100 Happy Days: Days 22-28

I can’t believe how fast summer is going!!! July is almost over!!! EEK! If you have been following me on Instagram, you may know that I have been taking part in the #100happydays. Basically, I take a photo a day of something that makes me happy then post it onto Instagram! Sometimes it is hard to think of something to take a picture of each and every day. I know my Instagram account (@thebeautydeputy) explodes with photos of Mirya, Maddie, and Molly. What can I say?!? I love my pets! ¬†ūüôā Hope you enjoy this week’s photos!

Day 22 of #100happydays I learned that Kohls carries The Balm! I looooooove The Balm and usually only can order online. Hooray for Kohls carrying The Balm
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Day 23 of #100happydays Staying up late getting ready for my night shift tomorrow. Im watching a favorite movie of mine #Aladdin !!
Disney movies sure make me happy. Never too old for a #disney movie. Princess Jasmine is my favorite!

Day 24 of #100happydays My adorable kitty lounging in her cat furniture.
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Day 25 of #100happydays My March of Dimes charitable cause #Scentsy buddy (Roosevelt the Rabbit) hanging out on my #alex9drawer from #ikea
#marchofdimes It makes me happy when companies donate to charities!

Day 26 of #100happydays Sharing a pizza at #Zorbaz with the family!! #pizza #eating #supper #minnesota

Day 27 of #100happydays Going canoeing with the family down the river! #minnesota #summer #canoeing #familytime #canoe

A Little Extra 

At the drive in!!! ūüôā my niece is so excited!!!

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At the drive in!!! ūüôā my niece is so excited!!!

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Day 28 of #100happydays My niece and my shiba inu Mirya.
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As you can tell, I had a fun week! We went canoeing down the river! My niece loved it! It was a lot of fun! We also went to the drive in. Planes 2 Fire and Rescue was playing. My niece was so excited! I really love the concept of a drive in movie theater. It seems like the tradition is dying, which I find extremely sad! A lot of drive-ins had to close once everything went to digital. Luckily the one close by my hometown is still in business.  Going to drive in movie theaters is something different than the norm. Comment and let me know if you ever go to a drive in movie theater. I would love to hear from you all!

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Haul Galore: Mall of America Haul & my Glo-Minerals Makeup Class Haul!!! + My first trip to IKEA!

Yes, The Beauty Deputy is once again helping the economy…


Usually I don’t get to go to MOA very often, but I have already been to MOA twice this year. The opportunity¬†arised and my mom and I decided to go kind of last minute. This time was a lot more exciting because it was during the work week and less busy, unlike my last visit (which was on a Saturday).

This is what part of Nickelodeon Universe looks like.




  • ¬†Kat Von D everlasting face shaper blush in heartagram
  • Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Suede
  • blendercleanser¬†Solid by beautyblender
  • Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Penny Lane
  • Urban Decay single eyeshadow in peace

Sigma Beauty


  • ¬†The Perfect Blend Kit
  • F15 Flat Definer Brush
  • Notre Dame Eye Shadow single (free with purchase)



  • ¬†Charity Pot Lotion
  • Mr. Bumble Gift set
  • Castrophic Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
  • Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser
  • Liquid Lipstick in Perspective
  • Sea Vegetable Body Soap
  • Breath of God Perfume
  • Samples: Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner and I Love Juicy shampoo

The Body Shop


  • ¬†Strawberry Body Butter
  • Raspberry Body Butter
  • Peach Body Butter
  • Almond Hand & Nail Cream

Mac Cosmetics


  • ¬†Mac Fix+
  • Alluring Aquatic Lipstick in Pet Me, Please



  • ¬†Dr. Weil Dark Circle Minimizer Under Eye Cream

I got a lot of goodies! Comment and let me know if you want to see some OOTD posts!

I actually ordered this online when bareMinerals had a 20% sale. I really wanted to try this Bareskin serum foundation. I got mine in the shade bare porcelain which is the lightest shade. I was actually surprised I was the lightest shade, but I was matched at Ulta (they were out of my color at the time) and it does match.


The main reason from coming down to the cities was a trip to Ikea. Awhile back on my dad’s way back from the cities he made a little stop for me. I was going insane with my organization and knew he was driving by so I got the Alex 9 drawer. It is gorgeous! But, the top drawer had no holes in the piece. ūüė¶ Well, I thought about drilling my own holes, but I figured I would just have to make a trip to Ikea sometime. My Ikea Alex now looks lovely with a new drawer.

IMG_20140612_181520  IMG_20140612_181533

IMG_20140612_182105  IMG_20140612_182128


IMG_20140612_184007959_HDR IMG_20140612_184204316

My local salon just got this new makeup and skincare line called Glo-Minerals. Awhile back, I got invited to this little class/presentation presented by someone from Glo-Minerals. I have never tried anything from this brand, but I decided why not?!? Time for some The Beauty Deputy research! I’m glad that I went because this brand sounds awesome. It is made of 100% minerals, it is cruelty free, and so much more! I did not get all the items listed below all at this one makeup party. Later on, I decided to pick up the brush cleaner and the cherry balm. The lip-glosses were free with purchase. Also, I got the dual foundation brush from my mom because she decided that she didn’t want it.


  • Brush Cleaner
  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • Water Resistant Mascara
  • The Cherry Balm
  • Precision Brow Pencil in Taupe
  • Luster Shimmer Brick
  • Concealer Under Eye Natural
  • Texture Brush
  • Dual Foundation/camouflage Brush
  • Lipglosses in Whisper and Plum Glaze

That concludes my Mall of America haul and my Glo-Minerals haul! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

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Day 10: Discuss with Me #3

Discuss with me

I love doing these discuss with me posts because I love reading your responses to the questions I decide to¬†pick.¬†If you haven’t checked out the last 2 posts make sure to check them out below. My Discuss with Me #2 came with a personal story that I think a lot of you might find interesting.

Discuss with Me #1 What cosmetic brand would you like to be a spokesperson for?

Discuss with Me #2 Would you rather be deaf or blind?

The question for Discuss with Me #3 is…..

If you could have a full day to go shopping with any celebrity or public figure who would you pick and why?

I would pick this lovely lady….


I just think that she would be a sweet down to earth person. I just love the way she thinks based on some quotes of hers. She seems like such a great role model for younger girls. I love that she refused to loose weight for her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games because, “I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner!’ […]I was trying to get my body to look fit and strong, not thin and underfed.” – Entertainment Weekly. I just think that she would be a fun person to go shopping with.

Comment and let me know who you would pick!

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How am I 25 already? I thought I just turned 18!

Well today is my birthday! I just turned 25! I know I’m not very old, but I feel like I just turned 18. I remember as a kid I was so excited for a birthday and then when it turned into the next day I was like aah another 364 days before another one. When I was a young girl my aunt would always make these amazing character cakes and I loved that! Now that I am 25 birthdays aren’t as exciting.¬†Other then my car insurance going down in price (now that I am 25) I’m like meh. But then again I am so happy to be alive and be able to celebrate my birthday year to year because as I get older and the more I work in the hospital I realize how precious and fragile life can be. It can be taken from a person within seconds. So I am glad to be turning 25 and I am excited for the future.

Two weekends ago my family got together to celebrate December birthdays. My birthday is exactly a week before my boyfriends. Christmas time gets busy so since my niece was having a dance recital we decided to go out to eat afterwards at Olive Garden and celebrate December birthdays! But here is the sad part, my boyfriend’s work made him work on Sunday last minute so he wasn’t able to come. ūüė¶

Well Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurants and a funny thing is the last time I was there was when I brought my boyfriend to meet my family. Well that was October of 2012. That’s what happens when the nearest Olive Garden is an hour away. It is a treat! I love my Italian food and I ended up getting Chicken Alfredo which is a favorite of mine.

So onto what I got…I am also very thankful to my family for the wonderful gifts!


The first thing I got was an amazing scarf with a bunch of different colors. By the way it is super soft and will be perfect for Winter time!


I got this necklace from my parents. It is by the company Origami Owl. Basically it’s a company were you pick your chain, locket, plate, and charms to make an amazing necklace. These necklaces basically can tell a story about someone. This company has a bunch of different charms from birthstones, to careers (they do have one for a RN for me), to animals, and to many different types of charms. These necklaces are very popular in the US.


A close up of the locket.


Another close up of the locket. There are 2 December birthstones to symbolize my boyfriend Shawn and I (since we both have birthdays 7 days apart), a paw print (for Molly and Mirya), a heart (my love for my family), and a flower (I just thought it was pretty). I also have 2 dangling charms (a tree and then a black stone charm).

I also got some gift cards but I haven’t spent them yet.

So Sephora sent out a 20 dollar gift card to VIP members of their points system. I of course had to use it because it was like throwing away 20 dollars. So this is what I got…

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette


I decided to get the Naked palette because I have the Naked 2 and I know I want the Naked 3 because I love rose gold. I want to do a post on the comparison between them all.

Tarte Picture Perfect Eye Lash Curler


The eyelash curler came with a mini, “Lights, Camera, and Lashes” mascara.

Then my free Sephora birthday gift.

Sephora gives their members birthday gifts on their month of their birthday. I got 2 sample sizes from the brand Benefit. I am excited to try these products. It included a mascara , “They’re Real” sample and a highlighter, “Watt’s Up.” ¬†I think the highlighter’s packaging is adorable with the light bulbs. Comment down below if you agree.

DSC01382 DSC01383 DSC01386

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any of the products above. Tonight I plan on going to get a manicure with my mom and then later I am going out to eat with some of my family.



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Tis’ the Season! My Christmas Decorations!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! I love the Christmas decor! I just wanted to post some photos. Well maybe a lot of photos! Hope you enjoy!


My Christmas Tree!


As you can tell Mirya found some presents to rip open. Well I guess it was dumb of me to wrap some of them already! I’m sure my nieces will get a kick out of that considering it’s their presents that she tore into. As I am writing this I can I hear tearing of paper. Few seconds later…Phew! False alarm!


The stockings! One for my boyfriend, one for Mirya my puppy, one for Molly my cat, and of course one for me!


My Willow Tree Nativity Set


My Scentsy Silouhette wrap in Nativity! Of course it has the scent Christmas Cottage in it!


Another Scentsy warmer of mine! The cute adorable little snowman!


I just thought that this snowman was adorable and it’s kind of sad too because he is melting. I got this snowman at a craft fair and I just thought it was unique. In back is another Scentsy warmer in the Lampshade collection. You may not know this about me and you may be wondering why I have so many warmers. Well I do sell these warmers and scents…just in case you’re wondering.


I got this a few years ago and I thought it was just adorable!


I love penguins so I thought this was super cute! I got this at that same craft fair so it is homemade which makes it so much more special.


Just had to throw this picture in from my Elsa Inspired Makeup look because I think Mirya looks just adorable!


A little arrangement my mom and grandma made for me! They sell these type of arrangements at floral shops for big $$ this time of year and I got mine for free! Thanks mom and grandma! You’re the best!


Just a photo showing one of the first snowfalls! Well one of the first big snowfalls!


Picture of that tree lit up.


This was a picture pre-snow. I got this from my nieces, brother, and sister in law as a house warming gift. My niece picked it out! I think he is adorable! Although he did get buried in the snow during the snowfall! Don’t worry he got shoveled out!

We also have Christmas lights on our house! The multi-colored icicle lights! Let’s just say I am in the Christmas Spirit!

I almost forgot about these!!!


My wreath! Well it’s missing it’s bow, but that will be on there soon! Hopefully!


My vase!


A few more decorations!


An adorable little snowman!


A water globe with a cardinal.


My candy jar! You can see Mirya running around in the background!


Mirya caught red-handed with Molly’s cardinal toy! Lol! Molly isn’t a fan of it!


Mirya may be half cat because she loves her cat toys way more than her dog toys!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed that post! Some may think I have way too many Christmas decorations but I love Christmas time! Let me know how you decorate for Christmas. Also comment down below on a favorite Christmas tradition of yours! Or a favorite food item!



The Beauty Deputy