100 Happy Days: Days 36-49

August has been busy! Crazy busy! I have only blogged so far once this month! I know, it is sad! I did not get a chance to post my #100happydays post the past 2 weeks, so I think it shall be about time. 🙂 I am in the process of doing the 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram where I post a picture of something that makes me happy during that day. I am almost half way through! Time does go by fast! Hope you enjoy!

Day 36 of #100happydays my shiba inu Mirya about to take a nap on her new bed.
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Day 37 of #100happydays !! Finally a nail polish that doesn’t chip after a day! It cures by natural light instead of UV/LED. It was super easy to apply.
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Day 38 of #100happydays Mac Cosmetics is coming out with a collection from The Simpsons inspired by Marge. Super excited for this collection!!! I grew up watching The Simpsons!
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Day 39 of #100happydays These are amazing!!!! Naturally flavored vanilla and caramel soft cremes by #lancaster
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Day 40 of #100happydays watching @essiebutton on YouTube makes me happy. She has such an amazing personality and I just love her #youtube channel. I would love to go shopping with this lady.
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Day 41 of #100happydays Molly relaxing on the stairs.
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Day 42 of #100happydays loved the caramel and vanilla ones so much I decided to try the vanilla and raspberry soft cremes as well.
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Day 43 of #100happydays My newest jamberry manicure in Skyline! Love this wrap! Love Jamberry nails because they last unlike nail polish! I am having a jamberry party because I love jamberry so much! Message me if you’re interested in ordering!
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Day 43.5 of #100happydays Mirya went to the groomer today! Lesson learned as soon as she starts blowing her coat again bring her in to the groomer right away! First I tried taking care of it myself and used a furminator and she looked so patchy and not her pretty self. Anyway the groomer bathed her and used a powerful blow dryer and brushed her and now her coat looks gorgeous again. She even got a cute scarf! 🙂
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Day #43.75 (Lol I have a ton of happy photos from today) My westie Maddie got a haircut! Isn’t she adorable?!?
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Day 44 of #100happydays Look what movie I got! Will be staying up late tonight watching this! 🙂
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Day 45 of #100happydays My shiba inu and her howl bark. This video is of my dad teasing her and therefore she will howl at him. Thought it would be fun to post for all those unlucky people who have never heard a shiba bark. Isnt Maddie my westie just adorable!?! You can tell she wants to bark too! Silly dad! I missed my photo/video from yesterday so I’m doing 2 today instead.
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Day 46 of #100happydays Mail time! 🙂 I got my first ever Jamberry Stylebox and my Try the World box from Japan! Spoiler alert: Love them both! 🙂
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Day 47 of #100happydays My niece Kate on the go-carts! She was super excited to be able to drive herself!
#enjoyinglife #ilovemynieces

Day 48 of #100happydays Playing Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U with my 6 year old niece! She loves it!
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Day 49 of #100happydays To all the people who know me, know that I am obsessed with pandas! I’ve loved panda bears ever since I was a little girl so when I saw Dani from #coffeebreakwithdani@coffeebreakwithdani wearing this scarf, I knew I had to get it! I got mine in green! I would have taken a picture of me wearing it but I just got off a 12 hour night shift so that picture will have to wait.
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That concludes this post! I hope that you enjoyed it! Comment and let me know what you thought!

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100 Happy Days: Days 29-35

Time for another week of my 100 happy days Instagram photos! 🙂

Day 29 of #100happydays Just remembering the days of marching band and my caricature that I got in Florida during the band trip.
I miss those days. I have good memories from high school.

Day 30 of #100happydays Decided to do a video today. Isn’t my #shibainu Mirya adorable playing with her toy?!?
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Day 31 of #100happydays It is such a nice day out today!!! 🙂 nice weather really makes me happy!
#minnesota #summer #summertime #enjoyinglife

Day 32 of #100happydays Flowers make me happy! 🙂 #flowers #life #enjoyinglife #nature #plants

Day 33 of #100happydays Yes I know I post a ton of pictures of mirya on this 100 happy days thing, but she makes me happy!
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Day 34 of #100happydays A photo of 3 generations. I took this photo yesterday but didn’t get a chance to post it until today.

Day 35 of #100happydays having time to work on #blogging makes me happy. Working on a post about #lushcosmetics and their liquid lipstick.
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That concludes this week of #100happydays of Instagrammed photos! Comment and let me know what you thought of them! Also, let me know if you’re doing this 100 happy days thing as well so I can follow along on your journey.

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100 Happy Days: Days 22-28

I can’t believe how fast summer is going!!! July is almost over!!! EEK! If you have been following me on Instagram, you may know that I have been taking part in the #100happydays. Basically, I take a photo a day of something that makes me happy then post it onto Instagram! Sometimes it is hard to think of something to take a picture of each and every day. I know my Instagram account (@thebeautydeputy) explodes with photos of Mirya, Maddie, and Molly. What can I say?!? I love my pets!  🙂 Hope you enjoy this week’s photos!

Day 22 of #100happydays I learned that Kohls carries The Balm! I looooooove The Balm and usually only can order online. Hooray for Kohls carrying The Balm
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Day 23 of #100happydays Staying up late getting ready for my night shift tomorrow. Im watching a favorite movie of mine #Aladdin !!
Disney movies sure make me happy. Never too old for a #disney movie. Princess Jasmine is my favorite!

Day 24 of #100happydays My adorable kitty lounging in her cat furniture.
#mollythecat #mollykitty #cat #kitten #kittens #cats
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Day 25 of #100happydays My March of Dimes charitable cause #Scentsy buddy (Roosevelt the Rabbit) hanging out on my #alex9drawer from #ikea
#marchofdimes It makes me happy when companies donate to charities!

Day 26 of #100happydays Sharing a pizza at #Zorbaz with the family!! #pizza #eating #supper #minnesota

Day 27 of #100happydays Going canoeing with the family down the river! #minnesota #summer #canoeing #familytime #canoe

A Little Extra 

At the drive in!!! 🙂 my niece is so excited!!!

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At the drive in!!! 🙂 my niece is so excited!!!

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Day 28 of #100happydays My niece and my shiba inu Mirya.
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As you can tell, I had a fun week! We went canoeing down the river! My niece loved it! It was a lot of fun! We also went to the drive in. Planes 2 Fire and Rescue was playing. My niece was so excited! I really love the concept of a drive in movie theater. It seems like the tradition is dying, which I find extremely sad! A lot of drive-ins had to close once everything went to digital. Luckily the one close by my hometown is still in business.  Going to drive in movie theaters is something different than the norm. Comment and let me know if you ever go to a drive in movie theater. I would love to hear from you all!

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100 Happy Days: Days 15-21

Time for my third week of #100happydays on Instagram! Make sure to follow me @thebeautydeputy in case you’re interested.

Day 15 of #100happydays #happybirthday to my#shibainu Can’t believe that my Mirya Mae turned 1 today!
#dogs #dog #dogsofinstagram #puppylove#puppies #thehappypawfiles

Day 16 of #100happydays what makes me happy is sunny days and being able to wear summer clothes. I can’t believe that it is already July 8th. Aaaah getting closer to another Minnesota winter! Waited so looooooong for this summer! #mauricesisthebest #maurices
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Day 17 of #100happydays Mirya being adorable playing with her new birthday toy.
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Day 18 of #100happydays Getting back into learning the guitar makes me happy! I haven’t played it a lot lately because of my busy life. I got out of playing it when I went to nursing school and lived in a dorm and then after that an apartment. Today is the day that I start to relearn everything I forgot! #guitar #music

Day 19 of #100happydays my cousin got an adorable kitty named Rosie today! Isn’t she just adorable? A kitten\cat who has found a forever home makes me happy. #kittens #catsofinstagram #cat #cats #kitten #animals #animallovers #petbloggers #thehappypawfiles

Day 20 of #100happydays Geese crossing!

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Day 20 of #100happydays Geese crossing!

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Day 21 of #100happydays Starting a new book makes me happy!! #ifistaybook #ifistay #reading #novels #books

That concludes this week of my #100happydays on Instagram! Hope you all enjoyed my photos! I really can’t believe that my Shiba Inu Mirya is already 1! Time sure does fly by!  Let me know if you’re doing this type of post as well so I can check it out!

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My New Blog!!!! The HAPPY PAW Files!!!

the happy paw files logo

Yesterday was an exciting day for The Beauty Deputy, because I started another blog. This blog is called, “The HAPPY PAW Files!” I bet you guessed it?!? It is about my PETS! I have a westie named Maddie, a short hair tabby named Molly, and a shiba inu named Mirya. The reason I decided to start this blog was because I am a huge animal lover. I also get so many questions about the shiba inu breed because it is a very uncommon where I am from. I plan to do an assortment of posts such as: watch me grow, subscription box reviews, homemade treat recipes, treat and toy reviews, and so much more!


Hope you all subscribe and show Mirya, Maddie, and Molly some love!

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A Molly (my cat) only post!!

You may call me a “crazy cat lady” after this post! But, after all the, “Watch Mirya Grow” posts I felt like Molly needed a strictly Molly only post!!!


My first time holding Molly at the Humane Society. That day I put a deposit down on her!

Her First Few Days Home














Boxes are the best!


The perfect nap place!


Watching the birds!


Molly the contortionist!


Such a hard life!




IMG_0157 IMG_0219

IMG_0252 IMG_0255


Best hiding spot ever!



New cat furniture!


Molly hated me at this moment.







Plastic bags are the best!






Packing to move to my house. Molly wanted to make sure I was bringing her with!


Pit-stop before moving into the house! Had to stay with my parents for awhile.


At last! Enjoying the peacefulness of the new house!


Molly’s Pawalla box! (sadly that company went out of business)


Digging for some goodies!


One of her Pawalla box finds!


A favorite spot of hers!


Molly likes Maurices just as much as me!


Molly owns the place!




Yes! I dressed her up! This was Mirya’s costume, but then she was Snow White! So what if I wanted to enter them into the Petsmart costume contest! lol!




IMG_0391.JPG (2)

So yes I take a lot of pictures of my pets,  but if I didn’t then I couldn’t do cool posts like this! I hope you enjoyed this post! Like the post if you made it to the end! I know it was picture heavy, but pictures are worth a thousand words. Like and comment if you like seeing pictures of my pets!!!

Mirya’s BarkBox Review!

So if you know me, you may already know that I am a big animal lover. I also love subscription box services. So when those two go together I am all 🙂 !!! BarkBox is a popular subscription service for dogs. I contemplated getting this for awhile but I never did until now because of the high price factor, but on Cyber Monday they had a promotion going on! I ended up signing up for a 3 month subscription for a pretty good price. I got mine for $14/month for 3 months.

choose3-f73273b339a288a8860208ff41d2257f choose1-c7f48a010ff833610dcb8f50497defb1 choose2-5372329485ef81a8fb06b45aa7bc8b4b top_header_box-ee41084be52bef6223e2d477fae4e153
Their normal pricing is:

  • $29 for 1 month
  • $24/month for 3 months
  • $19/month for 6 months

Their website is: https://barkbox.com/ (the pictures above are from their website)

If you’re new to my blog I got a Shiba Inu puppy whom I named Mirya (Meere-Rah) October of this year. She just turned 5 months on December 7th. She joined my 3 year old cat Molly.


Picture of Mirya and I
from Christmas time this year.

Well let us get to the review…


My initial impression was that it was very neat and I thought all the wording on the paper was cute!


Getting excited! An overview of the inside!!


This explains the products inside.

Since this photo is hard to read I will share with you the products Mirya received.

  1. Simply Fido: Simply Fido toys are much-loved by BarkBox subscribers for their adorable, interactive design. Tug, squeak, and snuggle away! They’re a favorite of Mother Earth as well, since they’re made with organic, non-toxic materials and low-impact, AZO-free dyes! (simplyfido.com)
  2. GoDog: Colorful, fuzzy, and squeaky, your pup is bound to become best friends with his new Yeti toy. We know- it’s counterintuitive for pups and mythical mountain monsters to become snuggle buddies, but if anyone can melt an ice giant’s heart, it’s probably your lil guy. (godogfun.com)
  3. Planet Dog: These Planet Dog treats are every bit as delicious and decadent as chicken pot pie itself, without any wheat, corn, or soy! Every biscuit is a feast in itself. Fun Fact: did you know pumpkin is a natural digestive aid and stomach-soother? (http://www.planetdog.com)
  4. Bistro Bites: Based in Fairfax, Virginia, Bistro Bites caters to pups on the smaller end of the size spectrum. Featuring healthy, size-appropriate goodies that are perfect for tiny mouths and itty bitty bites, these treats are wheat-free, gluten free, high in protein, and perfectly portioned. (http://www.bistro-bites.com/)
  5. Barkworthies: Made with 100% beef bladder, Barkworthies junior bully sticks are a BarkBox subscriber favorite. Pups find them both long-lasting and delicious! No chemicals or preservatives are used, making them a clear winner over other chews like rawhide. (www.barkworthies.com)

My first impression of this company was A+ when I saw all the goodies inside!


The moment Mirya got excited!


Mirya and the blue little monster guy!


Mirya and the little reindeer guy which is very fitting for December!


Mirya took this toy and went to go play under the table. She really loved it! I had to chase her to get it back so I could cut the tags off for her.


A close up of the toys! The Simply Fido dog toy on the left and the GoDog toy on the right.


A close up of the treats included.
Planet Dog treats on the left and Bistro Bites on the right.


I decided to open these treats first and save the other bag. Mirya loved these! She usually always sits and stays when I tell her to stay and grabs the treat when I tell her she can. Well with this treat she had selective hearing!


A chew treat. I haven’t given this to her yet, but I know when I do she will love it. It is kind of weird that it has beef bladder in it, but I guess dogs love it!

So as you can tell Mirya was very excited to get her first BarkBox. She gave it her paw stamp of approval and will be waiting for another BarkBox to come!

So here is what I think of it!


  • neat idea for animal lovers and subscription box lovers
  • high quality toys that will last with Mirya and her love of chewing
  • high quality treats with good ingredients that are made in the USA
  • good amount of items included (full sized treat bags and not samples sized)
  • customization for size of dog (I picked small because she is still a puppy and will be around 15 to 20 pounds full grown)
  • BarkBox donates to dogs in need


  • price (even though I got it for a reasonable price because of Cyber Monday, I think the original price is a lot!)
  • What about the cats? This isn’t really a con about this box. But I think that this company should make a MeowBox because our kitties like treats and toys too!  My cat Molly got a 3 month subscription to Pawalla during the summer which I really liked but that company has now closed down 😦 !
  • I really don’t have that many bad things to say about this box. Shipping was good, quality is there, and Mirya is happy 🙂


What Mirya and Molly got in their Christmas stockings! Mirya probably didn’t need these toys because of her BarkBox but I got these toys awhile ago. But hey Mirya likes to chew and she needs toys all over because I don’t want her picking my woodwork to chew on instead because of boredom.





That concludes the end of this post! I will do more posts on BarkBox as the boxes come! So stay tuned! Also let me know if you have tried BarkBox! Also let me know if you have tried any other pet subscription services.


Brittany, Mirya, & Molly

The Beauty Deputy

Watch Mirya Grow!!! Minnesota Winter is coming!

I woke up this morning and had to go dig out my boots from storage because Winter is on it’s way! It started snowing late last night so I knew there would probably be snow on the ground when I woke up to take Mirya out. This is Mirya’s with her first “actual” snow fall. It did snow a few weeks ago, but it didn’t amount to anything. Also I was thinking that I might start a separate blog for my pets Mirya and Molly. I was thinking of calling it, “The Mirya & Molly Shenanigans” or “The Mirya & Molly Files.” I would just do updated pictures and posts. Comment down below and let me know what you think.








That concludes the photos. Comment down below and let me know what kind of weather you have where you live? Minnesota is known for it’s looooong winters! I feel like it was just Winter, but that is because it was snowing during the end of April and maybe even May of this year.  A good thing about Minnesota and it’s changing of seasons is no weird poisonous bugs or snakes!  I will take long winter over that any day!