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Palette Review: Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic

When I first saw this palette online at that moment I knew I had to have it!  It is the most unique palette that I own and one of my favorite palettes and that is saying a lot because I have a lot of makeup palettes. First off Bh Cosmetics is very reasonably priced. At that time this palette was priced $14 which makes it definitely worth the money. Right now the palette is on sale and costs only $11 dollars.  Bh Cosmetics usually has the large eye shadow palettes in the generic black packaging, but I have to say Bh Cosmetics has stepped it up because their packaging for their new palettes are fun and something new! I have heard some people complain that this palette looks childish with the graphics and that they should have stuck with the generic black packaging.  Well, I don’t think so! I think this palette was a cool idea and the concept is galaxy themed, so why not make the packaging fun too!

Here is their website: http://www.bhcosmetics.com


The front of the palette


The back of the packaging. States that it is animal testing free!

So are you ready to see the amazing colors included in this palette?


So this palette comes with 18 baked eye shadow colors all galaxy themed! I think the colors are amazing and they’re baked eye shadows which makes this palette super unique.


The palette also has a nice sized mirror, although it doesn’t stay up by itself.


Here are the first set of colors: Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Mercury, Mars, Asteroid.


The swatches from left to right: Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Mercury, Mars, and Asteroid.


Here are the second set of colors: Aphrodite, Milky Way, Cosmic, Comet, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Moon, Eclipse.


The swatches from left to right: Aphrodite, Milky Way, Cosmic, Comet, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Moon, and Eclipse.

Some of my favorite colors

  • Milky Way and Cosmic: these purple colors are gorgeous in my opinion. Work well together.
  • Mercury, Mars, Eclipse, and Asteroid: I like these colors for adding dimension to the eye look.
  • Meteor and Comet: these colors are fun to add to an eye look for an extra pop of color.

A close up of a look with using the colors: Milky Way, and Cosmic. I can’t exactly remember which color I used in the crease, but I am thinking Eclipse.


  • Price!
  • Pigmentation: the colors are super pigmented!
  • Staying power: I feel like this palette stays just as long without creasing or fading as more expensive palettes. I do use an eye primer with all eye shadows that I use.
  • Awesome range of colors!
  • Palette is sturdy.
  • You also get quite a bit of product. Net wt: 1.27 oz/35.4 gram and plus a little goes a long way!


  • Mirror doesn’t stay up, but most palette mirrors don’t and I never use them anyway.
  • There isn’t a good shade to use as a highlight shade, so I always have to grab for another palette to finish the look.
  • What about Pluto? I know they now say Pluto isn’t a planet anymore but so its the, “Galaxy Chic” palette.
  • Bh Cosmetics is only sold online and shipping is expensive in my opinion, but they do have a lot of sales and sometimes discounted shipping!

Overall I really liked this palette! I would definitely buy it again!

Anyway I hope you liked this palette review! Let me know what palettes you’re loving and what you think of this one!

Also check out my review on the Bh Cosmetics: Floral Blush Duos linked below.



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