Day 21: What I would buy if I had $500-$1000 to spend on beauty products…

I saw this post idea from Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner and I decided that I would do this post too! She said that she would love for others to do this post as well, so here it goes! This probably isn’t helping my no buy, but I still wanted to share this post with you! If you haven’t checked out her blog make sure to do so. You can check it out here. Maybe someday I would win a shopping spree from Sephora or Ulta. Lol, big dreaming!

1) Alex Drawer Unity with 9 drawers from IKEA $119.00

I hate disorganization! I hate how I have my makeup stored now! This lovely beauty is very popular among the Youtubers and makeup enthusiasts. I would just love to have all my items stored in one space. I would use this for more than just makeup such as: nail polishes, skincare (Lush bath bombs), hair accessories, and much more. I’ve never been to an IKEA before. My brother and sister in law love IKEA and if they decide to go to the cities and ask me to go with, I WILL be picking this up.  Monica Geller from Friends would be so proud of this!


2) Urban Decay Electric Palette $49.99

This palette just has a lot of fun colors! I’ve seen the swatches of the colors and they look amazing! It is definitely not an everyday palette, but it would be a fun one to have. This palette would be perfect for those pop of color looks.


3) Meet Matt(e) Nude by The Balm $42

The Balm is one of my favorite brands. I do have a few The Balm palettes, but I actually don’t have this one. I got this palette during a 50% sale that they were having and I sent this palette to the UK for my box swap! I felt like Stephanie (Effie) really needed to try out this brand.


4) The Balm Powder to the People Brush in Crease, Love, & Happiness $24.50

I love this brush! I used to have this brush, but sadly Mirya got a hold of it! This is a reason why the IKEA drawer would be nice! I love the crease brush because it fits perfectly into my crease.


5) INSTAIN Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush by The Balm $22.00

I got a sample of this blush in a different color  in a Birchbox.  I was very impressed with the pigmentation and longevity. I really like the color that I posted down below called Argyle.

6) Ambient Lighting Palette by Hourglass from Sephora $58.00

I have heard so much about these powders! They have so many great reviews, but the price tag sure is large. It is cool that they came out with this combo palette.


7) Ambient Lighting Blush $35.00

I did see these at Sephora when I was at Mall of America. They felt amazing when I swatched them. I just couldn’t get over the price tag. But, that is Hourglass. I would have to re-swatch all the colors and decide which one I would get, but right now I am loving the look of Ethereal Glow with is a cool pink (shown in the photo below). Apparently these blushes are blended together with the powders described above making for a flawless face.

8) Deconstructed Rose Lip Gloss Library by Bite Beauty $49.00

I really want to try something from Bite Beauty. Apparently this brand is all natural and made with food grade ingredients. They do this because apparently overtime we consume quite a bit of lip products! Coffee Break with Dani on YouTube just did a Bite Beauty haul and all the things she got were gorgeous!

9) Luminous Creme Lipstick by Bite Beauty $24.00 

I of course would love to try their lipsticks as well. I’m not sure on what color yet, but most likely neutral or pink. I would have to re-watch that video from Coffee Break with Dani because there was a color that she got that I absolutely loved. The color I posted below is Ballet Pink and I think it looks gorgeous!

10) Glamglow THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment $69.00

These masks are super expensive, but receive a lot awesome reviews! I would get the hydrating treatment because I have dry skin. Although, I probably will never ever buy this because of the price tag, but it is still fun to look.

11) Sigma Beauty The Perfect Blend Kit $63.00

I would love to try this brush kit because I want blending brushes to make for easier application. I really love Sigma brushes so I would love to try this set.


12) Return of Sexy palette by Too Faced $49.99

This palette looks gorgeous! My sister in law just got this palette and she loves it! It has a lot of nice colors included. It also includes a eyeliner and a shadow insurance.

13) Makeup Geek Eyeshadows $5.99 each

I have heard so many amazing things about Makeup Geek shadows. A ton of people said that I need to try these shadows including an old roommate. I really want to try them and see what all the hype is about. They seem to be really affordable with being $5.99 each. There is an amazing range of colors! I am in love with this mermaid color. I posted a few more colors that I thought looked amazing! Photos found here.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan - Mermaid


Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan - Wisteria


Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan - Bada-Bing

Bada Bing

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan - Mercury


 14) Lime Crime Fantasy Palette in Palette D’Antoninette $35.00

I have heard many amazing things about Lime Crime! I especially love the look of this palette. I love the bright pastel colors.

15) i-Divine Palettes by Sleek Makeup $11.99 each

I was really impressed with the Sleek palette that I got in my box swap. I of course lusted over the other palettes after I was so impressed with the Storm palette. Make sure to check out my review on that palette if you haven’t already. Pictures found on their website here. Pretty much all their palettes are amazing, but here are a few of my favorites!

Garden of Eden


Del Mar

Well I decided that I am going to stop at #15. I guess I’m not exactly sure what my total is, but I know that is is close. Obviously, I would never get all of this, but it was sure fun to share all the amazing products out there! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

I hope everybody had an amazing Easter! I worked during the weekend so I plan on getting together with my family next weekend for a Easter/April birthdays combo celebration!

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February Lust/WIsh List!

Here are some products that recently came out that I find intriguing! I plan on going on a no-buy soon, but I still wanted to share these wonderful products with my amazing followers!

1) i-Divine in Garden of Eden by Sleek Cosmetics

What Sleek says, “Enhance what mother nature gave you with the striking, beautiful colours of our new Garden of Eden i-Divine palette. An earthy, nature inspired palette that echoes the hues of a stunning tropical jungle with ultra-wearable earthy browns, dusky purples and organic greens.” 

I have never tried anything from Sleek makeup and I think that this palette looks amazing! I love the array of colors included in this palette! I could create a lot of lovely looks with this palette! Sleek is a very affordable makeup company, but it is not avilable in the USA. They do ship their products internationally so that is a plus. This palette is calling my name! Anybody else try any Sleek palettes? What do you think of them?

2) Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow

What Too Faced says, “Choose from three no-fail color palette blushes to take the guesswork out of creating a sweet, romantic flush. In each baked, heart shaped blush there are three individual color swatches. The baking process and multiple colors create dimensional color to provide the look of younger, brighter, healthier skin. It’s like having Hollywood lighting wherever you go.”

This blush looks gorgeous! They have 3 colors, but I like Candy Glow the best! The packaging is also adorable, and perfect for Valentine’s Day! The only problem that would make me never get this blush is that it is super expensive! Shame on you Too Faced for making the price so high!

3) Philosophy Loveswept Spray Fragrance,en_US,pd.html

What Philosophy says, “loveswept is a lively, romantic fragrance created to make a woman feel irresistibly swept away. this soft floral fragrance sparkles with energy and leaves you with a soft embrace of happiness and love. get swept off your feet again and again and feel inspired to live each day with passion.”

I’ve always been intrigued by Philosophy’s fragrances. I don’t own any, but I know I want to give this one a try next time I’m at Ulta or Sephora. The packaging is adorable! Love it!

4) Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

What Sephora/Anastasia says, “Create beautiful and natural brow effects with Anastasia’s bestselling Brow Powder Duo. This lightweight, sheer to medium coverage formula was designed to be smudge-proof and comes with two shades per compact to ensure the perfect brow color.”

I’ve never used a brow powder before, but I feel like as I get older my brows are getting more sparse towards to end of the brow. Darn those brows! I have heard many good reviews on this brand. I’m not sure what color I would get. I would need to see them in person.

That concludes my post for this month! Let me know if you have tried any of these products!! I love hearing from my followers!!!



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January Wish List

A few months ago I started a Wish List series. Well this will be my third one. This post is just on 3-5 items that I either want or that I think looks intriguing.

1. Benefit’s The Porefessional Primer

I recently got this as a sample and I used it on my Em Cosmetics Life Palette Mini post the other day. I really liked it, so I want the actual product to try out.


2. One Direction Our Moment Perfume

I am honestly not even a fan of One Direction. I guess I have heard a few good songs on the radio, but I don’t really pay attention to them. But, this perfume smells amazing! It’s very sweet smelling and very feminine.  It is super expensive so I probably won’t get it ever, but I still think it smells amazing! Maybe a roller ball someday!

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Pink Grapefruit, Wild Berries, Red Currants
  • Middle: Jasmine Petals, Fresh Freesia, Frangipani
  • Drydown: Creamy musk, Sheer Woods, White Patchouli


3. Sigma Eye Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals

I think that this palette is gorgeous! It has a lot of nice colors and I do love Sigma shadows. I think I am going to use my birthday coupon on this.

EP010-3T EP010-2T

4. Sigma Beauty The Perfect Blend Kit Brush Set

I love Sigma brushes and I think that this brush kit would be amazing for precise application of shadows. It is expensive so maybe I will use my birthday coupon on this instead. Hmmhm decisions decisions!!


Well that ends my wish list for the month of January. Comment down below if you have heard of or tried any of these products.

Talking about January. Do any of you watch the Bachelor? I have in seasons past! Yes, yes I know! Comment down below if you plan on watching the season premiere coming up.



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December Wish List!

Well December is here! The end of the year! I honestly think that it is insane that it is the last month of 2013. Last month I started a series of my Wish List each month where I share 2 to 5 products that are on my wish list. Let’s face it, us girls want a lot, but we can’t have it all! I did get 1 thing off of my wish list from last month: a review will be coming your way. I probably won’t be getting anything more off of it. I guess we will see. Well onto my December Wish List..

1) The Balm Girls lipstick by The Balm $17:00

“These double agents provide your pucker with amazing pigment and rich conditioners. TheBalm Girls’ sleek packaging can infiltrate even the smallest evening bag to give your lips all the secret service they need!”

Color: Foxxy Pout

I just think these lipsticks look amazing! I love their website too because it shows swatches of the product too! Yes, they’re a little pricey, but The Balm does go on Hautelook very frequently!


2. The Balm “What’s Your Type Mascara?” $19.00
Well these mascaras are adorable! They come in 2  different versions: “the body builder” and “tall, dark, and handsome.” Well, I decided to try the body builder because my lashes crave volume! I just think that The Balm has amazing packaging and I am all for adorable packaging!

“Let this “body builder” show you how to pump up your lashes and give them the lift they need. Formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol and Bamboo, this mascara strengthens and conditions your lashes so they are always amped. Push the limits of your lashes by layering an extra coat to take your volume to the max.”


3. LUSH Christmas!,en_US,sc.html

I am not sure what products I want, because I like to be able to smell them at an actual store because buying them. I just know that I wish I could make a trip to LUSH before Christmas. It sucks because the nearest Lush is 2.5 hours away! But, LUSH Christmas is definitely on my December Wish List!

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.44.58 AM

Well that concludes the post! Tomorrow I plan to post my November favorites!

Have you tried any of these products? What is on your wish list?

November 2013 Wish List!

I decided to start a new series of posts for each month: my wish list! I will include 2 to 5  products during each month of products that I want.

1) The Balm Cosmetics, “The Balm Voyage” palette.

Price: $42.50

I do love the Balm products. Their eye shadows are pigmented, buttery soft, and super blendable. I think that the Balm puts a lot of thought into their packaging because in my opinion it’s awesome, but I am also all about packaging.  In this palette you get 16 eye shadows and 3 lip and cheek creams.


2) Spot-On-Concealer Kit


I love Sigma brushes and I think they have amazing quality.  I always have a terrible time with dark circles. This kit would help me cover those dark circles. Although I do love panda bears, I myself do not want Panda eyes.


3) Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil Light

$48.00 for 1.7 oz and $14 for 0.5 oz

I have heard many good reviews on this product. This can be used for the skin, hair, and nails.  I read that you can add it to your moisturizer. They have this product in original and light. I would get the light one because I tend to get greasy hair so the original one would be too  much.


4) Killer Queen perfume by Katy Perry

$18 for roller ball, $39 for 1 oz, $49 for 1.7 oz, and $59 for 3.4 oz.

I love Katy Perry Fragrances. I have her fragrances Meow and Purr which I love. I also love the smell of this perfume. It is very feminine scent.

Notes: Wild Berries, Red Velvet Flower. Style: Sexy. Royal. Radiant.


5) Tarte Pure Delights 8-Piece LipSurgence Lip Set


I do love Tarte products so I thought it was cool that they came out with this set. The set includes 8 mini lip products in a variety of colors.


That concludes my wish list for the month of November.  Have you tried any of the products listed? What products are on your wish list?



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