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Getting Back into Blogging and some Beauty Hauls

This year has been super busy for me that I have been very neglectful to my blog. My neglectfulness started once I started a new job last year. I was used to the hospital with doing 12 hour shifts and then I could work on blogging during my days off as needed. With having a full time job that involved a lot of computer charting, I just didn’t have motivation to come home and stare at a computer. That job just left me feeling defeated and I needed something new. I started a new job with all normal hours about 2 months ago! I am a nurse at a clinic now. Now, I feel like I am less stressed out and that I can get back into blogging little by little. I don’t want to go months at a time without a post ever again! So why not start out with showing you all my latest hauls. I got these items over the past 5 to 6 months or so. Some of them I got recently, but hey we don’t need to explain ourselves right?!?…we are all beauty lovers here.

Metamorphosis Quad by Coffee Break with Dani

Coffee Break with Dani is one of my most watched YouTubers. She has such a sweet bubbly personality in her videos. She got to team up with ColourPop Cosmetics and make this amazing quad of shadows. She put a ton of thought into the meaning and the shades of this quad. This is Limited Edition-so it won’t  be around forever. I plan on doing a review on ColourPop shadows sometime in the future.


Too Faced Haul

Too Faced came out with a lot of new products recently. It feels like yesterday these products came out, but it has been a couple months already. I really wanted to try their new foundation Born This Way-I sadly got the wrong shade (note to self never buy foundation online). It looks too yellow on me, but I do like the formula. The palette is gorgeous! I will do a review on it coming up soon so stay tuned for that one! The kabuki brush had amazing reviews so I wanted to try it out. So far I am loving it! It is perfect for travel which makes sense since it is retractable. They also came out with new blushes. They’re so adorable with the heart shape and the cute bunnies inside. I will do a review on that blush as well.



Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette and Eye Brush

Lately I have been really impressed by Kat Von D and her makeup line. I’ve heard rave reviews on this palette so I picked it up to see what all the fuss was about. It has a nice array of neutral matte shades. Although, I sometimes like to add a shimmery ColourPop shadow on top when I use this palette because well…this girl loves her shimmer. I also got the eye brush which is super soft and perfect for travel.


The Body Shop Body Butters

These are my holy grail body butters that I use for moisturizing my body. I got these during a trip to Mall of America. These are super moisturizing and smell amazing! I decided on a variety of them-I think I only have 2-3 left of these. Ignore my ugly carpet in the picture.


Some Ulta Goodies!

Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands as well so I decided to pick up their new Smoky palette about a month and a half ago. I also got the Lorac Contour Pro Palette at that time as well. Recently, Too Faced came out the Star Dust Vegas Nay palette. This is my most recent purchase! This palette is simply gorgeous!



Click the link below for a photo on Instagram of a few more items I got. I got the Stila mascara and primer, and an eyeliner. I also picked up some The Balm products from Kohls.

That concludes this huge makeup haul! Like I said this was over 5-6 months. Yes, it is still a lot, but that comes with the territory of being a makeup enthusiastic and beauty blogger. It feels good to be back to blogging! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what recent beauty purchases you have made and if you have tried any of the products that I talked about in this post!

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11 thoughts on “Getting Back into Blogging and some Beauty Hauls

  1. Welcome back Brittany! I’ve been having similar problems to you when it comes to staring at a screen all day and having no motivation when I get home! Hopefully we can both gradually get back into the swing of things, as I love reading your posts! x

    • Thanks Effie! Yeah it was bad with the amount of computer work I had to do. Sometimes I had to bring it home with me too which was never fun. I am glad that I found a new job! So far I really like it. How is everything going with you? P.S. I just used that Sleek blush you sent me today and it made me think of you. Hope all is well with you:)

      • Awwh I’m so glad to hear you like your new job! I’m also glad you’re still enjoying our swap makeup! I often pull out that palette from The Balm and think of you. Also they’ve just released crunchy M&Ms in the UK, and they’re exactly like those gorgeous pretzel ones you sent me. I was so excited when I ate one haha. All’s well here – I’m just in the process of moving house (well, apartment) which is stressful but very exciting too. Hope all is well with you! xx

      • Aww yum! I ❤ M&Ms. They just came out with crispy M&Ms (green package). Those are my favorite! They have a rice crispy in the middle. Are those the ones you're talking about? They used to have them back in the early 2000s and they discontinued them. I was heartbroken. Earlier this year they came back in the US. I was super happy! I think I went to a couple stores to find them because they were really hard to find at first. The first bite of them was like my childhood all over again. Haha! Moving is always stressful but can be fun at the same time- make any trips to Ikea?? Glad that you get use out of your The Balm palette. 🙂

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