Monthly Favorites: July 2014


Can it really be time for JULY of 2014 Favorites?!? Next month is August of 2014?!? Really?!! Didn’t we just celebrate News Years of maybe….2010 or 2007?!? I just want to slow down time because I am enjoying my summer and with it being August soon that means Fall is around the corner.

I have been loving quite a few things this month, but I decided on these 6 lovely products! Hope you enjoy!

1) INSTAIN Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush in Argyle
If you have been following me on Instagram you may have seen a photo of my haul from The Balm. I was visiting my cousin in South Dakota and we were at Kohls and my jaw dropped because I didn’t know that Kohls carried The Balm. I have only gotten The Balm products online so I was excited to be able to see them in person. I decided on this lovely blush (also got a nail polish and a lip-gloss) and I am glad that I decided to pick it up because it is a gorgeous light pink shade. The Balm blushes are super pigmented and blendable. Also, isn’t the packaging just amazing?

PicMonkey Collage

2) tarte Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation in light beige and airbuki bamboo powder foundation brush

I have been using this foundation since it came out. This was actually my first foundation that I ever bought. True story. I never wore foundation previous to that. But, then again I didn’t get into makeup until around age 21. But, as I am getting older my face has some redness. It covers my redness up without any issue and gives me a flawless finish. After using this for awhile, I decided that I wanted to try a liquid foundation…well because…I have never tried one before. I have used it for awhile and do like that one too. But, I just missed my powder foundation. I recently repurchased this foundation at a recent Ulta haul and have been loving it once again! The application is super easy, especially with the airbuki brush, which came out at the same time as the foundation. The brush fits perfectly in the foundation’s packaging. There is a mesh cover that I press my brush against to get the perfect amount of foundation on my brush. Also, when the foundation cover is on the product stays put instead of spilling all over due to its design. I also love tarte because they’re more natural and are cruelty free. My mom used to use Clinique’s foundation. I even got her to switch to this and she has noticed a huge difference with her oily skin. So yes, this foundation is both good for dry to oily skin, and of course normal skin.

collage 3

3) tarte colored clay CC primer in light

Dark circles have been known to be genetic, so I probably can never get them to go away fully. Thanks family! My alternating shifts don’t help matters either, so I am always trying to find the next big thing to help cover up those panda eyes. When I was at Ulta with my cousin, she recommended that I try this product. She stated that it helps her with her dark circles. I am really glad that I gave this product a go because I love it! I just apply this over my under-eyes and blend before adding any foundation. I also do add some concealer as well, but this primer has really helped cover up those unwanted dark circles. The product itself is very creamy and easy to blend into the skin. The only thing is that it was quite pricey, but tarte in itself is quite pricey.

PicMonkey Collage 4

4) The Balm Read my Lips Lip Gloss in the shade Zaap!

Here is that lip-gloss that I got in my The Balm haul from Kohl’s. I am quite impressed with this lovely lip-gloss. It has to probably be one of my favorites I’ve ever tried. It is creamy, pigmented, but not sticky. It does need to be reapplied throughout the day, but that doesn’t bother me. I would rather have to reapply than to have it be sticky. The more sticky a lip gloss is, the more long lasting. This shade is gorgeous! It can be applied more sheer to the lips or it can be applied more opaque as well. This lip-gloss does have a pleasant fruity scent. I do like the packaging. I wish I had a picture of the outer box that it came in because The Balm has amazing packaging. Overall, I am quite impressed with this lip-gloss and want to try more colors from this collection.

PicMonkey Collage

5) Sleek i-Divine Garden of Eden Palette 

I got this palette from Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner in our beauty swap. I have been really loving this Sleek palette this month because green is one of my favorite colors.  Purple is my all time favorite color and a few pinkish-purple shades are included in this palette as well. This palette is just gorgeous and it reminds me of nature and being outside. This palette comes with both shimmery and matte shades. I love the shimmery shades quite a bit. They’re super pigmented and blendable. I plan on doing a more detailed review coming soon!

PicMonkey Collage 2

Here is an Instagram photo of a look that I created using this palette…

6) Sephora and Pantone Universe Rush Luster Cheek Sweep

I saw this on clearance at Sephora recently. Once again, I blame Coffee Break with Dani on YouTube for this purchase because she raved about it. I can totally understand why. These are honestly the softest blushes I have ever had the chance of trying out. They’re amazingly pigmented, the swatches down below are just one swipe of the finger. They’re so buttery soft and just plain right amazing. I really enjoy the first shade, the third shade in the palette is pretty bold so I haven’t given that shade a chance quite yet. But, the first blush shade is GORGEOUS and it is a favorite of mine.

PicMonkey Collage

Lancaster Vanilla and Caramel Soft Cremes

I recently saw these at Target and decided to give them a try. I am so glad that I decided to pick them up because they’re so delicious! They are super soft and just amazing! I recommend trying them if you’re a fan of caramels.

That concludes July’s monthly favorites! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these items. What did you think of the items I included in my favorites! Comment and let me know! I love hearing from you!

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My Cyber Monday The Balm Cosmetics Haul!

If you have been reading my posts I’m sure by now you know that I love the cosmetic company, “The Balm.” I honestly think they have the best blushes and eye shadow palettes. I do love my Urban Decay eye shadows too! But, The Balm wins on the packaging! You may also know that I love packaging. If I had my own cosmetics company my packaging would be colorful and amazing! It would also be cruetly-free. The Balm is a cruetly free company so that is also a reason why I like them. Well so Black Friday comes around and I didn’t get anything, but then Cyber monday comes around and everything on The Balm’s website is 40% off! I had a hard time passing that up. So anyway it took me forever to decide what to get and these are the products that I chose. Just an FYI: sorry for the horrible picture quality. It gets dark so fast these days! Sun come back!!!  Hope you enjoy!


1. The BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer

I got the color light because according to some reviews this product does oxidize so the color becomes a littler darker. So I would normally get light/medium but since it oxidizes I got the color light. I read good reviews on this tinted moisturizer and that it gives good coverage for what kind of product it is. Of course it won’t be like foundation coverage, but I don’t use much foundation anyway.



2. Powder to the People Blend a Hand Brush

I love the Powder to the People brush collection. I decided I wanted to get this brush because I wanted a brush to help with blending foundation and concealer. I also think the handle of this brush is adorable!




3.  Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette

I think a lot of people who follow my blog know I love palettes, well with the 40% off I couldn’t help myself. I think the packaging is adorable! I plan on doing another full in depth post regarding this palette later this coming week. I also plan on doing a couple upcoming eye shadow palette reviews including my NuteTude palette.


4. Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve always wanted to try this eyeliner because I have trouble with getting a precise line at times. Hopefully with this I can improve on my eyeliner skills. I think this is a perfect eyeliner to try. Also the packaging is super adorable and the tip is very thin and precise when I swatched it on my hand.





5. Time Balm Concealer

This concealer states that it is a full coverage concealer for dark circles and spots and I am hoping that it helps cover my dark under eyes. I have pretty good skin so I don’t have that many spots to cover up, but those dark under eyes are super noticeable in my opinion. Those overnight shifts at work don’t help too much! I think that the outer box packaging is cute, but the concealer packaging itself isn’t that spectacular especially when I compare it to their other products. Also this product does come with a makeup sponge which I won’t use.



6. Overshadow in the color, “Work is Overrated”

This color is a shimmery pink champagne and it is meant to put over an eye look to add some shimmer.  I thought it looked gorgeous on the website! It is also gorgeous swatched! It will be nice for the holiday season to use to add some shimmer to an eye look.




Sample Item: Juniper Oil-Free Face Moisturizer 

If you look at the photo above you can see a sample. Well funny thing is that is actually the face moisturizer that I use. I love this moisturizer! I plan on doing a skincare routine post sometime in the future if you’re interested.

One last thing…I get a lot of these products from Hautelook which puts products on their website for a well discounted price. I can say for a fact that I have never paid full price for any of my The Balm products! Check out this site because other cosmetic/skincare companies are featured on this site too such as Urban Decay, Stila, and much more! The only thing about this website is that shipping takes forever! My personal invite is (Don’t worry everybody who signs up for Hautelook gets one of these links, Refer a friend, get $10 credit type thing)

So that ends my The Balm Cosmetics haul for Cyber Monday! Let me know if you have tried any of these products. Even if you haven’t let me know what you think of the the packaging. Make sure to come back to my blog to read my upcoming 3 palettes posts from this company. I also might do some follow up reviews on the other products too!



The Beauty Deputy

November 2013 Favorites!!!

Yeah I’m sure people are sick of hearing this, but, seriously…NOVEMEBER OF 2013 is OVER…HOW?!?!?!?! How is October of 2013 over? How is November of 2012 over? As I get older I feel like my life goes faster and faster! I know as a kid I always said, “I can’t wait to be in my 20s.” Well I am, and somedays I wish I could be a kid again. I will be turning 25 in December and when I think about the fact that when I was a senior in high school the today’s seniors were in elementary school, I feel old, even though I know I am not. Anyway onto the point of this post…so with each end of the month comes my monthly favorites series where I share whatever I was loving in that month! I figured I better get this post up soon because as you can tell months go by so fast and it’s already December 2nd!

Under each product name I have a description in “italiacs” and that came off of each of the websites listed below.

1.  NUDE’tude Palette by The Balm 

“This amazing palette consists of 12 beautiful shadows that make wearing nudes sexy! These satiny smooth colors can be applied naturally, i.e. “let me slip into something more comfortable” or beautifully layered. The wide range gives you light highlighters as well as brazen bold shades that work to add definition and emphasis to your lids. Nude`tude allows you to dramatically dress up your eyes—if nothing else!”

I love this palette! It has amazing packaging and colors! I have been loving a neutral eye this month for some reason so I’ve been using this palette quite a bit lately. I will have an in-depth review coming up on this palette. I love using the colors: Seductive, Sophisticated, and Sultry together. I also love the color Spunky. These eye shadows are so buttery and soft. I just love them!



2. Purminerals Hot Rocks “Depth, Dimension, Drama”

“Add depth, dimension and drama to your look with pressed, micronized minerals in a patented, three-dimensional design! Multi-tasking Pür Rocks help to enhance and brighten eyes, lips and cheeks with a dose of luminous colour. Vibrant, organic jewel tones of garnet and pink zircon capture the splendor of a desert sunset, illuminating the face with shimmering, rosy undertones. Paraben-free. Net Wt: .4 oz/12 g”

I think this blusher is first off adorable with the little rock design. This blush reminds me a lot of Benefit’s Rockateaur except not as expensive. Pur Minerals has a lot of sales so you probably won’t have to pay full price for this product if you decide you want it. I just think that it gives a nice rosey glow to the cheeks. The blush is also pigmented and easy to apply.



3. Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter, Shadow, & Shimmer

“Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody’s eye. This highlighter, shadow and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow.”

As you can tell I love The Balm products. First off, look at the packaging. It is just cute and unique. Also, the pigmentation of this highlighter is amazing. This can also be used as a eye shadow. I usually use it as a highlight, but be careful since it is so pigmented you will only need a tiny amount on your brush. You only want a small amount of glow, where you can notice it, but that it still looks natural.





4. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown

“A long-wearing waterproof liner infused with Amazonian clay to glide on effortlessly smooth and deliver true color in a seamless application.”

I almost took this out of my monthly favorites post because I had a hard time finding it online. Looks like they’re changing some of their eyeliners, but I did find some colors in the link above. This eyeliner I thought was very easy to use. It also has a nice dark brown color that glides on effortlessly. I did get this in a Tarte Discovery kit at Sephora once upon a time.



5. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

“Our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave your lips enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Scrub Bubblegum over your lips (be sure to lick off the excess) and then apply your favorite lip color for a flawless finish.”,en_US,pd.html#q=bubble%2520gum&start=3

I love this lip scrub! It’s basically bubblegum flavored sugar. This lip scrub makes my lips soft and it does taste good. I know it sounds gross to lick your lips afterwards but that’s why it is flavored sugar. They also have other flavors such as popcorn, and a new cola flavored one.




6. The Balm Crease, Love, & Happiness Double-Ended Smudger Brush/Tapered Crease Brush 

“Drag the small end of Crease, Love, and Happiness along the lower lash line for soft, natural definition or use it on your eyelid for precision. Fall in love with the larger end which defines your crease and applies shadow all over your lids in one smooth sweep.”

I love this brush because it fits my crease perfectly. I use this brush all the time. It is soft and it applies shadow how I want it to. I do use both sides, but the one for my crease is my favorite side. I use the other side to place shadow.



Side to place shadow.


Side I use for my crease.

7. Fortune Cookie Soap “I Yam What I Yam, Said The Marshmallow” Body Butter

“Whip your skin into shape daily. Tests have shown only small amounts of vitamins can be absorbed by the skin at one time.  Therefore, it is better to apply smaller amounts more frequently than larger concentrations occasionally. With this cream, my friends, less is definitely more.”

I got this little body butter in my Fall Soap subscription box and I have received a few more body butters from them since then and let me tell you I LOVE THEM! They’re super moisturizing and they smell amazing! I could not find this exact scent which is a mixture of pumpkin and marshmallows, but they do have a ton of different scents available. I was just loving this scent this month because I felt like it fit perfectly during the month of November.




8. ChapStick Moisturizer Hydration Lock

“ChapStick® hydration lock provides advanced moisturization to revitalize and visibly improve the appearance of your lips.”

I got this ChapStick in my Birchbox as an extra and I love it. I have the scent vanilla creme. It smells amazing and it is super moisturizing! During the Fall and Winter months I am always using some sort of chap stick.



9. The Balm’s Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain

“Stainiac “hint of tint” works with all skin tones. Dab just a touch on your Cheeks and Lips; layer to pop the color. Fear not those dreaded streaks most tints leave behind – Stainiac’s aloe-infused gel-based formula is designed to give you more time before the stain sets.”

You must be thinking…jeeze does this girl work for The Balm? I don’t what so ever, I just love this company and think they have amazing products!  I also got this product in a BirchBox. I am kind of feeling bad for canceling my BirchBox at this moment. Well, honestly most of the samples from BirchBox weren’t this good. Anyway, I felt like this stainiac gave my lips an amazing color and that it lasted a long time. It wasn’t moisturizing at all so I put on a Maybelline Baby Lips over it for some moisture.




10. Mirya’s & Molly’s Monthly Favorites!

Clarice The Reindeer Dog Toy

“The holidays will surely be filled with joy when your dog receives the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer PetHoliday Flattie Rudolph/Clarice Dog Toy; detailed with a festive red holiday scarf. Let him toss, tug and gnaw at the toy until he finds the squeaker housed internally for added fun!”

Play-N-Squeak Cardinal/Woodpecker Cat Toy

“This Our Pet’s Play-N-Squeak Cat Toy looks just like a real bird so it can be a fun toy for your cat.”

Mirya has been loving both of these toys. She loves stealing Molly’s toys and she loves this bird because it makes a bird noise. Molly also loves it when Mirya isn’t watching and she loves tossing it around. Mirya has been loving her Clarice reindeer toy which has a squeaker in it for entertainment.



Mirya also loved my Maybelline Baby lips too! (this is the one I use over my Stainiac lip stain)


She also liked my EOS lip balm!

And a little extra….

Books: Sadly I haven’t been reading any books this month. I started last month the Nicholas Sparks book, “The Longest Ride.” Well life got busy and I never got to read it. But, I will read it this month! I do love Nicholas Sparks so his books are always a favorite of mine.


Movies: Frozen and Catching Fire

I loved both these movies. I almost liked Catching Fire more than the original Hunger Games. I thought that they did a really good job with it. I can’t wait for the next 2 movies to come out. They’re splitting the book Mockingjay into 2 parts. I also saw the movie Frozen. I am a huge animated movie fanatic. I love animation. The creativity behind it fascinates me. It’s amazing how far animation has gone over the years. I also thought that Frozen had a really cute story line.

Frozen-movie-poster 9b07bf94-2ba3-11e3-af40-bc764e10b52f

Tv Series: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and The Voice

This month I am still loving “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” I am always looking forward to Thursday nights because of this show. I just think that it is creative and I love the love story between Alice and Cyrus the genie. I recommend checking out this show if you like the original Once Upon a Time, characters from Disney movies, and magically type shows. I also have been loving The Voice this month. I am team Christina! I love Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler! I am also loving Team Adam.

once-upon-a-time-ouat-in-wonderland-poster-1 th

That concludes this post!

Let me know what you have been loving this month!



The Beauty Deputy

Urban Decay Limited Edition Vice 2 Palette Review!

Urban Decay recently released a new makeup palette called the Vice 2. Last year they released the original Vice palette which I do not have. I ordered it off of Urban Decay when they were having the Friends and Family sale.  You can also get this palette at Ulta or Sephora. This palette is limited edition and it is very popular so it will sell out fast!!


The outer shell which I think is pretty with the background.


The back which shows all the 20 shades of eye shadows included.


The case is really pretty in my opinion, but purple is my favorite color. Each case has its own unique design. It does seem like a study case, but there are a few small spots that have already scratched off.


The back of the case. Urban Decay’s moto is “beauty with an edge.”


Picture of the button to open the palette. It does open easily after pressing the button.


Picture of the palette. You can see that it does have a large mirror that is included. I do actually use this mirror because it is a good size. Otherwise I never use mirrors included with palettes.


This palette includes 20 brand new shades.


Comes with a double sided brush which I think is nice to have in this palette. I do like Urban Decay’s brushes.


I use this side to place the shadow on the eyelid.


I use this side as a crease brush because it does fit in my crease perfectly.


The colors: Smokeout, Lovesick, Prank, and Madness


The swatches: Smokeout, Lovesick, Prank, and Madness

Smokeout: a medium black satin.

Lovesick: matte black with glitter.

Prank: a navy blue with small glitter.

Madness: a shimmery blue with glitter. Reminds me of the ocean.


The colors: Shellshock, Coax, X-Rated, Strike, Stash, and Poison.


The swatches: Shellshock, Coax, X-Rated, Strike, Stash, and Poison

Shellshock: a very shimmery metallic silver. This color is crazy pigmented!

Coax:  a very shimmery metallic pink. This one is also pretty pigmented.

X-Rated: a shimmery baby pink.

Strike: a shimmery metallic gold. This color is gorgeous!

Stash: a shimmery metallic green with glitter. I think it goes well with Strike. This color is also very pigmented!

Poison: a matte charcoal grey with glitter particles.


The colors: Radar, Damaged, Dope, and Toxic.


The swatches of: Radar, Damaged, Dope, and Toxic.

Radar: a metallic taupey brown. This color is very pigmented!

Damaged: a metallic forest/emerald green. This color is very pigmented!

Dope: a shimmery light pink. This color is super light so in order for it to show up on the eye lid I had to keep building it up.

Toxic: a metallic champagne pink. This color was also light on the eyelid so I had to keep adding product to build it up to the color I wanted.


The colors: Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed, Habit, Ambush, and Rewind.


The swatches: Voodoo, Betrayal, Derailed, Habit, Ambush, and Rewind.

Voodoo: a gorgeous metallic deep purple with glitter.

Betrayal: a gorgeous metallic light purple with an blue duochrome effect.

Derailed; a medium metallic taupey brown. This color is super pigmented!

Habit: a matte tan which is perfect for a highlight below the brows.

Ambush: metallic “milk chocolate” brown.  This color is super pigmented!

Rewind; a medium matte brown. This is a good crease transition color.


A picture of an eye look I created using the colors: Strike, Stash, and Rewind.


Just another picture of the look except with Mirya my Shiba Inu puppy.

So what do I think of this palette?

Well I do love Urban Decay shadows and find them to be super pigmented and easy to apply. This palette does have a lot of shimmery shadows and metallic shadows, but it also has matte shadows. Also, this palette has a wide variety of colors such as: blues, purples, greens, pinks, neutrals, and many more. I recommend this palette if you like playing with eye looks and like a wide variety of colors, but if you like more matte colors and neutrals I would probably look at other palettes. These shadows are buttery, soft, and very blendable. Urban Decay shadows are super pigmented, some more than others. My favorites shades are: Betrayal, Radar, Ambush, Strike, Stash, Coax, and Shellshock.

Just an FYI: I am not the best at describing colors, but I did my best!

Links on where you can get this palette below.

Let me know what you think of this palette and it’s colors included. Also let me know if you have this palette and what do you think of it? Do you have any Urban Decay palettes?



The Beauty Deputy

Palette Review: Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic

When I first saw this palette online at that moment I knew I had to have it!  It is the most unique palette that I own and one of my favorite palettes and that is saying a lot because I have a lot of makeup palettes. First off Bh Cosmetics is very reasonably priced. At that time this palette was priced $14 which makes it definitely worth the money. Right now the palette is on sale and costs only $11 dollars.  Bh Cosmetics usually has the large eye shadow palettes in the generic black packaging, but I have to say Bh Cosmetics has stepped it up because their packaging for their new palettes are fun and something new! I have heard some people complain that this palette looks childish with the graphics and that they should have stuck with the generic black packaging.  Well, I don’t think so! I think this palette was a cool idea and the concept is galaxy themed, so why not make the packaging fun too!

Here is their website:


The front of the palette


The back of the packaging. States that it is animal testing free!

So are you ready to see the amazing colors included in this palette?


So this palette comes with 18 baked eye shadow colors all galaxy themed! I think the colors are amazing and they’re baked eye shadows which makes this palette super unique.


The palette also has a nice sized mirror, although it doesn’t stay up by itself.


Here are the first set of colors: Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Mercury, Mars, Asteroid.


The swatches from left to right: Sun, Jupiter, Prometheus, Saturn, Venus, Meteor, Mercury, Mars, and Asteroid.


Here are the second set of colors: Aphrodite, Milky Way, Cosmic, Comet, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Moon, Eclipse.


The swatches from left to right: Aphrodite, Milky Way, Cosmic, Comet, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Moon, and Eclipse.

Some of my favorite colors

  • Milky Way and Cosmic: these purple colors are gorgeous in my opinion. Work well together.
  • Mercury, Mars, Eclipse, and Asteroid: I like these colors for adding dimension to the eye look.
  • Meteor and Comet: these colors are fun to add to an eye look for an extra pop of color.

A close up of a look with using the colors: Milky Way, and Cosmic. I can’t exactly remember which color I used in the crease, but I am thinking Eclipse.


  • Price!
  • Pigmentation: the colors are super pigmented!
  • Staying power: I feel like this palette stays just as long without creasing or fading as more expensive palettes. I do use an eye primer with all eye shadows that I use.
  • Awesome range of colors!
  • Palette is sturdy.
  • You also get quite a bit of product. Net wt: 1.27 oz/35.4 gram and plus a little goes a long way!


  • Mirror doesn’t stay up, but most palette mirrors don’t and I never use them anyway.
  • There isn’t a good shade to use as a highlight shade, so I always have to grab for another palette to finish the look.
  • What about Pluto? I know they now say Pluto isn’t a planet anymore but so its the, “Galaxy Chic” palette.
  • Bh Cosmetics is only sold online and shipping is expensive in my opinion, but they do have a lot of sales and sometimes discounted shipping!

Overall I really liked this palette! I would definitely buy it again!

Anyway I hope you liked this palette review! Let me know what palettes you’re loving and what you think of this one!

Also check out my review on the Bh Cosmetics: Floral Blush Duos linked below.



The Beauty Deputy


Stila: Dancing with the Stars Collection!

Stila and the ABC show Dancing with the Stars teamed up together and created 4 new palette collections inspired by 4 different dances. They also have a blush, bronzer, highlighter, and a makeup bag that is part of this collection. I decided to check these out because I love Stila makeup and I also love Dancing with the Stars. This collection is an Ulta exclusive. They’re also limited edition! So if you want them get them as soon as possible so you won’t miss getting your hands on one of the sets. You can also get them on the Stila website.

Click here for the Ulta link

CLick here for the Stila link

The four sets include:


  1.  stila + dwts
  2. stila + dwts
  3. stila + dwts
  4. stila + dwts

They cost $39.00 for a set. I decided to get 2 of them: freestyle and samba. I got mine at the Ulta store.


Overview of all the palettes.1)Tango2) Cha-Cha

3) Samba

4) Freestyle 

Picture from:


Another overview of the palettes, but in this picture you can see the blush, highlighter, bronzer, and the makeup bag that is part of this collection. Picture from:


Each one of these sets include: 7 eye shadow colors, 1 cheek color, a stay all day liquid lipstick, a smudge stick or eyeliner, and a deluxe-size Stay All Day® 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm.


The outer box of the set.


The palette itself. The palette is very thin and sleek and does seem very sturdy.  Each of the palettes have a different Stila girl on the cover in a different outfit. The cover to this palette is shiny so I apologize that in some of these pictures you may see my reflection. But, overall I do like the look of the palette.  It does have a magnetic closure. 


Here is a picture of the colors included. Refer to the picture below to see the names. 
Back of the palette with the color names and I also swatched the colors in this order.

  1. en pointe
  2. ambition
  3. motion
  4. stea the show (cheek)
  5. mirror ball
  6. chasse
  7. 8 count
  8. twist


This is the back of the cover of the palette. I think that the packaging is adorable!


Smudge stick in purple tangStay all day liquid lipstick in patina Stay all day 10 – in-1 HD illuminating beauty balm SPF 30
Picture of the swatches next to the palette. Remember refer to photo above to see order and names. 


Closer up on the swatches with the eyeliner and liquid lipstick included.


So the packaging on the palette is basically the same except there is a different Stila girl on the cover. 
Here are the 7 eye shadow colors and the one cheek color. 
Once again the back that shows the color names.

  1. sequence
  2. tempo
  3. ballroom
  4. sensational (cheek)
  5. glitz
  6. shimmy
  7. swing
  8. pivot


Stay all day lipstick in dolce

Smudge stick in bluefin

Stay all day 10 – in-1 HD illuminating beauty balm SPF 30

Swatches and the palette. 


 Closer up of the swatches.

Below are going to be some of the looks I wore using the products from the Freestyle and the Samba palettes. I also used both lipsticks.

IMG_0882Eye look creating from both palettes.

Lipstick in dolce.


The above two pictures I used both palettes to create the look.

Lipstick in patina.


Close up of the eye looks.


Thought I should take a picture with my cat Molly since I was taking pictures anyway.


  • Packaging is adorable!
  • Eye shadows are pigmented and last all day like normal Stila shadows.
  • You get a mini liquid lipstick and Beauty balm and an eyeliner with the set so I think the value of $39 is worth it.
  • I love Stila eyeliners so I was excited one was included in each set.  They go on really easy and stay all day.
  • The lipsticks are pigmented and last throughout the day.


  • I wish that it would say the name of what palette is which on the front of the package instead of just on the back, but it is no big deal to flip the palette over and look at the name.
  • Eye shadows are a little powdery so some of the colors did drift into my blush color.
  • The liquid lipstick dries/sets really fast so don’t screw up when applying it! Also the lipstick isn’t moisturizing at all so you will have to add a lip balm or lip gloss on top to help.
  • Doesn’t have a good highlighting shade so I always have to grab another palette.

Overall, I would buy this product again! I love the show, “Dancing with the Stars.” So I think that Stila did a good job teaming up and coming up with these awesome palette collections.  If you want them act fast because they’re limited edition.  Just an FYI: at the Ulta that I was at they had a seperate display and they weren’t even close to where the other Stila products are located. The DWTS collection was located in the middle of the aisle. Make sure that you check it out because when I first asked a worker where they were she said that they didn’t have any and I’m not even sure if she knew what I was talking about.  So I kept browsing and then another lady asked if I needed help with anything and I decided to ask her about them just because I thought it was odd they wouldn’t have them. Sure enough she brought me right to the display.

Also I just checked and they’re on sale right now on the Ulta website.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review.



The Beauty Deputy

Makeup brand review: Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan

How many of you have heard of Michelle Phan? Well I’m sure most of you know who she is. She is famous for her makeup tutorials and reviews on YouTube. Go ahead and type in her name on YouTube and I guarantee that you will be drawn into one of her videos. I recently started watching YouTube videos around springtime, and I had no idea about how popular YouTube was for cosmetics and all things beauty. Michelle Phan recently came out with a new makeup line called Em Cosmetics. Em she states is, “a reflection of me.”

Here is a link to her video on the meaning of the name

Shipping and packaging
Everything came wrapped up in pink tissue paper with an Em Cosmetics sticker which added a nice little touch. Also there was a lot of extra packing to help protect the products from moving all around during shipping because nobody likes broken eye shadows or eyeliners, etc.

So I ordered 4 products, 2 of those products are eyeliners, a lipstick palette, an eye shadow palette, and I also got a free eyeliner for being an Ipsy subscriber which was a nice little gift to receive. Here is my impression of each of the products that I received!
I might also add that shipping was fast!! I ordered online on 8/18/13 and on 8/19/13 received my email that my package shipped. I then received my package on 8/23/13. That is pretty fast shipping!!!!
Product #1
Shade play artistic eye color palette in shanghai lavenders 
Price: $38.00
The reason I decided on this palette was because I loved the colors. Also, with every palette, there is a tutorial online and I was impressed with the tutorial on this palette.
This is what the outer box looks like. I feel like they put a lot of work and time into creating the look of these boxes. They are so colorful! I definitely love this packaging! But, I never put my palettes back into their boxes any way. However, it does grab your attention.

This is what the front of the shade play eye shadow palette package looks like. The case does seem sturdy and well made. It is an acrylic case. In my opinion, I do feel like the packaging isn’t that spectacular. I don’t get the wow factor. It does look modern and sophisticated though, but the packaging isn’t my favorite. Maybe that is because I’m a big fan of color and I find the packaging a little boring. You can’t see in the picture, but there are a bunch of engraved words such as: esteem, empower, embellish, emerge, emotion, etc. I do think it would have been cool to have those words in a color for a little pop of color and then it would make the words stand out more.

So this is what the palette looks like. As you can see, there are 3 different sizes of colors: one very large sized pan, 2 medium sized pans, and 3 small sized pans.

If you look at the picture below, it shows numbering, so I am going to describe the colors using that numbering system. I knew that picture would come in handy. How Michelle Phan describes how to use these colors on a video on the website:

Line: 1 & 3
Color: 2 & 6
Coutour: 5
Highlight: 4

But, honestly you can use them however you want and make a multitude of looks. I am not the best at describing colors so I swatched them on my arm for you. Numbering goes from right to left.

  1. Very dark charcoal taupe with hints of glitter. The glitter has a pinkish/red tone to it. This color is gorgeous. I feel like this color would make a good color to use on the outer eye or outer V. You can also use it as a liner.
  2. My absolute favorite color. It is absolutely gorgeous. Michelle was smart because she knew that color would get the most use. I use this color on the outer eye also or on the inner eye dependent on what kind of look I am going for. I would describe this color as a shimmery mauve taupe. I also feel like it has an iridescent effect to it, which I love.
  3. This color does have some shimmer, but not as much as the previous 2 colors. There is some glitter in this color also. I would describe this color as a purplish mauve.
  4. This color seems to work best for a highlight color. It is very light. It does have some shimmer.
  5. This color I describe as a matte light lavender. It looks gorgeous paired with color number 2 and 6 with this color on the inner corner.
  6. This is also another one of my favorite colors from this palette. It is gorgeous. I feel like its a good color to add to the outer V and the crease. It is a shimmery color. I would describe it as a medium taupe.
Here are the brushes that come with the palette. It includes 1 double sided brush and then 1 regular brush. I like that they included brushes instead of foam applicators. I don’t have a great review on these because I switched to my regular brushes during makeup application. But, these definitely would come in handy during travel if all you wanted to bring with was that palette.
Here are a few pictures of looks I created with the palette. I also used the black eyeliner and the gold eyeliner that I will be describing below in these looks.
              The first time I used the palette.
A close up of the same look.
Hours after makeup application
The second time I used the palette.
Overall I do like this palette. The eye shadows are pigmented and the colors are a nice combination to have in a palette. The formulation is more of a powdery shadow compared to Urban Decay’s shadows which are a little more creamy and buttery. I do feel like the blended nicely. The eye shadow look seems to fade a little throughout the day, but it wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t see major fall out. It is also nice that it came with a good sized mirror. The mirror also actually stays up instead of falling like some other makeup palettes. The thing that got me was price. I do find it expensive for what you get. The price was $38 so that would make each shadow a little over $6. Comparing it to the Naked 2 Palette ($50: 12 shadows at 4.16 plus a double sided brush) and the Lorac Pro palette ($42: 16 shadows at 2.63 per shadow).
I know the colors and sizes of the shadows aren’t the same but it is just to give you a general idea. I think that $20-$25 would have been a better price.
Product #2
Shade play lip color mixing palette in mix it up roses
Price: $28.00
This is what the outer packaging looks like. A lot like the eye shadow palette but just a different color scheme. I do like this packaging, but who honestly keeps all the boxes.

The packaging for this lip stick palette is the same as the eye shadow shade play palette so you have to either open it up or look on the back to distinguish what palette you are holding. I wish that there was a little something that set them apart. Once again, I find the packaging boring.

So this is what the palette looks like. It has the same set up as the shade play eye shadow palette but this palette comes with a place to mix colors which is really smart. They are pigmented but they are more for the natural lipstick fans. I would recommend choosing a different range of colors if you like big bold lips. I do like more of a natural look so that is why I chose this palette.

Here are the swatches of the colors included in the palette. There are 3 sizes of pans included in this palette: one very large pan, 2 medium sized pans, and 3 small sized pans making for a total of 6 colors. I am not the best at describing colors to I swatched them on my arm for you. Numbering goes from right to left.

1) Matte dark mauve
2) Shimmery pink with glitter. You can tell in the pan that this color is the most glittery and it is the biggest one. You can add this color onto the matte colors to give you a shimmery look.
3) Shimmery coral
4) Shimmery sheer pink
5) Matte rosy peach
6) Matte rose
7) This is just an example of a color I created mixing a few of the colors.

Overall I think this lipstick palette is good, but not great. The colors are gorgeous. I think its a great idea. I just feel like the lasting power is pretty good but will fade a little throughout the day. You will need to bring this palette with to reapply throughout the day so it is more bulky in your purse than an actual tube of lipstick. But, I thought it was fun to come up with my own creation of colors. The lipstick feel itself feels good on the lips. It isn’t sticky and I like the brush that comes with it and thinks it applies the lipstick nicely. I think this is a tad pricey. I think that $20 would have been a more reasonable price.

I am wearing colors 2 & 6 together and I am also wearing Ro’s Gold on my waterline which will be explained below.

Product #3

Waterliner: Intense color eyeliner


I got 3 eyeliners, 1 of the eyeliners was free from my Ipsy subscription. The packaging is just like a normal eyeliner, nothing spectacular, but it is cool that there is a smudger and a built in sharpener like in the photos below. These eyeliners are a twist up so it doesn’t even need to be sharpened.

Here are swatches of the colors. From right to left.
1) Turquoise: I think this color is gorgeous. You could use this color for a pop of color with a neutral eye shadow look and it would look amazing.
2) Ro’s gold: a very pretty gold color. This color looks very nicely as a waterliner because it helps open the eyes. With all of my looks above I used this waterliner in my waterline.
3) Black night: just a basic matte black color. I also used this color in the first two looks above.

Overall, I do like these liners. They do apply nice to the waterline and they don’t tug on the eyelid. They come in a wide variety of colors. I am not a fan of the smudger. I wanted a softer effect but I felt like the smudger just ended up taking the eyeliner off too much while tugging on my eyelid. Ro’s gold stayed put for quite awhile on the waterline but I don’t have much to compare it too because I usually don’t wear eyeliner on my waterline. I do feel like they are a tad pricey, I think that $15-16 would be a more reasonable price.

The Life Palette 
Em cosmetics also has the palette called the, “Life Palette” which comes in many different variations: beach, career, night, party, day, and love and it basically is a very large palette. This is a big focus of her makeup line. The price is steep though which is $75. The palette comes with a tool so you can take out shadows and put them into a more smaller palette for travel purposes. Apparently the smaller palette comes free with the price of a Life Palette at this time. I feel like $50-60 would have been a better price especially for someone who is just starting out their makeup line. But then again you get 24 eye shadows, 8 lip shades, and 4 cheek shades, so you do get a lot of product. I did not get one of these because there was a wide range of colors and I wasn’t sure what one I liked and I just loved the colors in the palette that I decided to get. But, it probably would have been smarter to get one of those palettes instead of the lip stick palette and the eye shadow palette because the Life Palette is like having 4 mini palettes. There are tons of reviews on YouTube on these palettes if you want more information.

Overall experience with Em Cosmetics
In conclusion I was impressed with her makeup line, but I was not wowed. I do like all the products I got. My favorite product is the eye shadow palette simply because I do love my purples and lavenders and I do feel like they’re pigmented and stay well on the eyelid throughout the day. I say good job Michelle on making your dream come true.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my review on Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan.