My Fall Essentials!!!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the colors with the leaves changing. Although I feel like this Fall was a little different since of the weird weather this year. With every season there is of course certain essentials for each. These is going to be a post of my top 10 Fall essentials! I hope you enjoy this post and please comment and let me know what your Fall Essentials are.

1. Boots: I feel like Fall is the perfect time of year to start bringing out boots. I love wearing boots with a pair of skinny jeans. I have boots in brown, black, and grey.


2. Scarves: this is the perfect accent piece to add to any outfit to dress it up. A scarf can do lot!  It can take a very plain outfit and make it exciting.


3. Moisturizing lotion: my skin gets extremely dry starting this time of year, especially my hands, so I need an extremely moisturizing lotion. I like the thicker types of lotions for my hands for extra moisture. Some of my favorite lotions are Charity Pot and Helping Hands by Lush. Also, my favorite non scented lotion is by Vaseline and it is the deep moisture creamy formula.

4. Fall scents: who doesn’t love the smell of Fall? Some of my favorite scents from Scentsy are pumpkin roll, pumpkin marshmallow, cider mill, caramel pear crisp, apple press, autumn sunset, and honey pear cider.


Here is a picture of a few of the Scentsy waxes.

5. Pumpkins: I always have to have my Scentsy pumpkin warmer out and also I have to have some pumpkins outside.

DSC00794 DSC01000
6. Fall inspired eye shadow: the Sigma Dare palette and the Marc Jacobs Scarlet palette are both perfect for Fall. The Dare palette has a few orange eye shadows that are perfect colors and also the Marc Jacobs palette has awesome metallic inspired shadows. The orange shade and the gold shade are gorgeous Fall colors. Also the Bh Comsetics Galaxy Chic has a lot of really nice Fall colors such as: Venus, Mars, and Asteroid.

DSC00967 DSC00969 DSC00565
7. Long sleeve shirts: I love wearing long sleeves shirts during Fall because it is the perfect warmth. Although in Minnesota it is already about 30 degrees. I feel like it got cold fast but it’s not compared to what is to come.

8. Pumpkin spice everything: I love pumpkin spice, especially this time of year. They’re also always coming out with more and more products with pumpkin spice in it. I recently got some Pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts which I find mighty tasty. I recently went to the Cheesecake Factory and got pumpkin cheesecake and it was delicious! The Pumpkin spice latte is also really good. I’ve only had it at McDonalds so far. I am not really a coffee drinker but this pumpkin spice latte is delicious.

DSC00976 download

9. Favorite Fall perfumes by Taylor Swift: I don’t know why but I feel like Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume collection is perfect for Fall. I smell a lot of apple in Wonderstruck which apples are a big part of Fall.


Notes: Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry.
Style: Sparkling. Blushing. Enchanted.

Wondersturck Enchanted

Notes: Wild Berries, Passion Fruit, Pink Poppy, Peony, Champaca Petals, White Freesia, White Musk, Vanilla, Blond Woods.

Style: Charming. Magical. Captivating.

Information on notes and style is off of Sephora website.
DSC00974 DSC00996

10. Sweater dresses: I love to wear sweater dresses with a pair of leggings or tights. I also like to add some boots and a scarf.


BONUS:  Can’t forget about candy! I mean Halloween is near!  These candy bars are made by Nestle and are delicious and are crispy, chocolaty, and full of caramel.


So that wraps up my Fall essentials for 2013. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. I know I kind of posted it pretty late, but that’s okay I still wanted to write it! Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you thought of my Fall essentials and let me know what yours are.


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