Tis’ the Season! My Christmas Decorations!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the Christmas decor! I just wanted to post some photos. Well maybe a lot of photos! Hope you enjoy!


My Christmas Tree!


As you can tell Mirya found some presents to rip open. Well I guess it was dumb of me to wrap some of them already! I’m sure my nieces will get a kick out of that considering it’s their presents that she tore into. As I am writing this I can I hear tearing of paper. Few seconds later…Phew! False alarm!


The stockings! One for my boyfriend, one for Mirya my puppy, one for Molly my cat, and of course one for me!


My Willow Tree Nativity Set


My Scentsy Silouhette wrap in Nativity! Of course it has the scent Christmas Cottage in it!


Another Scentsy warmer of mine! The cute adorable little snowman!


I just thought that this snowman was adorable and it’s kind of sad too because he is melting. I got this snowman at a craft fair and I just thought it was unique. In back is another Scentsy warmer in the Lampshade collection. You may not know this about me and you may be wondering why I have so many warmers. Well I do sell these warmers and scents…just in case you’re wondering.


I got this a few years ago and I thought it was just adorable!


I love penguins so I thought this was super cute! I got this at that same craft fair so it is homemade which makes it so much more special.


Just had to throw this picture in from my Elsa Inspired Makeup look because I think Mirya looks just adorable!


A little arrangement my mom and grandma made for me! They sell these type of arrangements at floral shops for big $$ this time of year and I got mine for free! Thanks mom and grandma! You’re the best!


Just a photo showing one of the first snowfalls! Well one of the first big snowfalls!


Picture of that tree lit up.


This was a picture pre-snow. I got this from my nieces, brother, and sister in law as a house warming gift. My niece picked it out! I think he is adorable! Although he did get buried in the snow during the snowfall! Don’t worry he got shoveled out!

We also have Christmas lights on our house! The multi-colored icicle lights! Let’s just say I am in the Christmas Spirit!

I almost forgot about these!!!


My wreath! Well it’s missing it’s bow, but that will be on there soon! Hopefully!


My vase!


A few more decorations!


An adorable little snowman!


A water globe with a cardinal.


My candy jar! You can see Mirya running around in the background!


Mirya caught red-handed with Molly’s cardinal toy! Lol! Molly isn’t a fan of it!


Mirya may be half cat because she loves her cat toys way more than her dog toys!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed that post! Some may think I have way too many Christmas decorations but I love Christmas time! Let me know how you decorate for Christmas. Also comment down below on a favorite Christmas tradition of yours! Or a favorite food item!



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