Haircare Empties!

So this is my first empties post! I always think that these are fun posts to read! You can really see what a beauty guru, like myself, ends up using up and what they want to repurchase. With that, I think that I can get more of an idea if the blogger/YouTuber really liked the product compared to Monthly Favorites! So I decided to break up my empties posts into categories because I had quite a bit and I didn’t want the post to get too long! So this one is haircare!!! First off, I’m kind of an odd duck because I use more than one shampoo/conditioner at a time. I feel like my hair grows an immunity to shampoo after awhile and in the end doesn’t clean as well. I will be honest I wash my hair pretty much everyday. I haven’t found a dry shampoo that is worth it yet!



IMG_0459 IMG_0461

When I went to go get my hair highlighted and cut my hairstylist put an oil in my hair from this line. It smelled amazing!!! I could not get over the smell! So I looked up on Google to see if they had a shampoo and conditioner and sure enough they did! It is from a company called, “Earthly Body.” They have 3 scents, but I got it in original. The scent is so hard to describe, but it is very oriental and earthy. Trust me, it’s amazing!

The Shampoo

What Earthly Body says about its shampoo? You can find more information and price here. Or you could pay less and get it here like I did! Isn’t Amazon amazing?!?

  • All natural and Sulfate Free- encouraged for daily use on ALL hair types
  • Leaves hair clean, incredibly hydrated, and healthier than ever before
  • Noticeable improvement in shine and strength in just one wash
  • Gentle enough for the most sensitive of scalps, strong enough for the unruliest of hair

Will I purchase it again? The answer is yes! I just need to wait for a sale or something!

I loved this shampoo! It is sulfate free, paraben free, and cruetly free! All that is important to me! I do get a dry scalp so anything sulfate free is a must! It washed my hair really well. I might get a smaller bottle next time because this latest me forever! This shampoo doesn’t lather very well because it is sulfate free, but that doesn’t bother me. It made my hair feel shiny and soft!



This also smelled amazing, it was the same scent, but lighter. I got it at the same time as the shampoo through Amazon.

What Earthly Body says about its conditioner? You can find more information and price here. Here is the Amazon link.

Marrakesh Argan Oil Conditioner contains a botanical formula for gentle, color and treatment safe conditioning for all hair types, while maximizing moisture retention.
– All natural and Sulfate Free – encouraged for daily use on ALL hair types
– Botanical elements detangle hair and control frizz and flyaways
– Silk proteins maximize moisture and color retention
– Leaves hair radiant with brilliant shine

Will I purchase it again? Once again the answer is yes!

I loved this conditioner! My hair becomes so tangled when wet. I just thought of Rapunzel in the movie, “Tangled.” Wow that is a lot of hair to care for! I wonder what conditioner she uses? Of course my mind would drift to a Disney movie!

And I’ll re-read the books
If I have time to spare
I’ll paint the wall some more
I’m sure there’s room somewhere
And then I’ll brush, and brush
And brush, and brush my hair
Stuck in the same place I’ve always been
And I’ll keep wonderin’
And wonderin’
And wonderin’
And wonderin’
When will my life begin?

Ok..Brittany.. back to the empty review! So this conditioner makes it really easy to brush out my hair. It also makes it feel light and soft.


I have dark blonde hair and I do love to get it highlighted. My hairstylist recommended this brand for me to try. This shampoo helps make my blonde stay vibrant and gets rid of those unwanted brassy tones.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464

What AG Hair says about this shampoo? You can find out more information here.

“Sterling Silver is specially formulated to eliminate brassy, yellow tones from blonde and silver hair. With its unique violet base, this mild toning shampoo removes dullness and brassiness, leaving blonde and silver hair looking cleaner and brighter.”

Will I purchase it again? The answer is yes because I am always in need of a purple toning shampoo. I don’t want my blonde highlights looking brassy. This shampoo also does smell good and lathers well. Also it is cruelty free! 🙂


I wanted to get a leave in conditioner and I always heard good things about this brand so I decided to pick up the smaller size of this leave in conditioner. (I do have their hair masque, a review will be coming soon.)


What Macadamia Natural Oil says about this leave in conditioner? You can find more information here. They did change the name a bit. It is now called, “No Tangle Pre-Styler.

No Tangle Pre-Styler moisturizes hair and effortlessly eliminates tangles on contact.

  • Amazingly lightweight pre-styler
  • Perfect for adding volume or creating a smooth, sleek look
  • Instantly detangles without breaking or damaging hair
  • Provides natural UV protection
  • Infuses moisture and shine
  • Provides needed nourishment and painless smoothing

Would I repurchase this? This answer is no.

I didn’t think that this product helped that much. I recently got a different leave in conditioner that I like much better than this one. I will do a review on it sometime in the future. The product itself is lightweight and didn’t weight down my hair any. I just felt like it didn’t help that much with detangling. That is cool that it provides UV protection at least.

So that concludes my first empties post! I hope that you enjoyed reading it! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!!



The Beauty Deputy

Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar Review

I never really heard about shampoo bars until I went into a Lush store. I thought it was a neat idea, but wondered how could that work the same as liquid shampoo. Yet I knew I had to test it out!  I decided on the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar. Lush has quite a few different shampoo bar options such as: hair growth, oily hair, dry hair, tangled and unruly locks, and many more. Well I am a person that washes their hair everyday. I know I know it’s bad on my hair, but my hair does get oily if I don’t do that. I decided on the Lumping Juniper one because it’s formulated for oily hair and it did smell the best. I also got a little tin case for storage.

What does Lush say about this shampoo bar?

Herbal hair magic to transform oily hair

Our purple shampoo bar jumps into action to sort out oil problems on top. It cleans away grease and balances sebum production for soft, shiny (in the good way) hair. Fruity juniperberry oil sorts out your oily, congested scalp, while lemon and lime make your hair clean and shiny and give it an extra fresh scent. The incredible herbal duo, lavender and rosemary are superpowers if you’re having troubles in the oil department. Rosemary has been used for hundreds of years for its anti-bacterial capabilities while lavender is known for its ability to balance and soothe the scalp. You’ll be jumping for joy in no time!,en_US,pd.html#start=4

Some features that Lush describes

  • Puts the jump into it: Citrus oils of lemon and lime add shine and bounce to your style.
  • Herbal wonders: Lavender and rosemary work to soothe scalps and balance oil production to improve the condition of your hair.
  • Very berry: Juniperberry oil is astringent and decongests oil build-up on hair.

The Ingredients

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Lavender Decoction (Lavendula hybrida) , Rosemary Decoction (Rosmarinus officinalis), Juniperberry Oil (Juniperus communis) , Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum) , Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia) , *Citral, *Limonene , Perfume , D&C
Violet No. 2

The Pictures




What I thought of the shampoo bar?


  • smells like lavender and lemon which I think smells good
  • Doesn’t have an overpowering smell
  • Perfect for travel
  • Lathers really well (can be a pro and a con)
  • Super easy to use
  • Makes my hair feel really clean
  • It is good for my greasy hair (My hair still looks good the next morning, but at middle to end of the day it’s getting oily.)
  • Has mostly natural ingredients
  • Lasts a long time (The employee at Lush told me it lasts about 80 washes. I have not been counting, but I do have a lot left.)
  • Product is Vegan and cruelty free


  • Dries out hair if used too often or everyday (due to the con down below)
  • Has sodium lauryl sulfate in it which is a surfactant (allows water and oil to become mixed). This is a big con for me. SLS causes the lather, but it is also very drying to the hair and the scalp. When products say they’re sulfate free it means that the product was formulated without SLS.
  • Hard to get the shampoo bar out of the container (make sure to open the container before getting your hands wet otherwise it is impossible to open and also the container has just enough room to house the shampoo bar so there is no wiggle
    room making it hard to get the shampoo bar out because it likes to stick to the bottom)
  • Price: $10.95 which is kind of expensive for a shampoo bar, but it is Lush

All in all I did like this shampoo bar, but I am still disappointed that they used sulfates in their products. I am still a big Lush fan and will always love Lush products. Lush does have a lot of really good ingredients that they use in their products. But, hopefully one day they will go sulfate free! Let me know if you have tried any shampoo bars from Lush or any other brand.

Also check out my new menu that I created on my blog and let me know what you think!



The Beauty Deputy