Watch Mirya Grow!!! Minnesota Winter is coming!

I woke up this morning and had to go dig out my boots from storage because Winter is on it’s way! It started snowing late last night so I knew there would probably be snow on the ground when I woke up to take Mirya out. This is Mirya’s with her first “actual” snow fall. It did snow a few weeks ago, but it didn’t amount to anything. Also I was thinking that I might start a separate blog for my pets Mirya and Molly. I was thinking of calling it, “The Mirya & Molly Shenanigans” or “The Mirya & Molly Files.” I would just do updated pictures and posts. Comment down below and let me know what you think.








That concludes the photos. Comment down below and let me know what kind of weather you have where you live? Minnesota is known for it’s looooong winters! I feel like it was just Winter, but that is because it was snowing during the end of April and maybe even May of this year.  A good thing about Minnesota and it’s changing of seasons is no weird poisonous bugs or snakes!  I will take long winter over that any day!

Watch Mirya Grow: my Shiba Inu!

Mirya turned 4 months on November 7th. I just wanted to post some updated pictures of her.


Mirya and Molly on Halloween! Yes, I am one of those people that dress their pets up. Mirya was going to be a pumpkin before she was Snow White so I decided to try the costume on Molly.


Wow dogs have really long tongues.


Mirya loves her bed!


Trying to get a picture with both Mirya and Molly. It didn’t work out too well!


Once Molly jumped down I decided to take a picture with just Mirya.


Mirya relaxing on a blanket. Such a hard life!


Getting in some zzzzzzzzz


Just relaxing by her bed. Crazy how much she has grown!


Another picture of Mirya and I.


Catching up on some more zzzzz.


Just a picture from 10/8/13 (the day I got her) just to show how much she has grown!

So far Mirya knows how to sit. We’re working on the command, “stay” right now which she isn’t a fan of. She wants that treat right away!!! Anyway I hope that you enjoyed my photos of Mirya and Molly! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!! I will also link my 2 previous posts on Mirya down below. 


Brittany, Mirya, & Molly

Watch Mirya Grow: my Shiba Inu!

Today is 10/29/13, meaning that I have had my little furball for exactly 3 weeks!  She has quite the personality! I may be biased but I think she is adorable! Going to different places and talking about the breed Shiba Inus I was surprised at how a lot of people haven’t even heard of them. They’re very common in Japan and are becoming more popular in the United States.  Ever since Nintendog days I have always wanted a Shiba Inu. There is just something about them and their cute ears and their adorable tails that had me intrigued.  Like I said Mirya has only been with me for 3 weeks, yet she already has a big place in my heart and she is part of my family. By the way her name is pronounced “Meere-aah.” I hope that you enjoy my photos!


Mirya and her bed, although I think she thinks the whole house is her bed.


Mirya and one of her favorite toys. No stuffing, just 2 different sounding squeakers which she loves!


I always try to get a perfect picture with my adorable puppy!


Mirya and her Micky Mouse toy. Yes, Petsmart was having a Halloween sale. I couldn’t help myself!


Yes, Mirya may be super spoiled at only having her for 3 weeks but puppies love chewing and I need her to have toys everywhere so she doesn’t decide to chew on my woodwork instead.


Mirya stretching!


I felt bad because it was already 30 degrees and she would shiver outside. She wasn’t a big fan of the sweatshirt in this photo.


I feel like this is a really good photo and that is captures the image of Shiba Inus really well!


Just a Fall Evening!


Giving Mirya her first bath!


Mirya attempting to get out!


Yes, I may be one of those crazy people who dress up their pets. But, I couldn’t help myself and I entered her into the Petco costume contest as Snow White.


Another picture of her as Snow White


Mirya really enjoyed licking the apple. I think she was upset I wouldn’t let her actually eat it!


Mirya wondering what that white stuff is. Well she is in for a treat with the upcoming Minnesota Winter.


Mirya and her harness which she wasn’t a fan of.


Mirya was going to be a pumpkin before I got the Snow White costume.


She wasn’t a fan of it at all, but I wanted to enter her into pet costume contests.


Mirya loves to sleep.

If you have ever heard of the movie, “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” with Richard Gere then I recommend seeing this movie. It is based on an Akita which is a larger version of a Shiba Inu. This dog was very famous in Japan and was very loyal. I’m not going to give you more information than that because I want you to go watch the movie, but I will link the trailer down below.


A picture of my own personal copy of the DVD

Here is a video of the trailer.

I will also link my first post on Mirya on when I first got her under the “Related articles” section.

Here are some videos of Mirya that I have posted onto Youtube:

I hope that you enjoyed these photos and videos of my sweet little Mirya and comment down below if you have ever heard of Shiba Inus, what you know about them, and what kind of pet do you have!