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January Ipsy Bag!

My favorite pink package came in the mail again! January Ipsy bag is here! Well actually it was a few days ago! If you don’t know what Ipsy is; it is a $10 monthly subscription that sends you 4-6 beauty samples inside a cosmetic bag. Their website is here.

So this is what I got!!!


An overview of what I got!


This month’s Ipsy bag! I think that it is cute, but it’s not my favorite Ipsy bag!


“Pre-moistened, refreshingly fragranced, water-based cloths designed to instantly remove even waterproof makeup without irritation. Infused with natural extracts and botanicals, Absolute! Makeup Cleansing Tissues are formulated to reawaken and soften skin, while helping to reduce puffiness. Made of delicate spun lace, our convenient, effortless 1-step tissues are gentle enough for use on sensitive skin and around the eye area.” (From the Ipsy website)

When I opened the bag and saw this! I was, “oh darn.” This better not have those icky ingredients that Stephanie Wright talked about in her amazing post about makeup wipes. Check it out here. There is a long list of chemicals, but I did not see Phenoxyethanol listed! I was surprised, but still there is a lot of icky “I have no idea what that is” chemicals!! I will probably use these to remove swatched eye shadows off my arm. They do smell like pomegranate, but they have a strange “alcohol” smell. I would say these are a dud for me!!



“Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.” (From the Ipsy website)

Well I just bought this in my latest haul, so I wasn’t too excited about this! But, hey my mom is because I said she could try it out! I will have a review coming sometime in the future. But, so far I’m loving it! I saw that this was also in BirchBox this month, but their sample was about twice the size! (I don’t have BirchBox, I am just going off of posts I’ve seen.) Boo Ipsy!!! But, still it is a good product for subscribers to try out so I am glad Ipsy included it! I just wish that we had more of a choice on what we got!



“The (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm is as soothing to the lips as it is to the senses. Flavored with (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito, this lip balm is scientifically blended to restore and replenish. The hydrating lip gel easily integrates for daily maintenance, prevention and treatment of dry, irritated lips. Color and Paraben free. ” (From the Ipsy website)

The packaging on it looks boring, but can’t judge something by it’s packaging. It did remind me of something that we have at the hospital for dry lips, except without the mojito part. Once again the ingredient list is miles long, but at least it’s paraben free. I tried it and it is actually really moisturizing and it smells nice too! The scent is very light which is a pro for me! This will be perfect to put on before bed. I am not a fan of the tip of it, no applicator. It is just a squeeze out tube.



“The yaby Liquid Foundation leaves an unbelievably natural, super smooth texture and is extremely easy to apply. Mimics the skin’s natural sheen to create the most realistic flawless skin. Oil-free.” (From the Ipsy website)

Apparently whoever got this foundation got the color Buff, it seems like it would be a good color for me. But, really that is the only colors they send out? I looked at this foundation and I thought, “gross..is that supposed to be there?” There is random dark spots in the foundation. Is it mold or is it color that wasn’t blended in? Comment down below and let me know! I guess I’m not going to put this on my face until I know what that weird stuff is. I will add that I use powder foundation so I’m not that educated in liquid foundation.




“Treat your whole body with a smooth and buttery body balm. Enriched with healthy butters and an invigorating blend of essential oils that will wake up your senses and moisturize your skin without leaving it greasy or tacky. Make sure you work it well into elbows, knees and even your feet, they’ll thank you later! ” (From the Ipsy website)

It made me happy that it was organic and cruelty free! Yay no nasty chemicals! This balm has a pretty strong lime scent, especially at first. The strong scent doesn’t stay too long at least. It is also very greasy. The consistency of it was weird too. When I first took some out of the container, it was chunky. It kind of looked like tapioca pudding in a way. My first thought was, “oh well this won’t rub into the skin very well.” It actually did! It is super moisturizing so that is nice. It will help my super dry hands.

IMG_0479 IMG_0480

So that concludes this month’s Ipsy bag. I was disappointed in it for the first time since I began my subscription. Comment and let me know what you got in your Ipsy bags and also if you have ever tried any of these products. Also I really want to know if that foundation is moldy or if it is just the foundation colors not mixed together.

Today was my niece’s 2nd birthday (can’t believe how fast time goes) and my family was going to get together for it! Let’s just say that mother nature had a different plan! It snowed quite a bit! Snow was blowing like crazy and when snow blows it makes the roads slippery. We live an hour and 20 minutes away from where they live.  So the birthday party was rescheduled for tomorrow. Well actually today now, because I plan to schedule this post for tomorrow. It is 11:21 PM or 2321 at this moment. I am hoping that the weather works out! But, at least my boyfriend gets to come. 🙂 He had to work today and has tomorrow off. I also plan on making a pit-stop at Sephora to return that Tarte brush I got in my latest haul. I decided that I wanted a different one that I got from Ulta instead. I am hoping I can pick up my Sephora 500 point perks too. With that, hope you all have a great day!



The Beauty Deputy


19 thoughts on “January Ipsy Bag!

  1. That body balm looks lovely! I hope you had a nice time today with your family, and that your Mum enjoyed trying Porefessional! Thanks for the kind remarks on the scary face wipe post too haha, I’m sure the wipes will come in handy. Post-swatch wiping sounds like a very creative idea xx

  2. UGH ! I got the foundation as well (as per usual I’m behind on my posts so my review isn’t up quite yet) but lady , I would contact Ipsy about those dark spots ! My tube was well blended through and through (although after seeing yours I’m now concerned about trying this out on my own face just in case it’s about to go moldy or something) so yours definitely looks a little suspect . Maybe Ipsy will send you another tube or at least a decent alternative ? Keep us posted !


  3. I love that you included the Ipsy product descriptions! I was actually really impressed with this months bag, but that is because I’m addicted to anything body, bath, and face related lol. I’m actually not heavily into makeup, so this month was a hit to me! Great, honest review; loved it!

  4. We literally didn’t get any of the same products, which is actually pretty fun to me. That bag, though … I’m kind of super in love with it. This month was less successful for me than December’s bag, but I was still pretty happy with a couple products and overall love the variety and chance to try products I’ve never heard of.

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