Pur Minerals: Untamed glamour 3-Piece Collection

Pur Minerals is a cosmetics company that I recently heard of and when I saw this set I knew I needed to check them out. Well, this cosmetics company recently teamed up with National Geographic Wild and came out with this Untamed Glamour Collection.  They have a week called, “Big Cat Week” that is coming up.  According to their website, “Nat Geo WILD presents a week dedicated to nature’s fiercest felines—big cats—creatures of magnificent strength, ferocity and beauty that are rapidly facing extinction. With visually stunning and powerful stories from around the world, get closer than ever before to lions, tigers, cheetahs, panthers and more as you share in their triumphs, defeats, and epic struggles to survive.” Big Cat Week kicks off on Friday. More information is listed below on the link if you’re interested!

Well anyway, Pur Minerals is an animal friendly and cruelty friendly cosmetics company so what better company to team up with for Big Cat Week.



Untamed Glamour 3 Piece Collection comes with (according to Pur Minerals website):

  • Limited-Edition Leopard Print Mineral Glow (full size)
  • Liquid Precision Eyeliner in Cat Eye (full size)
  • Big Blink Mascara with Argan Oil

With this collection you can create the perfect cat eye weather it be a tiger eye or a cougar eye or whatever you please.


The outer packaging! Which I think catches the eye!


Shows how to do a tiger eye or a cougar eye. What the box states: “inspired by the majestic felines featured on Nat Geo WILD’s annual Big Cat Week, Pur is proud to introduce this limited-edition cat eye collection that will have you catwalk-ready in no time. Complete your look with a purr-fect smile, knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, dedicated to halting the decline of big cats in the wild through conservation and awareness. “


The whole collection!


The Mineral Glow Bronzer which I also used as eye shadow.


Has a nice mirror,. This bronzer has very sturdy high quality packaging and I’m very impressed with it!


Love the Cheetah print!


A swatch of the bronzer which I think is a really nice color!


Just a little information on the back of the bronzer.


Cat Eye liquid liner


The tip which makes application pretty easy because it is a nice and sturdy felt tip applicator.


Big Blink mascara


The wand


A close up of the brush!

I just wanted to share this post in time before the start of Big Cat Week. Make sure to check out the link before Friday above for more information regarding Big Cat Week. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this post. I am a big animal fan so I thought that this was an awesome collection and I always like when my money goes to charity!



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