Getting Back into Blogging and some Beauty Hauls

This year has been super busy for me that I have been very neglectful to my blog. My neglectfulness started once I started a new job last year. I was used to the hospital with doing 12 hour shifts and then I could work on blogging during my days off as needed. With having a full time job that involved a lot of computer charting, I just didn’t have motivation to come home and stare at a computer. That job just left me feeling defeated and I needed something new. I started a new job with all normal hours about 2 months ago! I am a nurse at a clinic now. Now, I feel like I am less stressed out and that I can get back into blogging little by little. I don’t want to go months at a time without a post ever again! So why not start out with showing you all my latest hauls. I got these items over the past 5 to 6 months or so. Some of them I got recently, but hey we don’t need to explain ourselves right?!?…we are all beauty lovers here.

Metamorphosis Quad by Coffee Break with Dani

Coffee Break with Dani is one of my most watched YouTubers. She has such a sweet bubbly personality in her videos. She got to team up with ColourPop Cosmetics and make this amazing quad of shadows. She put a ton of thought into the meaning and the shades of this quad. This is Limited Edition-so it won’t  be around forever. I plan on doing a review on ColourPop shadows sometime in the future.


Too Faced Haul

Too Faced came out with a lot of new products recently. It feels like yesterday these products came out, but it has been a couple months already. I really wanted to try their new foundation Born This Way-I sadly got the wrong shade (note to self never buy foundation online). It looks too yellow on me, but I do like the formula. The palette is gorgeous! I will do a review on it coming up soon so stay tuned for that one! The kabuki brush had amazing reviews so I wanted to try it out. So far I am loving it! It is perfect for travel which makes sense since it is retractable. They also came out with new blushes. They’re so adorable with the heart shape and the cute bunnies inside. I will do a review on that blush as well.



Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette and Eye Brush

Lately I have been really impressed by Kat Von D and her makeup line. I’ve heard rave reviews on this palette so I picked it up to see what all the fuss was about. It has a nice array of neutral matte shades. Although, I sometimes like to add a shimmery ColourPop shadow on top when I use this palette because well…this girl loves her shimmer. I also got the eye brush which is super soft and perfect for travel.


The Body Shop Body Butters

These are my holy grail body butters that I use for moisturizing my body. I got these during a trip to Mall of America. These are super moisturizing and smell amazing! I decided on a variety of them-I think I only have 2-3 left of these. Ignore my ugly carpet in the picture.


Some Ulta Goodies!

Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands as well so I decided to pick up their new Smoky palette about a month and a half ago. I also got the Lorac Contour Pro Palette at that time as well. Recently, Too Faced came out the Star Dust Vegas Nay palette. This is my most recent purchase! This palette is simply gorgeous!



Click the link below for a photo on Instagram of a few more items I got. I got the Stila mascara and primer, and an eyeliner. I also picked up some The Balm products from Kohls.

That concludes this huge makeup haul! Like I said this was over 5-6 months. Yes, it is still a lot, but that comes with the territory of being a makeup enthusiastic and beauty blogger. It feels good to be back to blogging! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what recent beauty purchases you have made and if you have tried any of the products that I talked about in this post!

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Haul Galore: Mall of America Haul & my Glo-Minerals Makeup Class Haul!!! + My first trip to IKEA!

Yes, The Beauty Deputy is once again helping the economy…


Usually I don’t get to go to MOA very often, but I have already been to MOA twice this year. The opportunity arised and my mom and I decided to go kind of last minute. This time was a lot more exciting because it was during the work week and less busy, unlike my last visit (which was on a Saturday).

This is what part of Nickelodeon Universe looks like.




  •  Kat Von D everlasting face shaper blush in heartagram
  • Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Suede
  • blendercleanser Solid by beautyblender
  • Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Penny Lane
  • Urban Decay single eyeshadow in peace

Sigma Beauty


  •  The Perfect Blend Kit
  • F15 Flat Definer Brush
  • Notre Dame Eye Shadow single (free with purchase)



  •  Charity Pot Lotion
  • Mr. Bumble Gift set
  • Castrophic Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
  • Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser
  • Liquid Lipstick in Perspective
  • Sea Vegetable Body Soap
  • Breath of God Perfume
  • Samples: Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner and I Love Juicy shampoo

The Body Shop


  •  Strawberry Body Butter
  • Raspberry Body Butter
  • Peach Body Butter
  • Almond Hand & Nail Cream

Mac Cosmetics


  •  Mac Fix+
  • Alluring Aquatic Lipstick in Pet Me, Please



  •  Dr. Weil Dark Circle Minimizer Under Eye Cream

I got a lot of goodies! Comment and let me know if you want to see some OOTD posts!

I actually ordered this online when bareMinerals had a 20% sale. I really wanted to try this Bareskin serum foundation. I got mine in the shade bare porcelain which is the lightest shade. I was actually surprised I was the lightest shade, but I was matched at Ulta (they were out of my color at the time) and it does match.


The main reason from coming down to the cities was a trip to Ikea. Awhile back on my dad’s way back from the cities he made a little stop for me. I was going insane with my organization and knew he was driving by so I got the Alex 9 drawer. It is gorgeous! But, the top drawer had no holes in the piece. 😦 Well, I thought about drilling my own holes, but I figured I would just have to make a trip to Ikea sometime. My Ikea Alex now looks lovely with a new drawer.

IMG_20140612_181520  IMG_20140612_181533

IMG_20140612_182105  IMG_20140612_182128


IMG_20140612_184007959_HDR IMG_20140612_184204316

My local salon just got this new makeup and skincare line called Glo-Minerals. Awhile back, I got invited to this little class/presentation presented by someone from Glo-Minerals. I have never tried anything from this brand, but I decided why not?!? Time for some The Beauty Deputy research! I’m glad that I went because this brand sounds awesome. It is made of 100% minerals, it is cruelty free, and so much more! I did not get all the items listed below all at this one makeup party. Later on, I decided to pick up the brush cleaner and the cherry balm. The lip-glosses were free with purchase. Also, I got the dual foundation brush from my mom because she decided that she didn’t want it.


  • Brush Cleaner
  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • Water Resistant Mascara
  • The Cherry Balm
  • Precision Brow Pencil in Taupe
  • Luster Shimmer Brick
  • Concealer Under Eye Natural
  • Texture Brush
  • Dual Foundation/camouflage Brush
  • Lipglosses in Whisper and Plum Glaze

That concludes my Mall of America haul and my Glo-Minerals haul! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

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Day 8: My 3 Month No-Buy

I just wanted to share with you all my No-Buy rules. This is something that I really need to do, especially after my latest hauls.


  • Not allowed to buy any makeup, skincare (Lush, Fortune Cookie Soap, The Body Shop, etc), or anything dealing with the beauty world (nail polishes, makeup brushes, etc.).
  • Timeline is from 4/8/14 to 7/8/14. I want to be realistic here. I know it could be longer than 3 months, but let’s be realistic. All the cosmetics companies make it so hard with all the amazing products they come out with all the time. I can always extend it.
  • No Ulta or Sephora!


  • If I run out of moisturizer or any other essential skincare items, I am allowed to repurchase. It would be cruel to let a person with really dry skin not be allowed to buy moisturizer. I will be good for awhile, because I got a new one not too long ago.
  • I am allowed to buy products for Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner for our box swap, but not for myself.
  • I am allowed to keep my subscription boxes: Ipsy, Julep, Beauty Box 5, Fortune Cookie Soap (4 boxes a year), and Barkbox. I am thinking about canceling all but Ipsy and FCS. With Julep, I can skip a month so that is always a plus. Mirya has 2 BarkBoxes left before her subscription is out. Also, I canceled my Naturebox, but I will be doing a post regarding my last 2 boxes.
  • I am allowed to get my Birthstone polishes for each month. I’ve done them since January so I can’t stop now.
  • I am allowed to get Limited Edition items.

Comment and let me know if you have gone on a no-buy.

Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

Don’t forget that during this month there will be 30 days of The Beauty Deputy to celebrate my 6 month blogiversary so make sure to check back each day for a new post. I know this one isn’t that exciting, but I promise there will be more exciting ones to come! Also, make sure to check out my post from yesterday if you want to see my nieces as Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

I have been neglecting Instagram, but I am back on it so make sure to follow me!

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Day 7: My Weekend & an Ulta Sale

I just wanted to share with you all what I did during this past weekend because it was a lot of fun! I also postponed my no-buy because of the Ulta sale. I know I know! My no-buy post will be coming up tomorrow so make sure to check that out. Anyway so this past weekend my parents planned on going to go to my brother and sister in law’s house to watch my 2 nieces because they had to go to the cities. I decided to go with. I don’t get to see my nieces as often as I would like because we live 1 hr and 20 minutes away which isn’t that bad, but still life gets busy. So I jumped on the opportunity to go visit them. I also brought Mirya with. Maddie went over to my grandmas. She gets car sick. My grandma also checked on Molly while we were gone.

Of course we watched Frozen! But, we decided to get into character which was fun! My older niece dressed up as Elsa and my younger niece was Anna. I feel like they make a perfect Elsa and Anna. Comment if you agree?!?

Elsa and anna

They of course sang along and danced to the songs. My brother said, “Frozen is a movie that has really paid for itself, they have watched it a million times.”

Then my other brother and my sister in law picked me up and we went out for supper. We also made a few stops at some stores which is where I decided to postpone my no buy. I really wanted to get some dotting tools for nail art. I couldn’t find them anywhere in my hometown. We went to a huge craft store because I thought I could find them there, nope. They had a bunch of nail polish, but the lady there looked at me like I was making up the fact that there was such things as dotting tools. My brother is very smart because he piped up and said, “isn’t there a store at the mall?” Of course! Sally’s Beauty Supply. We went there and I got exactly what I wanted. We also went to Petsmart and got a harness for Miss Mirya Mae. She also got 2 toys. Can’t go to Petsmart and not get toys! Mirya and Molly also got tags for their collars. After supper we went back to their house for a bit and talked, then went back to my other brothers house. My nieces were already asleep at that time so we all sat downstairs and talked and watched some tv. I love family time!



Spring is here! It was so nice outside. Of course there is still a lot of snow outside, but it was 50F-60F outside. That made for a lot of snow meltage. I don’t think that is a word, but I’m going with it. There were a ton of kids playing outside in my brothers neighborhood. We decided to test out Mirya’s harness and we all went for a walk/wagon ride. My brother and sister in law came back from the cities around lunch time. I also let my niece do my makeup, which is something that she was super ecstatic about. I will be posting that post sometime this month. 🙂 Mirya had a lot of fun outside going for a walk, although all the commotion outside was very overstimulating for her. On our way home we stopped at Ulta for their 20% sale. Darn Ulta and their sale tempting me. Therefore, I am postponing my no-buy! All I can say is April Fools! Lol! Also, I decided to go back to Petsmart because I wanted to get the matching leash that matched her harness. The day before I had forgotten to pick one up. I also wanted to bring her in the store because that is what pet people do that live by a Petsmart. I live an hour or so away and I had Mirya with so why not? Mirya was such a good pup inside and she met a few other puppies! She even got another toy or 2! I of course picked up a toy for Molly.



Mirya and her new harness!


On our way home, Mirya is so tired!

What I got from Sally’s Beauty Supply

  • ASP Nail Art 4 Pack Brush Set: thought these nail brushes would come in handy for doing nail art as well.
  • Cina Nail Art Marble Dotting Tool: this is what I was looking for! Finally I was able to find some! There is a variety of sizes so that will come in handy!
  • Beauty Secrets Nail Polish & Art Wheels: thought these would come in handy with practicing nail art.
  • Hands Down Ultra Nail Pads: thought these would be useful because they’re a pad that you can use without getting all that cotton all over. Sometimes my nails get ruined because a tiny bit of cotton from the cotton balls/pads get on my nail. These are super nice because there is a nice little tab and 1 of these can be used to remove all 10 nails of nail polish.
  • I also got a nail streamer polish set off of Amazon awhile ago so I’m all set with nail art!


What I got from Ulta

  • Butter London Nail Lacquer in Lovely Jubbly: I blame this purchase on The Feminine Files! If you haven’t check out her blog you should because she is amazing! You can find her blog post on this polish here. I just thought that the color was gorgeous! I have never tried a Butter London polish so I am super excited!
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: I got the color Uzi because I needed a nice gray eyeliner. I has some shimmer in it and I just loved the swatch.
  • Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick: I saw a YouTube video on these and I wanted to try out the neutral color. So I got mine is the color Melted Nude. I was also really impressed with the swatch.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: I was debating on either this palette or the new Urban Decay electric palette. Yes, I know they’re on totally opposite sides of the spectrum. I decided on this one, because I will get more use out of this one and plus it smells like chocolate! I also saw a picture of an eye look that Xparkage made with this palette and it looked gorgeous! I’ve also seen a ton of amazing reviews on this gem!



Remember during my last haul, I told you I was ordering the Pantone Universe color of the year palette! Well so far I’m loving it! Review to come!

So as you can tell I had a fun weekend! It went by way to fast! My weekends off always go by way too fast. Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of my adorable nieces as Elsa and Anna. What did you do this past weekend! Also, don’t forget to check out my GIVEAWAY post! You can find it here. Also don’t forget that there will be 30 days of The Beauty Deputy which started April 1st. #30daysofthebeautydeputy


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Huge Haul! How I’m Helping the Economy!!

I saw a post on a lovely blog that I follow that did a haul awhile back and stated she is helping the economy. Well, I am going to go with her motto and say that I’m helping the economy as well. This is my last haul before going on my no buy! That will be starting next month. I have collected these items over the past few months. I just haven’t taken the time to do this post quite yet. Also, recently I went to Mall of America so I thought I would add that haul onto the one over the past few months. Yes, I know it is a pretty big haul. I will be going on my no buy in April. I will be writing a post about that in case you’re wondering.

The Balm

Not too long ago The Balm had a 50% sale for charity, I of course had to pick some things up since The Balm is one of my favorite brands. This is also the sale that I got the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette to send in my box swap with Stephanie Wright.

Cindy Lou Manizer Highlighter, Shimer, Shadow 
Overshadows in “no money, no honey,” “if you’re rich, I’m single,” and “you buy, I’ll fly.” 
How ‘Bout Them Apples? Lip and Cheek Cream Palette
Put A Lid On It Eye Shadow Primer



I got this palette soon after it came out which was a month or so ago. I just really loved the colors and thought they were very Spring-like. I also saw a Youtube video from Kat Von D herself that made me want it. A review will be coming so stay tuned!

Esperanza Palette by Kat Von D



Ulta ❤ !!! I was presently surprised that I saw The Balm Shampoo and Conditioner, because usually The Balm is only available online or in their San Francisco store. They said that they just started carrying it, but they don’t carry their makeup. I also wanted to check out the Real Technique brushes and check out what all the rave was about. I needed a brush for applying highlighter. Also, Nyx butter glosses are amazeballs!

The Balm Shampoo and Conditioner in Keep My Color
Real Techniques Blush Brush
Real Techniques Setting Brush
Nyx Butter Glosses in Angel Food Cake & Strawberry Parfait
Nyx Butter Lipstick in Fun Size (BLS16)


Ulta recently had this promo going on when I got the items below: spend $20 and get a free It’s a 10. It worked out perfectly because I really wanted to get more of this product to help with my flyaways and help my damaged hair. I also got some Pacifica items because I am in love with these lip tints. They hardly ever have them in stock at Target, so I decided to take advantage of the buy 1, get 1 half off. I gave one to my mom that is not pictured which is Guava Berry. I also sent one of these in my box swap with Effie.

Pacifica Lip Tints in Sugared Fig, Coconut Nectar, & Vanilla Hibiscus
It’s a 10


The Body Shop
The Body Shop was doing an online 40% sale so I decided to check out this brand. These items also made me want to check out the store in my Mall of America Haul.

Green Light Shimmer Cubes Palette 22
Mango Soap
Hemp Foot Protector
Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream
Strawberry Body Butter


Clinque at Herbergers

My mom recently picked up this blush and she didn’t like the color on herself so she gifted it to me. I will be doing a review on this lovely blush sometime in the future.

Cheek Pop in Blush Pop



I got these items over some time, but recently Target put a lot of their Pixi products on major clearance. That palette I got is originally $28, but was on clearance for $8. Same thing with the eyeliner and the blush. The Pacifica items were on clearance as well. I got that perfume for less than $5. It smells amazing! I also wanted to try out a Color Elixir from Maybelline.

Pixi Beauty Blush in no. 3 Perkiest Pink
Pixi Eye Glow Cube Eyeshadow Palette
Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Iridescent Iris
Pacifica Roller Ball Perfume in Tuscan Blood Orange
Maybelline Color Elixir in Dashing Orchid



Once to twice a year my family makes the 2.5 hour trip to Mall of America. I had a list of stores that I knew that I wanted to stop at. We went on a Saturday and that was probably a bad idea! There were so many people there, it was crazy! We had to go to the highest level of the parking ramp to even find a parking spot, usually we park in the same general area whenever we go. I heard that Mall of America was doing a huge expansion. That is crazy because it is already huge!

MOA has a Sigma store. Sigma is one of my favorite makeup brands and I knew I wanted to get a new foundation brush. So far I’m loving the palette I got. Review will be coming! 

Smoke Screen Palette
F80- Flat Kabuki (foundation brush)
F55- Small Duo Fibre Brush
Eye Shadow Base in Awake
Promo *free eyeshadow in the color Triomphe



When I went into Lush, it was a different experience than I’ve normally had. Usually they’re very eager to help, but sadly nobody asked me if I needed help. I felt very uncomfortable in the shop for some reason, but it was probably because it was busy. I really wanted to get more of my Let The Good Times Roll face scrub and they were sold out! Surprise! (Seems to be sold out many times online, I’m getting low on my current one from my UK haul). Also, they were also sold out of the Cupcake fresh face mask! (They were sold out of this last few times I’ve been there). So instead of getting what I really needed, I got the items below instead.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
Brazed Honey Fresh Face Wash
Charity Pot Lotion
Space Girl Bath Bomb


The Body Shop
I’ve never been inside a “The Body Shop” store so I decided to check it out. They had a promo going on with these sets. I was impressed with my Strawberry mini butter body so I wanted to check out their other scents.

Mango Scrub
Mango Body Butter
Mango Body Wash



Of course, I had to stop at Sephora! The Mall of America’s Sephora is a makeup, skincare, and perfume heaven. They have quite a bit more brands and merchandise than the Sephora I normally go to. It was fun looking around, but I decided to get something from Tarte.

Tarte Amazonian Clay  12-hour Full Coverage Foundation
Glam Glow YouthMud Masque (Used 100 of my Sephora points for this little sample)



Also, before the end of this month I plan on ordering this palette. Love the color of the year!!!!

Sephora and Pantone Universe The Eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Set.  Photo from the Sephora site found here


SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE - The Eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Set

Look for my no buy post coming up! I will be doing it starting from April and going until July. Not sure quite yet how long, but I want to be realistic. Comment on recommendations. Remember, I am a big makeup lover and skincare enthusiast, so this is hard for any makeup beauty blogger/enthusiast.  I know that this is something that I need to do.

So that marks the end of this haul! Yes, I know it was a lot! But, some of this stuff goes back to Christmas or so. Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any of these products and what you think! I love hearing your comments! Also, stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway!!!

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Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencils Collection & Review!

I just wanted to share with you my collection of Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils that I have. If you don’t know about these, I suggest you check them out. Nyx Cosmetics is a very affordable brand, yet great quality! They have a wide array of products such as: eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners, lip pencils, lip sticks, lip glosses, and many more. But, these jumbo eye pencils have to my favorite product that Nyx Cosmetics makes!

What I use mine for? 

I love using these as eye shadow bases. I feel like using a colorful base underneath helps the eye shadows pop. My most used one is the white one called, “Milk.” That one is the most popular and I always hear Youtubers rave about that one! I would have to say that I bought Milk because of YouTube. Since I loved it so much I decided to buy more. I don’t usually use these as stand alone shadows, but they can be used that way also.

What Nyx says about them? 

“A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues. Some call her chubby. We say voluptuous.”

Price & Websites

$4.49 at Ulta

$4.50 at Nyx’s website

My Collection


  • 617 or Iced Mocha
  • 604 or Milk
  • 603 or Pots & Pans
  • 630 or Cashmere
  • 605 or Strawberry Milk
  • 624A or Rocky Mountain Green

The Swatches


The descriptions below are from Nyx Cosmetics’s Website.
I do agree with their descriptions on the colors swatched in this picture.

  • Iced Mocha: frosty deep bronze
  • Milk: white
  • Pots & Pans: frosty silver
  • Cashmere: shimmery champagne
  • Strawberry Milk: pearly pink
  • Rocky Mountain Green: pure green

The Packaging 

The packaging itself isn’t my favorite. I would rather it be a twist up instead on having to use a sharpener. They do have a sharpener that they sell, you can get it here. I have an Urban Decay one that it fits and I can sharpen them no problem. Tip: since they’re so creamy throw the eye pencils into the freezer for a bit before sharpening. This helps prevent wasting product and makes for easier sharpening. You don’t have to follow the tip, I didn’t, but I thought it was a good idea that I wanted to share.


Another thing that I don’t like about the packaging is the plastic top! It is so cheap! Pretty much all the caps of all my jumbo eye pencils are cracked! You can see some of it in the picture above and a close up in the picture below.


Cruelty Free!!! 

Yay! Hats off to Nyx for being cruelty free!




  • Affordable
  • Nice array of colors
  • Creamy
  • Doesn’t crease (I also use a eye primer underneath such as: Urban Decay Primer Potion)
  • Blendable
  • Easy to sharpen! (Just got the have the correct size)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Seem to almost always be buy 1, get 1 50% off at Ulta!

Cons (I don’t have many cons from these because…well…I think they’re great products!!!)

  • Packaging

An Eye Look Using Rocky Mountain Green


Have you tried any Nyx Jumbo Pencils? Or have you tried any Nyx Cosmetics products? Comment and let me know!!!



The Beauty Deputy


January Wish List

A few months ago I started a Wish List series. Well this will be my third one. This post is just on 3-5 items that I either want or that I think looks intriguing.

1. Benefit’s The Porefessional Primer

I recently got this as a sample and I used it on my Em Cosmetics Life Palette Mini post the other day. I really liked it, so I want the actual product to try out.


2. One Direction Our Moment Perfume

I am honestly not even a fan of One Direction. I guess I have heard a few good songs on the radio, but I don’t really pay attention to them. But, this perfume smells amazing! It’s very sweet smelling and very feminine.  It is super expensive so I probably won’t get it ever, but I still think it smells amazing! Maybe a roller ball someday!

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top: Pink Grapefruit, Wild Berries, Red Currants
  • Middle: Jasmine Petals, Fresh Freesia, Frangipani
  • Drydown: Creamy musk, Sheer Woods, White Patchouli


3. Sigma Eye Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals

I think that this palette is gorgeous! It has a lot of nice colors and I do love Sigma shadows. I think I am going to use my birthday coupon on this.

EP010-3T EP010-2T

4. Sigma Beauty The Perfect Blend Kit Brush Set

I love Sigma brushes and I think that this brush kit would be amazing for precise application of shadows. It is expensive so maybe I will use my birthday coupon on this instead. Hmmhm decisions decisions!!


Well that ends my wish list for the month of January. Comment down below if you have heard of or tried any of these products.

Talking about January. Do any of you watch the Bachelor? I have in seasons past! Yes, yes I know! Comment down below if you plan on watching the season premiere coming up.



The Beauty Deputy

The Perfect Palette Tag

On Youtube there is this tag going around called, “The Perfect Palette Tag.” It was created by a mother and daughter. The mom’s YouTube channel is iluvfaces1042. Well I just thought that this tag was a really good idea! In this tag there is a list of 8 questions and whoever is doing the tag gets to look at their palettes and place them into a category such as: best packaging or best color payoff. Well I don’t make YouTube videos so I decided to tag myself and do it through my blog. I am a big palette junkie, making eye shadow palettes my favorite makeup item. Well in advance I am apologizing for the bad photo quality. I was taking these pictures by myself using my Ipad and at that time the sun was going down. I wish I would have taken the pictures sooner, but oh well you get the point of the pictures!


Well here are my palettes that I choose for the tag!


The Great and Powerful Oz in Glinda and Theodora by Urban Decay

I couldn’t choose between my Glinda or my Theodora palettes because I love both their packaging. It is a very sturdy tin case and the colors of the cases are gorgeous! I feel like the colors fit Glinda’s and Theodora’s character very well. Also the eye shadow colors are divine, but this part is for best packaging! In each palette all the eye shadows are removable so the case can be re-used with other Urban Decay shadows once a shadow runs out. These palettes are Limited Edition, but I did see that the, “Glinda” palette is still available and it is on sale!

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

IMG_0072 IMG_0071


Nude Tude by The Balm

These shadows are the most buttery smooth pigmented eye shadows I have ever used. They’re super blendable which I think is a huge plus! These shadows make applying eye shadows a breeze!  They also have 2 versions of this palette: the “naughty” one which is the one I have (as you can see the girls in the background, but hey it’s the “Nude Tude”) palette or the “nice” one which has a grey background. The Balm goes on Hautelook quite frequently so you can get this palette discounted. Otherwise their website is:

IMG_0073 IMG_0074


Lorac Pro by Lorac Cosmetics

I would have to go with my Lorac Pro for a few reasons. First off there is 16 eye shadows. There is a wide range of colors meaning that I could make a day look or spice it up a bit with the darker shades. Another thing that sets the Lorac Pro apart from other palettes and making it my most versatile is that the top 8 shadows are all matte and the bottom shadows are all shimmer. There is also a good highlight shade which is always a pro. I got mine at Ulta, but you can get it at their website too! Lorac is the founder Carol spelled backwards. I thought that was interesting and a good idea on Carol’s part. Also, this palette comes with a primer!

IMG_0075 IMG_0076


Naked 2 by Urban Decay

The Naked 2 palette comes in a hard tin case making it strong for travels. It has 12 shadows from light to dark. Basically I can create numerous neutral looks from just 1 palette. It also comes with a double sided brush making eye shadow application as simple as 1-2-3. I think that the upcoming Naked 3 looks amazing because it has rose neutrals! Here is their website:

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San Francisco Eye Shadow and Blush Palette by Bh Cosmetics 

Sorry Bh Cosmetics but I haven’t really used this palette that much. The eye shadows are kind of lacking in the pigmentation department and I just have a hard time thinking of a look to create with it. I do think the packaging is cool. It was also pretty cheap, so I don’t feel too bad! But, I did give Bh Cosmetics another chance and because of that I now love my Galaxy Chic palette from them! That palette was in close second on best packaging. (I do have a review on the Galaxy Chic palette,  the link is posted below.) Here is the link to their website for the San Francisco Palette:

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Creme De Couture by Sigma Beauty 

This palette is no longer available online. But I just thought that the names were adorable! This palette is based off of Macaroons so the palette itself is suppose to look like a macaroon box. The color names include: Redberry Rose, Apricot Flower, Passion Fruit, Cherry Blossom, Meyer Lemon, Ginger Pumpkin, Cafe au Lait, Blueberry Cream, Violet Whip, Lavender Honey, Cassis, Elderberry, Blue Chocolate, Almond Pear, Creme De Menthe, and Citron Pistachio. So each name is like a different type of macaroon. I just think that Sigma did a really good job with matching the names with the color. I just think that they should have included a vanilla color in this palette.

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Ammo Palette by Urban Decay

I really do like this palette. It was actually my first palette ever. I said it was, “The Great and Powerful Oz in Glinda” in one of my previous posts, but I just realized I got this palette first. As you can tell I forget about this little guy! I do like the colors in this palette. So I need to start using this palette more!

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Vice 2 by Urban Decay

Wow, quite a few Urban Decay palettes have made it onto my, “Perfect Palette Tag” so kudos to you Urban Decay! Your eye shadows rock! Anyway the reason I pick this palette is because there is 20 colors and If I was on a desert island and for some reason got to bring an eye shadow palette along I would pick this one. Although if I was stuck on a desert island I wouldn’t probably worry about makeup. I just feel that with this palette since there is 20 colors in a huge range of colors and finishes I could make a multitude of looks. I really do love Urban Decay’s pigmentation and I love the colors so that is why  this palette is my most loved! I do use this palette freqently, although it is pretty new, it is on its way to becoming the most used.

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Well that ends my list of palettes for the tag! Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any of these palettes and what do you think of them! I also have a review on the Vice 2 palette that I will link down below. Comment down below if you want a review on any of these palettes or some pictures of some swatches. I am also thinking about doing, “The Rainbow Tag” and “The Princess Tag.” Let me know if you would like me to do those tags!

Now for the fun part! Just because I didn’t tag you on this list doesn’t mean that you can’t do this tag. Like I said above nobody tagged me, my heart just desired to do this tag. Also if you don’t have enough palettes to do this tag you can do eye shadow quads or whatever you feel like doing.

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Ready Set Go!!!!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Too Faced recently came out with a new mascara called, “Better Than Sex.” Well, first off I think that it’s promising a lot by the name and also on the packaging it states, “1,944% more volume.” I don’t know about you, but I feel like that is insanely unrealistic. How can a mascara give lashes 1,944% more volume? In my opinion, that is impossible for any mascara. Some other claims that this mascara states is, “100% saw dramatic volume,” “100% saw longer lashes,” and “90% saw a dramatic look with one coat.” I wonder where they got their consumers to complete this study,  because I feel like 100% is both unrealistic. Most people use a second coat for any mascara so the 90% claim doesn’t bother me at all.

First off I will add that I bought the full sized mascara at Ulta. It was $23 dollars.  I felt that this mascara should be amazing because of the hefty price tag and the claims that this mascara stated on its packaging. I didn’t feel so bad because most high end mascaras run around that price. Also they gave me a sample of the same mascara when I checked out which was a nice little extra.


So I decided to use my full sized mascara first and put the sample away for later use.

I had a good first impression when I first held the mascara. It was the heaviest mascara tubes that I have ever held. It did feel like it was very high quality and I did like the light pink packaging.

My first thoughts when I opened it and pulled out the wand: this is the most disgusting looking mascara I’ve ever seen.

A reason why I really wanted to try this mascara apart from the good reviews I read, was the hourglass shape of the brush. I wanted something that gave me volume and could curl my lashes. I was just intrigued with the hourglass shape of the brush, it was something different.

Well onto why I thought this mascara was disgusting. When I took the wand out of the tube, I couldn’t even see the brush. The mascara was so caked around the brush, and I mean caked. There was not even seeing a single bristle of the brush.  I did not get a picture, although I wish I had taken one to show whoever is reading this post on how caked on the mascara was. It was also not smooth either, it was more clumpy. I tried getting some of it off the brush by putting it back in the tube and sliding it against the sides. That didn’t work too well and just ended up causing a mess on the top and sides of the tube. I ended up wasting a bunch of mascara by rubbing the brush in a kleenex. But, finally I could see the brush and try the mascara for the first time.

A problem was the next time I wanted to use it. I did take the wand out and put it back in a few times just to test it out. Sometimes were worse then others.

The formula is a really wet consistency, so if you like your dryer mascara I wouldn’t recommend this formula.

This mascara did smudge and get all over my under eyes which made me hate this mascara even more than I already did.

After that first incident I tried it again and it was caked on the brush (no surprise there) and I tried getting it off and it got all over the side.  When I closed the tube, the mascara oozed out of the sides. Then my whiteish cream dog ran into the mascara tube and was now sporting a black dalmatian spot. At that time I had it with that mascara and decided I needed to return it and that is just what I did. They had no problem returning it, but didn’t say anything about other people having problems with this mascara either.

I don’t remember reading reviews on this happening to other people, so maybe I got a faulty one.

So I decided to try my sample of mascara and so far I really like it! I pull out of wand and the brush is clean, full of the right amount of mascara and ready to go.  It’s not messy and I’m not wasting any product!



What I liked about this mascara?

  • very dark black
  • It does curl my lashes
  • It does give them volume, but not 1,944% more volume
  • I do like the brush, easy to use
  • One coat does the job

What could be better?

  • The full sized mascara packaging so brush isn’t completely caked with mascara!

I am wondering if anybody has tried this mascara and what did you think of it?



The Beauty Deputy

Ulta Haul October 2013!!

First off I’ll start off by saying…..HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ulta recently had their 20% off sale so I just wanted to share with you what I got!



1)  Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

2)  Too Faced BB Creme in Vanilla Glow

3) Nyx Round Case Lipsticks in the colors Gala and Castle

4) Earth Therapeutics Hand Remedy Protective Conditioner

5) Stila Masterpiece Series Eye and Cheek Palettes

I also got some samples that they included.


I hope I like this mascara because I got a sample too. Otherwise I got Bareminerals Mineral Veil powder.

So that concludes the haul. Let me know if you have tried any of these products. I do plan on doing a review on the mascara and the palette. Comment down below and let me know if you would like any other review on one of these products!  Also, I hope that everybody has a safe and fun filled Halloween! I plan on staying home and handing out candy to trick or treaters!



***UPDATE*** I returned the Stila palette because I was unhappy with them for starting to test on animals. I also returned the mascara which I did a review on. I also returned the BB creme by Too Faced. So let’s say that haul was unsuccessful!