Haul Galore: Mall of America Haul & my Glo-Minerals Makeup Class Haul!!! + My first trip to IKEA!

Yes, The Beauty Deputy is once again helping the economy…


Usually I don’t get to go to MOA very often, but I have already been to MOA twice this year. The opportunity arised and my mom and I decided to go kind of last minute. This time was a lot more exciting because it was during the work week and less busy, unlike my last visit (which was on a Saturday).

This is what part of Nickelodeon Universe looks like.




  •  Kat Von D everlasting face shaper blush in heartagram
  • Bite Beauty BB for Lips in Suede
  • blendercleanser Solid by beautyblender
  • Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Penny Lane
  • Urban Decay single eyeshadow in peace

Sigma Beauty


  •  The Perfect Blend Kit
  • F15 Flat Definer Brush
  • Notre Dame Eye Shadow single (free with purchase)



  •  Charity Pot Lotion
  • Mr. Bumble Gift set
  • Castrophic Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask
  • Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser
  • Liquid Lipstick in Perspective
  • Sea Vegetable Body Soap
  • Breath of God Perfume
  • Samples: Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner and I Love Juicy shampoo

The Body Shop


  •  Strawberry Body Butter
  • Raspberry Body Butter
  • Peach Body Butter
  • Almond Hand & Nail Cream

Mac Cosmetics


  •  Mac Fix+
  • Alluring Aquatic Lipstick in Pet Me, Please



  •  Dr. Weil Dark Circle Minimizer Under Eye Cream

I got a lot of goodies! Comment and let me know if you want to see some OOTD posts!

I actually ordered this online when bareMinerals had a 20% sale. I really wanted to try this Bareskin serum foundation. I got mine in the shade bare porcelain which is the lightest shade. I was actually surprised I was the lightest shade, but I was matched at Ulta (they were out of my color at the time) and it does match.


The main reason from coming down to the cities was a trip to Ikea. Awhile back on my dad’s way back from the cities he made a little stop for me. I was going insane with my organization and knew he was driving by so I got the Alex 9 drawer. It is gorgeous! But, the top drawer had no holes in the piece. 😦 Well, I thought about drilling my own holes, but I figured I would just have to make a trip to Ikea sometime. My Ikea Alex now looks lovely with a new drawer.

IMG_20140612_181520  IMG_20140612_181533

IMG_20140612_182105  IMG_20140612_182128


IMG_20140612_184007959_HDR IMG_20140612_184204316

My local salon just got this new makeup and skincare line called Glo-Minerals. Awhile back, I got invited to this little class/presentation presented by someone from Glo-Minerals. I have never tried anything from this brand, but I decided why not?!? Time for some The Beauty Deputy research! I’m glad that I went because this brand sounds awesome. It is made of 100% minerals, it is cruelty free, and so much more! I did not get all the items listed below all at this one makeup party. Later on, I decided to pick up the brush cleaner and the cherry balm. The lip-glosses were free with purchase. Also, I got the dual foundation brush from my mom because she decided that she didn’t want it.


  • Brush Cleaner
  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • Water Resistant Mascara
  • The Cherry Balm
  • Precision Brow Pencil in Taupe
  • Luster Shimmer Brick
  • Concealer Under Eye Natural
  • Texture Brush
  • Dual Foundation/camouflage Brush
  • Lipglosses in Whisper and Plum Glaze

That concludes my Mall of America haul and my Glo-Minerals haul! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

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US/UK Box Swap with Stephanie Wright

A few days ago I got a lovely package in the mail that totally made my day!!! Stephanie Wright from the UK and I decided to send each other makeup and candy through a box swap. Make sure to go check out her blog too because she will be doing a post on all the goodies I sent her. You can find her blog here. The hardest part of this was the waiting and hoping that the boxes would make it to each other without being lost or destroyed. Nobody likes broken eye shadows!! Good news!! Both our packages made it there without any trouble! So now for the fun part!!!! Continue reading to see all the exciting products that I got!




Here is the card that was included in my box. It was very sweet of her to include it! By the way, yes we do call it the Sorcerer’s Stone instead of the Philosopher’s Stone!!! I really don’t understand why. Effie also shared this fun fact with me regarding chapter 1. Apparently Dumbledore offers a Sherbert Lemon (a candy I will describe below that was included in my box) to Professor McGonagall.  I did not remember that, but I will be digging out my book very soon!


The overview of all my goodies!!!


The items in the adorable elephant tissue paper. Fun fact of the day: apparently elephant’s pregnancies last 22 months! That is almost 2 years!



Soap & Glory Endless Glove
I was really excited to see this in my box because my hands have been awful this year! They have been so dry and my knuckles have been cracking  open like crazy. It makes me sad when they say, “they can determine a women’s age by the look of her hands.” Well then I must be over retirement age! Lol just kidding! Effie and I had a conversation about how bad my hands were so it makes me smile that she thought about giving me this product. I’ve never tried anything from this brand, so I was excited to give it a try with all the good reviews about it. Sephora recently got a few items in from this brand, but I have never seen this before.  I have tried this hand cream a few times already, but I won’t share with you what I think of it quite yet. Review to come!!


Sleek i-Divine Palette in Storm
One request that I had for my box was that I wanted to try some products from Sleek. I have heard so much about their eye shadows and I knew I had to try them! I have surfed their website and looked at all their palettes, and I have to say that Storm was one of my favorites. I wasn’t exactly sure which palette she would end up sending me, but I was super happy to see it when I ribbed off the cute little elephant tissue paper. Once again, I’m not going to tell you what I thought of this palette until my review.


The colors include: neutrals, blues, a green, and a few others. There are also a few matte shadows. Can’t wait to write my review on this gem!


Sleek Blusher
I think it is so cool that in the UK they call it blusher. That is way cooler than just calling it blush. Lol! I was excited to try out another Sleek product. I got my blusher in the shade coral which will be a nice addition to my blush collection. I don’t really have a shade like this so I’m happy!


I decided to be nice and show you all a swatch even before my actual review on this blusher! 🙂


Barry M Lip Paint
I have seen many reviews from this brand (most of them being nail polish), so I was pretty excited to recieve a lipstick to try out. I’m not going to tell you more than that because well…you will just have to wait for my review!!!


Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil by Collection
This reminded me of the Nyx jumbo pencils that I use as bases under my eye shadows. I am really excited to try this out and see how it works as a base and as an eye shadow. It is in the color vintage blush.


Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner by Collection
I received this felt tip eyeliner in the color black. I am very excited to try this eyeliner out because, getting the perfect felt tip eyeliner has always been a challenge. I have a few felt tip eyeliners, so I am excited to see how this one compares. Stay tuned for a review!


Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer by Collection
I was very happy to receive this concealer because I am always on the hunt for a better concealer. I have dark under eyes and I want something that will help hide those. The color I got is in the shade cool medium which seems perfect for my skin tone! 🙂

I have a pretty big sweet tooth so, of course, I thought it would be cool to include candy. I’m glad that I recommended to Effie that we include candy, because who doesn’t love candy?! Except maybe dentists!

Percy Pigs
Effie had asked me about these little candies and after she talked about them I decided to visit Google! They are so adorable!!! I bite off their ears first and then finish with the face just as she recommended! I really loved these! They were fruity and delicious!!!!


Aren’t they adorable?!?


In case you didn’t know what an empty Percy Pig bag looked like.


Thorntons Strawberry Marbled Buttons
One of the first things that I saw when I opened my package was this! If you know me, you may know that I am obsessed with panda bears. I don’t know if Effie planned it or not, but I say kudos to Thorntons for making an adorable panda on their packaging. I have never had anything from Thorntons, but I was super excited to try them. They’re just like little creme discs that taste like strawberries. If I want something sweet, I can pop a few into my mouth to satisfy my sweet tooth. I might also throw a few of the candy talked about below in my mouth afterwards.


Thorntons Milk Chocolate Buttons
This is the same concept as the candy described above, but this time with milk chocolate and a cute little crocodile or an alligator. Not sure which one it is. I, one time, held a little crocodile. Good thing his mouth was held shut because they said that they don’t eat for months at a time. So that little guy was probably hungry and I’m sure my arm was looking mighty tasty at that time. Comment down below if you want me to post a picture. 


Sherbet Lemons
In the US, we have something called lemon drops. They are very similar, except these are way better. The inside of these yummy lemon candies is fizzy which makes them mighty good! My grandma is always eating lemon drops so I gave her one of these to try and she thought they were yummy! My mom and dad also approve of these!


Rhubarb & Custard
I just opened this hard candy today and popped one into my mouth. At first I wasn’t sure if I was liking it, but then I realized that it was becoming more delicious as time went on. I felt like, at first, I was just mostly tasting the custard, and then after awhile, the flavors mixed making it yummy.


I’m saving the best candy for last!

Thortons Chocolates
I was excited to see these because I love my chocolate! I got 3 different kinds, and I was nice enough to share a bite with my mom and dad, so we all got a taste.


Viennese Continental: Light chocolate mousse in a special blend of white and milk chocolate
I was in chocolate heaven eating this! It was so delicious! I really love the taste of the blended chocolate. The inside was also amazing with its decadent mousse. It also seemed to have sea salt on top which made it even more yummy! If I am ever near a Thortons shop, I will be stopping in!


Alpini Continental: deliciously nutty praline in milk chocolate
If I had the ability to rewind and relive the moment while trying this chocolate bar, I would. It was that delicious in my mind! I liked it even more than the first one and that is saying a lot! It just had a lot of milk chocolately nutty goodness!


Sicilian Lemon Continental: zesty lemon mouse in white and milk chocolate
This was my least favorite, although it was still good. The lemon mousse was sure zesty. I would have to say that this is the prettiest of them all.


Overall, I was quite happy with the makeup and skincare goodies and sweet tooth yummies that I got in my blog swap! I hope that you tune in to see my reviews on all the makeup and skincare items! Also, don’t forgot to check out Effie’s blog and see what I sent her! Comment down below and let me know if you have tried any of these products! Also, I plan on doing a post about my experiences with doing a international box swap. That will be coming soon! Comment and let me know which product you would like me to review first!



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TAG: Best of Beauty 2013

So I recently watched a YouTube video on this tag and I thought that it was a cool tag to do with the year coming to an end. I have done a few tags here and there and I have to say that I do love doing them. With tags I can go see what other bloggers wrote about the same questions that I answered, and I find that interesting.  Some other tags that I have done is the perfect palette tag, the wintery tag, and a get to know me tag and I do have a few more that I have on my list to do. I am also hoping that some day I can create my own clever tag.

So I will admit that I did buy a lot of beauty products in the year 2013 and I just thought this tag was a perfect way to share some of my favorite products from certain categories with you!


1. Primer

The Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer

I honestly don’t really use primer. So I switched this category up a little and I am sharing with you my favorite tinted moisturizer. I recently got the Balm Shelter from The Balm cosmetics and I love it! It has a good amount of coverage for a tinted moisturizer and leaves the face feeling moisturized and refreshed. Also it doesn’t feel like I have any makeup on. I got mine in the color light. I normally would have gone for light/medium but this product does oxidize some meaning it does turn darker in color with time.  The Balm always does amazing with packaging.


2. Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation 

I got this foundation earlier this year. I honestly don’t wear much foundation so I am not that educated on it. But, when I do want more coverage I use this foundation. It is easy to apply. I use the brush that Tarte sells to accompany it. I have the color light beige and it works perfect for me. I also love that Tarte products are more natural.


3. Concealer

Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle

Well if you know me you may know that I suffer from dark circles. I call them my panda eyes. I do love panda bears, I just don’t want to share their eyes. Anyway, I am still on my search for the perfect concealer. I do have quite a few concealers, but I always seem to go back to this one because it is easy to apply and it does give me a good amount of coverage. I recently got the Balm’s  TimeBalm concealer. I have not used it enough to have a good enough opinion on it quite yet.


4. Powder

bareMinerals Mineral Veil

I don’t use very much powder ever, but I got this as a sample. I really do like this powder. It is easy to apply and gives me the airbrushed look. I don’t use it for absorbing any oils because I have dry skin.


5. Bronzer

PurMinerals Untamed Glamour Leapoard Print Mineral Glow

This bronzer actually comes in a 3 piece set. I did have review on it not to long ago so if you’re interested check it out. This bronzer is a nice color and it’s not too dark like a lot of bronzers out there. The packaging is also super high quality! Very sturdy!

DSC01475 DSC01474 DSC01229

6. Blush

Benefit’s Rockateur Box O’ Powder

I love this blush! I am always grabbing for this blush. It’s a gorgeous rose gold color and it has been featured in a monthly favorites post too! I think that the color is a nice, has good color payoff, and is very blendable.

DSC01489 DSC01488 DSC01091

7. Highlighter

Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter, Shadow, & Shimmer

When I wear highlighter I always grab for this one. It is perfect for a night out! I don’t have that many highlighters, but I do have some. This highlighter is super pigmented, so a light brush will do. It also can be used as an eye shadow.

DSC01473 IMG_0247 IMG_0249

8. Brow

I don’t use anything for my brows. But, I do think that if I did I would check out the brand Anastasia. They’re known for their brow products.


9. Eye Shadow Palette

Urban Decay Vice 2

I love this palette. In the perfect palette tag I said it was my desert island palette and it still is. I just love the array of colors and finishes. I am a person that loves playing with all sorts of colors. This palette has both neutrals and colorful shadows. If I could go back in time I would buy this palette again!

DSC01500 DSC00919

10. Eye Liner

Urban Decay  24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 

This is the first high end eyeliners I ever tried and I do love them. They are creamy and super easy to apply. I got a bunch of mini ones in a set awhile back. I have tried other high end ones since then and I still have to say these are my favorite.


11. Mascara

Flower Beauty Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara in Intense Black

Flower Beauty is a company that was started by Drew Barrymore. I decided to try her mascara because I thought it was intriguing with how the brush works. Basically when I use it I apply 3 coats. With each coat I turn the knob on top like in the picture and it changes the wand. This mascara is considered a 3 in 1 twist because it gives length, curl, and volume.  I just think that Drew Barrymore was amazingly smart for thinking of this mascara. I plan on doing a Brand Spotlight on this company so stay tuned for that.

DSC01490 DSC01498







12. Lip Pencil

I don’t ever use lip pencils. The only lip pencil I have I got from an Ispy bag which I haven’t really tried yet.

13. Lipstick

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the color Strip

Urban Decay came out with these lipsticks earlier this year. I have 2 of them, but this color Strip is my favorite. I felt like it was a perfect Fall shade and I liked how it looked on my lips. The application is easy and the formula is creamy. It does need to be re-applied throughout the day, but I feel like most lipsticks do anyway with eating and drinking. This color is a urbandecay.com exclusive.

DSC01482 DSC01481

14. Lip Gloss

Flower Beauty Shine On Lipgloss in My Little Buttercup

This lip gloss is from the same company as the mascara which is Flower Beauty. I really like the formula of this. It isn’t sticky at all. I hate those super sticky lip glosses! They also have really good color payoff. I do have another color from this lip gloss line, but I will show you that in my brand spotlight post coming up.


15. Beauty Subscription

Ipsy…beauty by you

I love getting my Ipsy bag each month. It costs $10 a month which I think is super reasonable for the amount of products included. I did have BirchBox before, but I canceled it because I felt like Ipsy was way better and I didn’t need to have both services. Right now the subscription services that I have are Ipsy, NatureBox, BarkBox, Fortune Cookie Soap, and Julep.


I thought this tag needed a few more so I added 2 more categories.

16. Perfume

Meow by Katy Perry

I love this perfume. I got it awhile back along with the Purr perfume by Katy Perry. I got it for quite a reasonable price so that is why I decided to get both. I love using Meow for during the day and Purr for the night. I do like Meow a little better though, but still do love Purr. The packaging is adorable! I do like Katy Perry. I think she is awesome at making pop songs. I think that this scent smells very girly so if you’re not into that you probably won’t like it. But, I did list the notes found on her site down below. The scent is soft, musky, and fruity and isn’t overpowering. I do wish that is lasted a little bit longer, but all in all I still do love this perfume and I always grab for it! Comment if you want me to share my perfume collection.

Tangerine, Pear and Gardenia
Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley and Orange Blossoms
Vanilla, Musk Amber and Sandalwood


17. Lip balm/chap-stick

Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched & EOS Lip Balms

I always use lip balm and chap-stick way more then I use lip stick or lip gloss. My lips always get super chapped and I love using both these products because they’re both moisturizing, feel good on the lips, and they smell good too!


18. Eye Shadow Brush

Sigma E55 Eye Shading

My favorite eye shadow brushes are Sigma brushes. Every time I go to Mall of America I always stop in the Sigma store and get myself a new brush. This is the E55 which is perfect for placing shadow on the eyelid. I love eye shadow and creating looks and I feel that in order to get the look I want I need quality brushes. I will post more information on my thoughts on makeup brushes someday.


Now for the people I tag…

1. The Little Scottish Corner

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Even if I didn’t list you under the people I tag, I still tag you!! Feel free to skip whatever category you want or add in whatever category you want also. I didn’t do anything skincare related, but feel free to add that in if you please.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoyed writing this. Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products. Also please please comment and let me know if you complete this tag so I can go check it out!

One last thing…in school teachers always said that the excuse, “my dog ate my homework” wasn’t a valid excuse. I have to disagree with that because Mirya my shiba inu loves paper! I’m not saying I ever had to use that excuse in school, I was always a good student. It was just a silly thought! Hope you all had a great Christmas or Holiday and hope you have a great New Years!



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