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Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? The skin is part of the Integumentary System, and without that…we would look very freaky. Imagine that! Was that a scary visual? So taking care of the largest organ in the body is pretty important. I belong to this amazing Facebook group called, “The Beauty and Fashion Blog Community” and this month’s blog hop is SKIN CARE! I have been meaning to write a post about this for awhile now and now is the perfect time.

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Washing the face is a very important step in the skin care regimen. Getting rid of all those impurities is a must!

I use a few different cleansers at this time. I haven’t found my holy grail one yet, besides my Lush facial scrub that I will talk about later. But, I don’t want to use a scrub every single day!

Clean & Clear Morning Burst 

What Clean & Clear says, “From the invigorating MORNING BURST collection comes MORNING BURST Facial Cleanser. This unique gel cleanser with Vitamin C and Ginseng wakes you up with a fresh citrus scent while soft BURSTING BEADS burst with energy and vitamins, leaving your skin feeling clean, energized and ready to face the day.” More information on this product here.


I really do like this cleanser, but I am also not a fan of it at the same time. That is why I say I don’t have a holy grail cleanser yet. Comment on any recommendations!!!

It does smell nice and does wake me up, but I hate that it has all that chemical junk in it.  Yes, there is sodium lauryl sulfate in it. Surprise!! That is what makes it lather so well. It is oil free and has bursting beads which is a good thing.  It does clean my face nice and I don’t get any redness or breakouts from it. I do feel like it does dry my face out a bit, which I already have pretty dry skin so that is a con. But, all in all it is a nice cheap cleanser that you can get at a variety of locations (Target, Wal-Mart, etc.), but I am willing to try a different one.

Zum Face Gentle Facial Cleanser

This is by a company called, “Indigo Wild.” It is hard to find so I have been slowly using it. If you’re wondering more about, “Indigo Wild” and other products they make I did a review here.

What Indigo Wild says, “This gentle facial cleanser penetrates pores with saponified oils of certified organic coconut, olive and jojoba, pure essential oils of lemon and geranium, vitamin E and vegetable glycerin. It’s gentle, hydrating, and perfect for those whose skin is on a liquid diet.” More information on this product here. 

This is a natural facial cleanser and it is made from: Saponified oils of certified organic coconut, certified organic olive, castor, and certified organic jojoba, pure essential oils, tocopherol (vitamin e), sodium borate and vegetable glycerin.


It does lather really well without those harsh ingredients. The scent is of lemon and geraniums, but it is a stronger scent. Luckily it doesn’t last on the face. It does have a pump for easy assess. The price is expensive for what you get, but you only need a tiny bit at least. It does cost $10 for 4 oz. Since it is hard to find and shipping is hefty I don’t use it everyday, but it does make my face feel clean and refreshed and I don’t have breakouts from this product. I also love that it is natural!

Let the Good Times Roll Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser 

What Lush says, “A luxuriously soft and sweetly-scented cleanser, Let The Good Times Roll is made with maize flour and corn meal to gently exfoliate, and a dash of cinnamon powder to cleanse and warm cold winter skin. Its rich, velvety texture leaves your skin perfectly balanced, glowing and smelling like sweet and salted caramel corn. No wonder this cleanser is so popular!” More information on this product here


I love it! I would use it everyday if I could, but I probably shouldn’t use an exfoliater everyday. I did do a review of this and you can check it out here. I have been using it for awhile now since my review and I have to say that this is a holy grail product of mine. It smells amazing for one thing! It makes my face feel nice and smooth. It’s made fresh and made of natural ingredients. I just love it!


Eau Roma Water Toner by Lush

This was a step that I never thought was important until coming across Lush.

What Lush says about it, “Dry, sensitive or mature needs a gentle touch. In a world of “technology” loaded cosmetics, using a toner with only two active ingredients may seem unusual. But at LUSH, we believe in using effective ingredients instead of filler. Our most moisturizing toner, Eau Roma relies on the King and Queen of the essential oils world, rose and lavender. Both oils have been used for thousands of years to treat dryness, redness or irritation. Rose is particularly nourishing and cooling, while lavender helps your skin produce the right amount sebum (oil) to keep it suppler. Simplicity at its best.” You can find more information here


I think doing this step using this toner is important for me because it is for dry skin. It helps moisturize my skin and get it ready for my moisturizer. The scent is very light and it softens my dry skin. I apply my moisturizer when my toner is still wet. I don’t know why, but doing it that way makes it seem like it lasts longer. It also helps my redness go away.


Lush is known for being made from fresh ingredients, so they do have an expiration date.


PurMinerals Tone-Up Eye Cream

I think that a lot of eye creams have a lot of false claims. I’ve tried a few eye creams and this one is very new to me, so I won’t have that great of a review on it yet. But, I decided to look at the claims on the website and this is what I found.

  • 66% increase in skin hydration after 14 days
  • 60% reduction in skin roughness after 56 days
  • 50% reduction in wrinkle depth after 28 days

What PurMinerals says about it, “This intensive eye treatment is designed to firm, lift and smooth the delicate eye area for total eye fitness. Containing two breakthrough clinically tested super-ingredients—including our proprietary Dermafit Mineral Complex—Tone Up provides essential hydration, stimulation and antioxidant protection to minimize the look of premature wrinkles, roughness and dryness. This all-in-one formula is the pür solution for puffy eyes, dark circles and crow’s feet. Paraben-free.  Net Wt: .5 fl oz”  You can find more information here


Like I said I haven’t used this product much yet, but first off the pump doesn’t work which is a big con! But, it is moisturizing, which is nice for my under eye area.  I work alternating 12 hours shifts, so I haven’t seen much improvement yet, but I never do with eye creams.


Juniper Oil-Free Face Moisturizer from The Balm

What The Balm says, “Juniper Oil-Free Face Moisturizer has a wonderful lightweight texture, perfect for anyone who prefers to live an oil-free lifestyle! A mixture of humectants ensure that your skin is perfectly hydrated throughout the day.” You can find more information here


I love this product. It is moisturizing for my dry skin. I know it says for normal to combination skin, but it really does help with moisture. I don’t get oily from it either. It does have a nice light smell that I like. It has a nice consistency that makes it easy to blend into the face.  The reason I found this product was through Hautelook and I got it for half price. At that time I decided to order two, this is my second one. I will definitely order more when I’m out!



Purity One Step Facial Cleanser by Philosophy 

What Philosophy says about it, “purity made simple one-step facial cleanser is our award-winning cleanser, loved by all for its multitasking, 3-in-1 approach to cleansing. purity made simple gently cleanses, tones and melts away all face and eye makeup in one simple step, while lightly hydrating. skin is left feeling perfectly clean, comfortable and balanced.” You can find more information here


I love this product! When I first heard about it, I didn’t think that it would work as well as it does. It is really gentle! It removes my mascara like a pro!!! Also it cleanses my face!!! A makeup remover and a cleanser all in 1 step. A little bit goes a long way! I have had this for quite awhile and I’m almost half-way done with it.


Tarte Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatment

What Tarte says, “Refresh, renew and recharge tired eyes with our eye treatment enriched with C-brighter™ technology. By harnessing the power of maracuja fruit, vitamin C and advanced botanicals, this skintuitive™ eye treatment visibly hydrates, firms and brightens the delicate eye area. ” You can find more information here.


I still have my idea about eye creams promising too much! I don’t really notice much difference with this eye cream. It does moisturize my under-eyes, but it doesn’t help with my dark circles what so ever. But, I still say no eye cream can help a nurse’s under-eyes with rotating shifts. I just felt like it was an important thing to include in my skin care routine because I have been using it for the last few months. I won’t repurchase it either because it is too expensive!


Tarte Maracuja Oil

What Tarte says, “Not all oil is created equal. This earth-prescribed treatment oil targets your individual skin concerns and delivers harmony and moisture for firmer, brighter, smoother-looking skin.” You can find more information here.

20140128-154424.jpg 20140128-154335.jpg

I really like this oil! I love that it is pure maracuja oil and natural. I was not a fan of the price at all! Since I only used it once a day it did seem to last long, but I do have really dry skin so I did use it up quicker. I use about 4 drops or so and apply it all over my face. It makes my skin feel nice and moisturized. I don’t have any redness or breakout problems from it. Also when I wake up my face feels super soft.

So that ends my skincare routine! Make sure to check out the other lovely posts down below!!!! I plan on checking them out too because I’m in hunt for a different everyday morning cleanser. With that, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them!!!



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