Monthly Favorites: August 2014


August went by way too fast! I can’t honestly believe it is September 1st today (or September 5th, when I post this). August was a busy month for me, especially with starting a new job. I know I haven’t been blogging much lately, so why not come back with a monthly favorites post!


1) Lorac Pro 2 Palette
When I first saw that Lorac was coming out with a new palette I wasn’t quite sure on if I would want to pick it up or not. I do have the original palette which I do love, but I always forget about using that palette. Well with seeing reviews and some beauty blogger’s creations with this palette, I decided to pick it up with my 20% coupon. I really love the cool tone hues in it and of course the fun colors included. The packaging is the same as the original palette, except this one is gray. The palette is very thin and sleek with a magnetic closure and a mirror as well. The shadows are nice and soft, but powdery. So all you need is a light touch otherwise your palette will be a mess. But, that doesn’t bother me too much because I love how soft they are.


2) Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette
Another palette in my monthly favorites! Well…why not? I do love myself some eye-shadow palettes. Too Faced came out with a couple new palettes for the Fall collection, but I decided on this one. This palette is a Sephora exclusive, whereas the Country and Rock & Roll palettes are Ulta exculsives. There was just something about the colors in this palette that made me grab it off the shelf at Sephora. Too Faced is one of my favorite makeup brands, and I feel like this palette doesn’t disappoint. I do wish that Kitty Glitter was more pigmented, but in reality I think it completes the palette as a nice shimmer shade. I used the pink shades in the palette for a nice pink look and then added kitty glitter for some extra shimmer.  With Too Faced shadows once you get past the first layer the shades become more pigmented, especially with Kitty Glitter. In the picture below I am wearing Kitty Glitter to add some extra shimmer.




3) Glo~Minerals Water Resistant Mascara
I have a love-hate relationship with mascara! I seem to be never satisfied with mascara and end up trying new ones all the time. I don’t understand the hype of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara or Benefit They’re Real mascara. I just hate the application process whether it be too wet, too dry, too clumpy, too sticky, etc. Also, it is hard to find a mascara that keeps my stick straight lashes curled. Also, I like to use more natural nourishing mascaras. A lot of the drug store mascaras and even a lot of the high end mascaras use tar in their formula. I hate the feeling of lashes not feeling like lashes after application. I don’t need my lashes to feel/look like a statue because I decided to coat some tar on them. That is not good for lashes! Sorry end of rant! My salon started carrying this Glo Minerals brand and she recommended that I try this mascara after hearing about my love-hate relationship with mascara. This mascara does not have tar in it so I was happy to hear that. The mascara brush is amazing and so easy to use! I can use the brush vertical and horizontally and coat the lashes. No clumps! No spidery looking lashes either. The formula has the perfect wetness needed. I hate those super wet formulas where it takes 10 millions years to dry! Not for me! Also, my lashes feel like lashes. I have been really impressed with this mascara. I am wearing this mascara in the picture above.


4) Naked 3 Dual Ended Eyeliner Pencil
I love my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette quite a bit! I am always grabbing for it in my makeup collection. When I saw they had a dual sided 24/7 glide on eye pencil dedicated toward the Naked 3, I knew I needed to pick it up. It comes with the shades Darkside and Blackheart. I especially love the Blackheart shade because I love the red shimmer in it. Urban Decay’s eyeliner pencils are my favorite out of all the brands that I have tried. Sure, I have to sharpen them, but no big deal. I just love the creaminess of them and how easy they are to use. I am always grabbing for this eyeliner especially when I use my Naked 3.



5) Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick in Luster and Texture Brush
I also got this shimmer brick and brush at my local salon. I just wanted something that would give me a natural glow during the summer months. I was recommended by the Glo-Minerals rep to try this. I love it! I can just slightly dust it onto my cheeks and it gives me a healthy glow. It comes with 4 shades in the pan, but I just swirl all 4 shades together with the texture brush. This brush is super soft and it works really well with the application process. I have a Sigma brush like this, but I like this one quite a bit more. It is dense, but not too dense. With that being said, it picks up the perfect amount of product.



6) Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Rollerball
I have always wanted a full sized (meaning not a rollerball) Marc Jacobs perfume, but I always say no because of the price tag! I love the packaging on his perfumes! Every single one! Especially his newest ones: Daisy Dream, Honey, and Dot. This is my first rollerball from Marc Jacobs as well. I just loved this scent, but couldn’t reason spending the price tag for the full perfume right now. It is nice because I can take it with me because it is travel friendly. I can’t describe the scent very well, but it is very clean and floral smelling. Just go into Sephora or Ulta and see if you like it because everybody has different opinions. But, I quite like it. 🙂 Also, my cousin was here this weekend and she had a rollerball in Honey and omg…amazing! I think that may be the one I get when I get a full sized perfume because the packaging is ADORABLE!


LIFESTYLE FAVORITES (Movies, Books, Games, and Food)


1) The Amazing Spiderman 2
I ❤ Spiderman. This is honestly my favorite out of all the Spiderman movies (including the originals as well). I think that the cast did an amazing job. The story line kept my attention.

2) The Count of Monte Cristo 
This is not necessarily a monthly favorite, but my all time favorite movie. I just wanted to share it with you all because you NEED to watch it. It is a little slow in the beginning, but believe me it is amazing. There are many themes in the storyline: friendship, love, betrayal, and revenge.  This is based off of a book written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844. Trust me, go watch it.

3) Aladdin 
Aladdin is a good childhood memory of mine. I always loved that movie. I still do! I may be 25, but there is always some room for Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, and of course Rajah in my life. Even before hearing that Robin Williams died, I had watched this a few days prior. Genie is one of my favorite characters in this movie. Robin Williams will be missed.

4) Mario Kart 8 
My niece recently came over and we had fun playing this game. I am a big Nintendo fan and one of my favorite games for any Nintendo game system has been Mario Kart. My niece had so much fun playing this game with me.

5) If I Stay Book and Movie
I started this book and was about halfway through it when my friend and I went to the movie. I finished the book afterwards. It was an easy read. Sure, the movie was a little predictable, but it was still a good movie.  Oh how I wish that I could play the cello like that because that was pretty amazing. This book makes a person think about life and how fast it can be changed. Well, it sure made me think about it. Every second in life is important and it is important not to take that for granted. Right now I am reading the second book, “Where She Went.”

6) Trader Joes Chocolate Covered Powerberries
Usually I hate dark chocolate, but in these I love it! They’re sweetened with natural fruit juices such as: acai, pomegranate, blueberry, and cranberry juices. Then they’re covered with smooth dark chocolate. All I can say is….yum!

7) Young & Hungry

I love love love love this show! It makes me laugh! I love those type of shows. This show is aired on ABC Family. The characters in it are awesome together and I just love it.

That concludes this month’s monthly favorites! Comment and let  me know if you have tried any of the products mentioned or if you watch any of the movies or shows I mention. Also, don’t forget to check out the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Hope you all had a wonderful August and have a wonderful September.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Makeup

The 7 Deadly Sins: Greed, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Lust, & Envy

I saw this post going around the blogging world and I thought it was a cool post to do!

Greed: What’s your most expensive beauty item?
That would be my Marc Jacobs Scarlet palette! I don’t even want to say the price, because anything Marc Jacobs is expensive! I would love to own one of his perfumes one day!

Wrath: What item do you have a strong love/hate relationship with?

This is not necessarily a certain nail polish, but nail polishes all together! I love painted nails, but my nails always seem to chip too fast. I love the way it looks! I hate the application and the longevity of it.

IMG_0416 IMG_0270

Gluttony: What brand takes up most of your collection?

Urban Decay!! I have quite a few Urban Decay palettes so they do take up most of my collection. Here are some of them below, but not all of them.

DSC01414 DSC01500

Sloth: What product do you ignore the most due to laziness?

Bronzer because it seems like too much work! I am also not that good at applying it yet. I think I need to get a better brush for it.

DSC01169 DSC01474 DSC01475

Pride: Which product gives you the most confidence?

Eye Shadows! Here is a picture from my Perfect Palette Tag post! I love playing with color! I feel like I can be creative with eye shadows and make a bunch of different looks. I love neutral looks and I love bold colorful looks.


Lust: What item is at the top of your list?

Eye Shadows again! But, lately I’ve  been loving my Naked palettes. I think they’re the perfect palettes for Winter time!


Envy: Which makeup product/look looks great on others but not on you?

Red Lips! I love the look of a bold lip! I just don’t think that I look good with bold lips. But, I have also never really tried it that much, due to it being in my “uncomfortable” zone.


I think that the Lime Crime Velvetines look lovely as shown above. More information here: Maybe I will sport a red lip someday!


Snow White does the red lip the best! I hope to do a Disney series of makeup looks which Snow White would involve a red lip!

Well this was a cute short post! Comment and let me know if you decide to do this post!


October Favorites: 2013

First off…

1) How on earth is it time for October favorites?

2) How is November almost here?

3) How is it almost 2014?

4) How is it that I am going to be 25 soon and that I have been out of high school for almost 7 years?

Anyway enough with the rant on time going by too fast.

Here are my October favorites!!!


1) Marc Jacobs Beauty: Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Shadow in the color Scarlet

I have been using this palette a lot this month because it is Fall and October is the perfect time for metallic eye shadows, especially colors such as: orange and gold.  I think that this palette has amazing pigmentation.  Well, it should because it’s Marc Jacobs!


2.  Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette

I have also been loving using this palette because I feel like it has a lot of amazing colors. It has a nice bright orange, a burgundy color, and some neutrals that are perfect for Fall. I also feel like it has really good pigmentation for the price of this palette.


3. Sigma Dare palette

Here is another monthly palette favorite! I do love eye shadow palettes because I feel like that is where I can be creative with my look. I recently got this palette this month because Sigma had them on sale.  Sigma shadows are a little powdery but this palette has good pigmentation. I love using the 2 orange shades together and I also like pairing it with the eye shadow base that I will talk about next.


4.  Sigma eye shadow base in the collection Flare and color Spy

You can’t really tell in the photo but this base has a duo-chrome finish to it. I think that it makes the eye shadows pop and make the look last longer too! This base is very creamy and applies to the eyelid easily.

DSC01076 DSC01077 DSC01078

5. Anna Sui: La Vie De Bohème

I went into Sephora thinking that I wanted to get the new Marc Jacobs perfume in Honey, but then I saw this perfume and I instantly needed it. The packaging is adorable for one thing! But, the smell is amazing! It smells very girly with some fruity scent with some floral in it, but there is just the right amount of sweetness in it making me want to come back for more.

Notes: Turkish Rose, Pear, Red Berries, Dragon Fruit, Magnolia, Peony, Freesia, White Wood, Skin Musk, Red Raspberries, Vanilla, Sandalwood Accord.

Style: Mysterious. Sultry. Confident.

Notes and Style information off of Sephora website.


6) Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm,en_US,pd.html#start=3

One of my trips to Lush at Mall of America I saw this up by the cash register and the lady was raving about it! So I decided to pick it up and try it. On the packaging it states, “For vanilla honey kisses.” This mostly smells of honey, but you do get a nice vanilla scent to it too! The consistency is a little weird at first and when I first tried it I wasn’t sure if I liked it. Once I got over the first layer I decided that I really liked it. It is super moisturizing and makes my lips feel amazing! I also pair this with my Bubble Gum Lush lip scrub (which should be also another October favorite but I can’t make the list go on forever)


7) Benefit Rockateur Box O’ Powder

This is my first Box O’ Powder from Benefit. As you can see I have used mine a little bit in the photo. But, I think that this blush is perfect. It is build-able so you can get the pigmentation that you want. The color is a gorgeous rose gold and I just think that the packaging is adorable! The top layer is more shimmery, but once you get past that you get the nice rose gold color that is perfect for everyday use.  I am not the biggest fan of the brush because I like to use my normal blush brush. I wish that they included more product instead of the brush.


8. Bh Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipstick in Toasted

Got this lipstick the same time I got my Galaxy Chic palette and I just feel like this color is perfect for this time of year. Bh Cosmetics describes it as a spiced neutral bronze with a creamy finish which I have to agree with. This lipstick is pigmented and didn’t try out my lips. It does need to be reapplied throughout the day, but it is good quality for being $3.95.

DSC01081 DSC01082 DSC01083

9. Philosophy Purity made simple: one-step facial cleanser,en_US,pd.html

I love putting on makeup, but hate taking it off, but taking it off is very important! I always had a hard time finding a makeup remover that removes ALL my makeup. This cleanser removes my makeup, cleanses my face, and leaves it feeling hydrated. Its nice not to have to mess around with a million different products to remove makeup. After I cleanse with this I do use Tarte’s Maracuja oil.


10. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation

I really like this foundation because it is build-able and I can get the coverage that I want. I am in the color light beige. I do like Tarte products because they’re more natural and cruelty free! There is a fabric mesh screen that you can get the perfect amount of product. There is more product on the mesh right now because I tipped it over to take the picture of the back, but all you have to do is use the brush and push down a little bit to get some product out.

DSC01095 DSC01096 DSC01097 DSC01099

A little extras!

Favorite movie I saw in October: I didn’t get to see very many movies this month. I saw Prisoners and Seasons of Grey which I thought were both good. Seasons of Grey was a modern day Joseph and the Dreamcatcher story and Prisoners was a movie about on how far would you go if you child was kidnapped to get them back.

Favorite TV show this month: I have been loving, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” I just think that it is creative and I love the character Alice and her romance with Cyrus. I always look forward to Thursday nights!

Book I have been reading this month: Just started, “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks. I just started it so I can’t tell you much about it, but so far I like it!

Well that concludes my October monthly favorites. This is my first monthly favorites post so I was excited to write it, but I am still in shock that Halloween is tomorrow and November is around the corner which means Christmas is around the corner! Hey I just realized and got excited that November is the month of HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE!!!




My Fall Essentials!!!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the colors with the leaves changing. Although I feel like this Fall was a little different since of the weird weather this year. With every season there is of course certain essentials for each. These is going to be a post of my top 10 Fall essentials! I hope you enjoy this post and please comment and let me know what your Fall Essentials are.

1. Boots: I feel like Fall is the perfect time of year to start bringing out boots. I love wearing boots with a pair of skinny jeans. I have boots in brown, black, and grey.


2. Scarves: this is the perfect accent piece to add to any outfit to dress it up. A scarf can do lot!  It can take a very plain outfit and make it exciting.


3. Moisturizing lotion: my skin gets extremely dry starting this time of year, especially my hands, so I need an extremely moisturizing lotion. I like the thicker types of lotions for my hands for extra moisture. Some of my favorite lotions are Charity Pot and Helping Hands by Lush. Also, my favorite non scented lotion is by Vaseline and it is the deep moisture creamy formula.

4. Fall scents: who doesn’t love the smell of Fall? Some of my favorite scents from Scentsy are pumpkin roll, pumpkin marshmallow, cider mill, caramel pear crisp, apple press, autumn sunset, and honey pear cider.


Here is a picture of a few of the Scentsy waxes.

5. Pumpkins: I always have to have my Scentsy pumpkin warmer out and also I have to have some pumpkins outside.

DSC00794 DSC01000
6. Fall inspired eye shadow: the Sigma Dare palette and the Marc Jacobs Scarlet palette are both perfect for Fall. The Dare palette has a few orange eye shadows that are perfect colors and also the Marc Jacobs palette has awesome metallic inspired shadows. The orange shade and the gold shade are gorgeous Fall colors. Also the Bh Comsetics Galaxy Chic has a lot of really nice Fall colors such as: Venus, Mars, and Asteroid.

DSC00967 DSC00969 DSC00565
7. Long sleeve shirts: I love wearing long sleeves shirts during Fall because it is the perfect warmth. Although in Minnesota it is already about 30 degrees. I feel like it got cold fast but it’s not compared to what is to come.

8. Pumpkin spice everything: I love pumpkin spice, especially this time of year. They’re also always coming out with more and more products with pumpkin spice in it. I recently got some Pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts which I find mighty tasty. I recently went to the Cheesecake Factory and got pumpkin cheesecake and it was delicious! The Pumpkin spice latte is also really good. I’ve only had it at McDonalds so far. I am not really a coffee drinker but this pumpkin spice latte is delicious.

DSC00976 download

9. Favorite Fall perfumes by Taylor Swift: I don’t know why but I feel like Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume collection is perfect for Fall. I smell a lot of apple in Wonderstruck which apples are a big part of Fall.


Notes: Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry.
Style: Sparkling. Blushing. Enchanted.

Wondersturck Enchanted

Notes: Wild Berries, Passion Fruit, Pink Poppy, Peony, Champaca Petals, White Freesia, White Musk, Vanilla, Blond Woods.

Style: Charming. Magical. Captivating.

Information on notes and style is off of Sephora website.
DSC00974 DSC00996

10. Sweater dresses: I love to wear sweater dresses with a pair of leggings or tights. I also like to add some boots and a scarf.


BONUS:  Can’t forget about candy! I mean Halloween is near!  These candy bars are made by Nestle and are delicious and are crispy, chocolaty, and full of caramel.


So that wraps up my Fall essentials for 2013. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. I know I kind of posted it pretty late, but that’s okay I still wanted to write it! Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you thought of my Fall essentials and let me know what yours are.


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