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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Too Faced recently came out with a new mascara called, “Better Than Sex.” Well, first off I think that it’s promising a lot by the name and also on the packaging it states, “1,944% more volume.” I don’t know about you, but I feel like that is insanely unrealistic. How can a mascara give lashes 1,944% more volume? In my opinion, that is impossible for any mascara. Some other claims that this mascara states is, “100% saw dramatic volume,” “100% saw longer lashes,” and “90% saw a dramatic look with one coat.” I wonder where they got their consumers to complete this study,  because I feel like 100% is both unrealistic. Most people use a second coat for any mascara so the 90% claim doesn’t bother me at all.

First off I will add that I bought the full sized mascara at Ulta. It was $23 dollars.  I felt that this mascara should be amazing because of the hefty price tag and the claims that this mascara stated on its packaging. I didn’t feel so bad because most high end mascaras run around that price. Also they gave me a sample of the same mascara when I checked out which was a nice little extra.


So I decided to use my full sized mascara first and put the sample away for later use.

I had a good first impression when I first held the mascara. It was the heaviest mascara tubes that I have ever held. It did feel like it was very high quality and I did like the light pink packaging.

My first thoughts when I opened it and pulled out the wand: this is the most disgusting looking mascara I’ve ever seen.

A reason why I really wanted to try this mascara apart from the good reviews I read, was the hourglass shape of the brush. I wanted something that gave me volume and could curl my lashes. I was just intrigued with the hourglass shape of the brush, it was something different.

Well onto why I thought this mascara was disgusting. When I took the wand out of the tube, I couldn’t even see the brush. The mascara was so caked around the brush, and I mean caked. There was not even seeing a single bristle of the brush.  I did not get a picture, although I wish I had taken one to show whoever is reading this post on how caked on the mascara was. It was also not smooth either, it was more clumpy. I tried getting some of it off the brush by putting it back in the tube and sliding it against the sides. That didn’t work too well and just ended up causing a mess on the top and sides of the tube. I ended up wasting a bunch of mascara by rubbing the brush in a kleenex. But, finally I could see the brush and try the mascara for the first time.

A problem was the next time I wanted to use it. I did take the wand out and put it back in a few times just to test it out. Sometimes were worse then others.

The formula is a really wet consistency, so if you like your dryer mascara I wouldn’t recommend this formula.

This mascara did smudge and get all over my under eyes which made me hate this mascara even more than I already did.

After that first incident I tried it again and it was caked on the brush (no surprise there) and I tried getting it off and it got all over the side.  When I closed the tube, the mascara oozed out of the sides. Then my whiteish cream dog ran into the mascara tube and was now sporting a black dalmatian spot. At that time I had it with that mascara and decided I needed to return it and that is just what I did. They had no problem returning it, but didn’t say anything about other people having problems with this mascara either.

I don’t remember reading reviews on this happening to other people, so maybe I got a faulty one.

So I decided to try my sample of mascara and so far I really like it! I pull out of wand and the brush is clean, full of the right amount of mascara and ready to go.  It’s not messy and I’m not wasting any product!



What I liked about this mascara?

  • very dark black
  • It does curl my lashes
  • It does give them volume, but not 1,944% more volume
  • I do like the brush, easy to use
  • One coat does the job

What could be better?

  • The full sized mascara packaging so brush isn’t completely caked with mascara!

I am wondering if anybody has tried this mascara and what did you think of it?



The Beauty Deputy

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