bags. I think that they could have done something better for this month’s theme.


Apparently, this print was exclusive to Ipsy, well… sorry Klari Reis, but I’m not a fan.


This month’s Ipsy came with 4 items, usually there is 5-6.


Item #1 Love in Rio Eye Shadow Trio  by Nyx
What Ipsy says, “Escape to Rio…if only with your eyes. Inspired by the non-stop action of this exotic city, these 3-color eye shadow palettes give you high-glam, go-anywhere intensity day and night thanks to their highly pigmented formulations. Hit the beach in natural nudes, then dance the night away with a shimmering sweep of juicy color from the dual-ended applicator. “

Let’s just say I would love to visit Rio one day! That would be so much fun! But, I was bummed to see this palette in my bag. I got Cabana Boy as my trio. Not because I have anything against Nyx or their eye shadows. I actually think that Nyx is a nice affordable brand. I do like their makeup but, I already have a palette of theirs like this. It isn’t exact, but would be duplicate shadow colors for me. I really wanted to get the other more colorful palette. I have not opened this one so I will not be showing you swatches. I plan on giving this trio away.


Item #2 Marvelous Moxie Lipstick  by bareMinerals
What Ipsy says, “Make an impact with Marvelous Moxie‚ĄĘ Lipstick. Creamy, super-saturated, ultra-pigmented color glides on like butter for full coverage in a rich satin finish. Lips look fuller and more voluptuous. An infusion of minerals revitalizes lips for a healthy-looking pout, while a moisture-loaded hydrating complex helps to nourish and condition with Abyssinian Oil and Omega Fatty Acids for supple, baby-soft smoothness. All the while, an encapsulated vitamin A, C and E complex helps to deliver antioxidant defense, so you‚Äôre ready for anything‚ÄĒand everything. Learn more about Marvelous Moxie‚ĄĘ “

I was really excited to receive this little lipstick! It is adorable! I’ve also never really tried many bareMinerals products so this was a definite must! I got the color, Get Ready, which I find to be a perfect pink. I’m not big on wearing bold lips so this is the perfect color for me. I also think ¬†it is perfect for Spring and Summer! I’ve used it a few times and so far I think that the application is easy, it feels smooth on the lips, and isn’t drying.



Item #3 Flawless Beauty Primer by Pixi
What Ipsy says, “The Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer is loaded with skin loving ingredients. Formula contains powerful anti-aging and skin fortifying benefits. Formula suitable for all skin types.”

I have been using the Porefessional primer from Benefit which I have been really liking. It will be interesting to see how this one compares. On the back of the product is promises a youthful glow so it will be interesting to see how it performs. It also promises even skin-tone and hydration. I did swatch it on my hand, and it did give a little bit of a shimmer effect.


Item #4 Indigo Blue Eyeliner by Chella
What Ipsy says, “Experience Chella‚Äôs Eyeliner Pen, a formula so incredible and surprising it almost describes itself. Highly innovative, never-done before – this pigmented, non-staining eyeliner ink provides a sleek, high-intensity eye make-up that lasts all day. This silky eyeliner glides on to define, emphasize and embolden with long lasting vibrant color that stays on until you want it gone!”

Here is another item that I could have gone without, because I don’t generally use blue liquid eyeliner. I will still try it at least. I’ll admit that it is a very pretty blue, I’m just not sure if I could sport the blue eyeliner look. I would have rather received a different item such as the nail polish. But, oh well!



Overall, I thought my Ipsy bag was ok. I am excited about the lipstick and the Pixi primer, but the other items, not so much.

If I had my choice my bag would look like this….

Comment and let me know what products you got in your Ipsy bag and what you thought of them!



The Beauty Deputy

February 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag

So once again it is time for my Ipsy bag! Hooray!!! Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription service that sends you numerous beauty samples in a cute cosmetic bag. I’ve belonged to Ipsy for awhile now and I do enjoy receiving that little pink package in my mailbox! Although I feel like last month’s Ipsy was a disappointment, I had high hopes while opening this one.

So keep reading if you want to know what I got…

The Bag of the Month

I find this bag to be nothing special. Honestly I feel like it is boring and that it could have had a better design. But, I do love the inside design at least. The bag does seems to be nice quality. It also has its normal Ipsy zipper handle.




The Inner Cards

Came with an inner card called, “The Look of Love” which is this months theme. I think that the theme is cute and of course perfect for Valentine’s Day! ¬†I doubt I would ever do that to my lips, unless I plan on planting a kiss on my boyfriend’s cheek. Then I would use red lip stick. Muhahaha!


The Contents


1)  J-Cat Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue

What Ipsy says, “Cause a ruckus as you bat your voluminous faux eyelashes! Each includes an individual eyelash adhesive for endurance through a night on the town!”

This is my first ever fake eyelashes. Something about putting glue and fake eyelashes that close to my eye freaks me out. I guess I would rather stick to mascara. I do have long eyelashes naturally, they just don’t like to curl. Maybe I will save these for Halloween. But, I must say so myself they do look like really nice ones. Very pretty! They’re also cruelty free! Yay!!!



2) City Color Be Matte Blush

What Ipsy says, “Available in 4 shades, this silky-smooth, highly pigmented matte blush compliments and blends evenly with your skin’s natural glow. Extremely buildable to create a subtle or dramatic look.”

Yay a full sized blush! I was excited to see this item because it is a matte blush. A lot of my blushes are more shimmery. So this will be fun to try out. It is a nice color in my opinion. It is in the color Fresh Melon. Check out the swatch below. It is also a cruelty free product! Yay!!!



3) Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner

What Ipsy says, “This creamy formula glides effortlessly onto the lid and locks into lower rim to beautifully define your eyes. Create a fine line or a thicker line with no pulling or tugging. Wear it as a shadow by applying to the lid and smudge. Rich and full, this liner will give a strong coverage that lasts all day. “

I was excited to see this eyeliner in this month’s bag because I hear so ¬†many amazing things about Mally. This product is worth $15 dollars according to Mally’s website so that already in itself succeeds the $10 price tag for the Ipsy bag. I wish that I would have gotten a brown or a charcoal grey instead of this silver color. I don’t wear this color very often, but I will give it a try!



4) Zoya Nail Polish

What Ipsy says, “This season’s Zoya Nail polish are full of pure pigment, intense color and modern complexity that are a perfect transition into Spring.”

This nail color is the perfect polish for Valentine’s Day! It is in the color Odette. I’ve never tried a Zoya nail polish (I have gotten previous ones in Ipsy bags, but have yet to try it.) I do hear very good things about Zoya nail polishes so I will have to give this one a try.


5) Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini

What Ipsy says, “This plumping pout perfector combines the high-shine of a lacquered gloss with the long wear of a stain and is packed full of lip-plumping peptides and avocado and jojoba oils. Lightweight, creamy texture immediately merges with lips & delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long-lasting finish! “

I’ve never tried anything from Pop Beauty so I was excited to receive this. I got mine in the color Peony Petal. This lip pout is super pigmented and is a really nice color.



Overall, I feel like Ipsy stepped it up compared to last month. I feel like I got a lot of nice products! A lot of full sized items too, so that is always a positive. My favorite item I got was probably the eyeliner. My least favorite was the eyelashes.  Comment down below and let me know what you got in your Ipsy Glam bag!!



The Beauty Deputy

January Ipsy Bag!

My favorite pink package came in the mail again! January Ipsy bag is here! Well actually it was a few days ago! If you don’t know what Ipsy is; it is a $10 monthly subscription that sends you 4-6 beauty samples inside a cosmetic bag. Their website is here.

So this is what I got!!!


An overview of what I got!


This month’s Ipsy bag! I think that it is cute, but it’s not my favorite Ipsy bag!


“Pre-moistened, refreshingly fragranced, water-based cloths designed to instantly remove even waterproof makeup without irritation. Infused with natural extracts and botanicals, Absolute! Makeup Cleansing Tissues are formulated to reawaken and soften skin, while helping to reduce puffiness. Made of delicate spun lace, our convenient, effortless 1-step tissues are gentle enough for use on sensitive skin and around the eye area.”¬†(From the Ipsy website)

When I opened the bag and saw this! I was, “oh darn.” This better not have those icky ingredients that Stephanie Wright talked about in her amazing post about makeup wipes. Check it out here. There is a long list of chemicals, but I did not see¬†Phenoxyethanol listed! I was surprised, but still there is a lot of icky “I have no idea what that is” chemicals!! I will probably use these to remove swatched eye shadows off my arm. They do smell like pomegranate, but they have a strange “alcohol” smell. I would say these are a dud for me!!



“Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.” (From the Ipsy website)

Well I just bought this in my latest haul, so I wasn’t too excited about this! But, hey my mom is because I said she could try it out! I will have a review coming sometime in the future. But, so far I’m loving it! I saw that this was also in BirchBox this month, but their sample was about twice the size! (I don’t have BirchBox, I am just going off of posts I’ve seen.) Boo Ipsy!!! But, still it is a good product for subscribers to try out so I am glad Ipsy included it! I just wish that we had more of a choice on what we got!



“The (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm is as soothing to the lips as it is to the senses. Flavored with (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito, this lip balm is scientifically blended to restore and replenish. The hydrating lip gel easily integrates for daily maintenance, prevention and treatment of dry, irritated lips. Color and Paraben free. ” (From the Ipsy website)

The packaging on it looks boring, but can’t judge something by it’s packaging. It did remind me of something that we have at the hospital for dry lips, except without the mojito part. Once again the ingredient list is miles long, but at least it’s paraben free. I tried it and it is actually really moisturizing and it smells nice too! The scent is very light which is a pro for me! This will be perfect to put on before bed. I am not a fan of the tip of it, no applicator. It is just a squeeze out tube.



“The yaby Liquid Foundation leaves an unbelievably natural, super smooth texture and is extremely easy to apply. Mimics the skin’s natural sheen to create the most realistic flawless skin. Oil-free.” (From the Ipsy website)

Apparently whoever got this foundation got the color Buff, it seems like it would be a good color for me. But, really that is the only colors they send out? I looked at this foundation and I thought, “ that supposed to be there?” There is random dark spots in the foundation. Is it mold or is it color that wasn’t blended in? Comment down below and let me know! I guess I’m not going to put this on my face until I know what that weird stuff is. I will add that I use powder foundation so I’m not that educated in liquid foundation.




“Treat your whole body with a smooth and buttery body balm. Enriched with healthy butters and an invigorating blend of essential oils that will wake up your senses and moisturize your skin without leaving it greasy or tacky. Make sure you work it well into elbows, knees and even your feet, they’ll thank you later! ” (From the Ipsy website)

It made me happy that it was organic and cruelty free! Yay no nasty chemicals! This balm has a pretty strong lime scent, especially at first. The strong scent doesn’t stay too long at least. It is also very greasy. The consistency of it was weird too. When I first took some out of the container, it was chunky. It kind of looked like tapioca pudding in a way. My first thought was, “oh well this won’t rub into the skin very well.” It actually did! It is super moisturizing so that is nice. It will help my super dry hands.

IMG_0479 IMG_0480

So that concludes this month’s Ipsy bag. I was disappointed in it for the first time since I began my subscription. Comment and let me know what you got in your Ipsy bags and also if you have ever tried any of these products. Also I really want to know if that foundation is moldy or if it is just the foundation colors not mixed together.

Today was my niece’s 2nd birthday (can’t believe how fast time goes) and my family was going to get together for it! Let’s just say that mother nature had a different plan! It snowed quite a bit! Snow was blowing like crazy and when snow blows it makes the roads slippery. We live an hour and 20 minutes away from where they live. ¬†So the birthday party was rescheduled for tomorrow. Well actually today now, because I plan to schedule this post for tomorrow. It is 11:21 PM or 2321 at this moment. I am hoping that the weather works out! But, at least my boyfriend gets to come. ūüôā He had to work today and has tomorrow off. I also plan on making a pit-stop at Sephora to return that Tarte brush I got in my latest haul. I decided that I wanted a different one that I got from Ulta instead. I am hoping I can pick up my Sephora 500 point perks too. With that, hope you all have a great day!



The Beauty Deputy

December Ipsy Bag!

Yesterday I checked my mailbox and I saw my favorite pink
little package inside. That always brings a smile to my face. If
you don’t know what Ipsy is it is a $10 dollar a month subscription
service that sends beauty samples. I think Ipsy has been stepping
it up because most of their samples have been full sized lately.
The items in italics are the product description off of the Ipsy


An overview of what was
all in my Ipsy bag.


The cosmetic bag that came
with this months Ipsy.


A nice little personalized

Item #1 Eye Blender Brush by
“The Mirabella Eye Blender Brush
fuses eyeshadow to create a naturally sculpted eye. Tapered domed
shape provides flawless and easy application. Hand-sculpted brush
is made with the finest quality materials and features exclusive
brushed aluminum ferrule and handle.”¬†
This brush
seems like very nice quality. It is nice and heavy. Also the brush
itself is nice and soft. I have not used this brush yet. IMG_0405 IMG_0404 Item #2
Big Lip Pencil by J.Cat Beauty
Big Lip Pencil is a hydrating and vibrant lipstick as well as a
sculpting lip liner. It’s destined to be in your makeup
I have never heard of this company, but I
like them already because they’re a cruelty free brand. I got the
color Red Rose. It is a nice soft
pinkish red. I don’t usually wear many bold lips, but this might be
a good color to try. IMG_0407 IMG_0411 Item #3
Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio by Pop
“This palette of hues adds
definition & intensity to lids, creating a broad range of
looks that complements all eye colours. From brightening bare to
sultry smoke, these hues blend smoothly onto the lid, adding a veil
of silky luster that will outlive the day or night! “

I’ve never tried pop beauty eye-shadows. I got mine in the color
Smokin Hot. I am used to high end eye
shadows so I’m not sure how this will compare. They are very
shimmery and glittery when I swatched them and they do seem
pigmented. I have not tried them on my eye and checked for
blend-ability and staying power. I do think the colors are pretty
and will be perfect for the Holiday season. IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0423 Item #4 The
One Stick by Be a Bombshell 
all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture. Apply to eyelids,
cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere!’
got the color girl crush which is a
nice soft rose toned pink.  I think that the color is really
pretty.¬†¬†At first I wasn’t sure what they meant by, “the
one stick.” I was thinking it was a color for the cheeks. But, it
can be applied to the eyelids, cheeks, or lips.I’m not sure what I
would use this as. I usually use more powder blushes, but I will
have to try this out. IMG_0417 IMG_0419 IMG_0420 Item #5
Holiday Frosted Gumdrops by JulieG
holiday season, this sparkling purple textured treat will have
visions of sugar plums dancing in your head ‚Äď and on your
Nail polish is a very popular item with Ipsy
bags. Well this one is a textured nail color and I think it is very
pretty. I love the color purple and this has a nice glittery
texture. It is in the color Sugar Plum
. This is what is says about application,
“for full effect, do not use a base or top coat. Using
thin coats, apply 1-3 coats, allowing each layer to dry completely
in between layers for full textured effect. This special textured
formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely
IMG_0416 Overall I was happy with
this months Ispy. I think that I got a lot of amazing products for
only $10 dollars. I am the most excited about the brush and the all
in one stick. I am the least excited about the eye shadow. Let me
know what you got in your month’s Ipsy bag. ¬† Xoxoxo
Brittany The Beauty Deputy

November Ipsy Bag!

First off for people who don’t know what Ipsy is, it is a $10 monthly subscription service. With that you get 4 to 6 beauty samples and most of them are full sized. I have belonged to this service for a few months now and I really like it so far. I recently canceled my BirchBox subscription because I only wanted one and well Ipsy won that battle with flying colors in my opinion. I will link my post down below if you’re interested in reading my battle between Ipsy and BirchBox.


I actually like the gold snakeskin print of this bag. It isn’t the highest quality bag, but really can I complain for $10?


Overview of the products!

Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow by Bh Cosmetics


I already did a palette review on the, “Galaxy Chic” palette by Bh Cosmetics and I love it. I will post the link below.


I got the color, “Sun” which I think is really pretty.


A swatch of the color “Sun.”

Bronzer by Pixi Beauty


The packaging is really cute and the bronzer is a full size.


The color I got is called, “Subtly Suntouched.” and it is a very light bronzer. I usually don’t wear bronzer, so this might be a good one to start out with.

Gem Eye Pencil by Starlooks


A full sized eyeliner in the color Amethyst.


This eye liner pencil is very pigmented! That was just a simple swatch. I find the color to be gorgeous and it will be perfect for the upcoming Holidays!

Lip Crayon by Be a Bombshell


A full sized lip crayon in the color “Shameless.”


The swatch of the color, “Shameless.” which I describe as a very pretty watermelon pink.

Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer by Nailtini


I got the color, “Champange” which I am not to thrilled about only because I feel like I already have a color like this.

Lash Gallery Clean Volume Mascara by Em Comsetics by Michelle Phan


Lastly each Ipsy bag contained a product from Em Cosmetics. I do have a few products from this makeup line and I do like it. Although I wish I didn’t receive a mascara. I am not going to open this mascara until I’m ready to use it because mascara is only good for so long.

Well that concludes the end of my Ipsy bag. Overall I was very happy with this bag because it was almost all full sized products. Also with each Ipsy bag, there is always coupon codes to help save money on each of the brands included in each bag. Let me know what you thought of the products I¬†received¬†and what you got in your Ipsy bag if you’re¬†subscribed.

Here is the link to my review on the, “Galaxy Chic” palette.¬†



The Beauty Deputy

The Battle of the Subscription boxes!! Ispy vs. Birchbox!

Ipsy and Birchbox are subscription services that you can subscribe to and receive samples to test out new products. They both cost $10 per month and include about 4-6 sample sized products. I have been subscribed to both for a few months and have a good idea of what one I like more. I actually did end up canceling one of them. Keep on reading to find out which one.



Each Birchbox comes in this outer shipping box.


This is the box that the products come in which I think is a nice quality box. I have reused them for various reasons: receipt box, place to put lookbooks in from palettes, and then I just add all my samples that I receive in them including samples from Ulta and Sephora. I also at this time use one box for my lip products.


Each month Birchbox has a theme. This month is Beauty Buzz.


Back side of the card tells you what products you get in the Birchbox.


Overview of the sample products.


This was my favorite sample because I do love The Balm products so I am excited. This is a Stainiac Lip and cheek stain. This just gives the lips a pop of color. I have not tried it on the cheeks yet.


Another sunscreen sample. Birchbox has sent multiple sunscreen samples. Although I probably should take better care of my skin using sunscreen even during the colder months.


Extreme Renewal Exfoliating Facial which seems like a good sized product.


This product I was really confused by at first. But, once I read what it was it made more sense.


Sorry this photo is blurry but basically you can use it to put your hair up in a bun. They show 3 different styles: the up do, the half up, and the low bun.


The directions of use.


This was the bonus item which I do like. I am a fan of ChapStick products especially during Fall and Winter!


The scent is vanilla creme which I am a fan of!



Each Ipsy bag comes in this outer shipping envelope.


Each month Ipsy has a different bag. This month’s bag says, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”


Has a zipper closure with the Ipsy name on the tag.


Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel. I always like it when I get products from this brand. You do get a good sample at 1.7 fl oz. I have tried this a few times and I do feel like it gives the hair some volume.


Nourish Organic deeply Nourishing coconut and argan body lotion. I love natural products that are cruelty free! This product apparently is only sold at Target. This lotion does feel moisturizing, but I am not a big fan of the smell. It has a very strong coconut scent. But, I’m sure they have other scents!


Lip liner from Starlooks in the color Tickle Me Pink. I’ve never used lip liner before so it will be interesting.


Swatch of the color “Tickle Me Pink.” I think that it is a very pretty pink color.


I was excited to receive a Zoya nail polish because I have never tried their polish before. I think that this color is gorgeous and it is a good size sample.


The color Giovanna.


Last product is “La Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser.” These will be fun to try and plus they’re natural and cruelty free. They also have a very refreshing scent!

In conclusion, I have had these subscriptions services for a few months so I am basing my conclusion on all my boxes that I have received.  I do like Ipsy better than BirchBox. They both do have good things about them, I just felt like I was all sampled out and I needed to cancel one of them so BirchBox was on the chopping block.

Birchbox: I feel like Birchbox has given me a few samples that I like. I love it when they send The Balm samples. I discovered an Instain blush because of BirchBox. I also feel like they send out a lot of samples that I will never use or tiny samples that you could only get one use out of them. Also I follow them on my Facebook page and they always post pictures of products that are part of this month’s BirchBox and hardly ever do I get the ones that I want. An example was with Stila lip products. I love Stila so I got excited, but I didn’t get that in my box. I got this other brand that I have never heard of as my lip product. One thing that I think is really cool about Birchbox is that men can get subscription boxes too!

Ipsy: I love that they include their products in a makeup bag. They come in handy for storage or travel purposes. I feel like their products are a lot larger and worth more money. I have discovered some good products I like from Ipsy too! They sent a lot of mascara samples, nail polishes (good sized ones too!), eye shadows, and lip products.

DSC00890 DSC00891

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post on BirchBox and Ipsy! Let me know if you’re subscribed to either BirchBox or Ipsy and what one do you think wins the battle!



The Beauty Deputy