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The Best of Beauty 2014: Part 2 Eye-shadows, Eyeliners, and Mascara!

Yes, I know I am terribly late on this one. Work has been so busy that I just have a hard time finding time to blog and before I knew it, it was the middle of February. I still wanted to post this because well I share a lot of amazing products that are still available. This post will be part 2 and will include my favorite eye-shadows, eyeliners, and mascara. I will post the last part (Part 3) Tuesday. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 which is Face products. You can find that post here.  Well since February is almost half over….let’s get this party started.


If you know me well, then you know that my favorite make-up item is eye-shadow. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of palettes. During the year 2014, I got to try out a lot of new palettes, shadows, and even try new brands.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar


Love this palette! The colors and finishes in it are gorgeous! …and it smells like chocolate! 🙂 Something that I like about this palette is the array of shades can be used for an every day look or a night out look. Also, there are some shades in here that I like to use as liner. I tend to shy away from black eyeliner because I think it looks too harsh on me and one day I applied the fourth shade in from the top row (Black Forest Truffle) over it and loved the look. I also love how these shadows are pigmented and blend-able. Recently they came out with the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar palette and yes of course I had to pick that one up because I love this one so much. At least with the new one, they imprinted the names on the actual palette! I hate those loose sleeves with the names on it!

Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palettes


I really love Sigma Beauty’s products. Not only do I like their brushes, but they also have some pretty amazing makeup too! Whenever I go to Mall of America I like to treat myself to something from Sigma Beauty! During the year 2014 they came out with 4 palettes with the same packaging and naughty me…got all 4. The first one I got was called Warm Neutrals. This is probably my favorite out of all 4 of them. It has a lot of neutral shadows with some pinky-rosey hues. If you’re curious about this palette you can check out my review here. The second palette I got is called Smoke Screen which has the  most amazing blue shade called Nebula. Basically this palette is a palette that takes the smokey eye and makes it a little more unique. You can find that review here. The third palette is called Brilliant & Spellbinding. This one has a lot of unique shades as well such as a gorgeous yellow called Spellbinding. I also really like the coral shade called Bloom. I feel like this palette is the perfect Spring palette. The last one is called Fall Softly and it includes a bunch of softer shadows. I haven’t gotten much use out of this one yet, but I do know that I love the shade Silver Tongued because of its iridescence, With that being said, I feel like the quality of the Sigma shadows formula has improved quite a bit since the palettes before these. The formula is pigmented, smooth, soft, and blend-able.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows



One day at Sephora I decided to go over to the Make Up For Ever counter and swatch some of their new shadows and I fell in love. They’re so pigmented! I’ve heard that it is because they’re 88% pigment, which is a lot compared to other brands. They’re are also easy to work with meaning very blend-able. Something that I am not a fan of is that they have a numbering system that it printed on the packaging and the actual pan itself, but not name. But, you can go online and apparently find the actual name of the shadow. These shadows come in 5 finishes: satin, iridescent, diamond, matte, and metallic. I plan to do a more in-depth review on these shadows hopefully soon.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow


This brand became the craze the year of 2014 and I can tell you why. These shadows are 5 dollars and they have amazing quality. These shadows are for someone that isn’t afraid of some shimmer or some color. Although, they did recently come out with a matte collection that looks more wearable. The texture of these shadows are quite amazing, but hard to describe. They’re so buttery soft. They almost have a wet feeling, but they aren’t wet. See, I told you it was hard to describe! I usually just use my fingers to apply these shadows just because it is so much easier than using a brush with the texture. Besides shadows, they also have lip sticks and lip liners. I also heard that they’re coming out with blushes, so that will be interesting.



Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On-Eye Pencil 

I really love my Urban Decay eyeliners because of how easy they apply. The formula is super smooth and very pigmented! My favorite shades are Uzi and Smog. I have tried other eyeliners, but nothing compares to these in my opinion. They also last a very long time on the eyes which is always a good thing!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Even though I’m not a big fan of black eyeliner on me, I still decided to try this out. The tip applicator is so easy to use compared to other liquid eyeliners. I like to apply that shadow from the Too Faced Chocolate bar that I talked about above over this to tone it down a little.


Glo-Miinerals Water Resistant Mascara



I have a love-hate relationship with mascaras. Most of them I tend to not like. I do not understand the hype of the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara at all. Lately this Glo-Minerals mascara is the only mascara that I have been using and I don’t see myself switching anytime soon. I love that this mascara is more natural. It doesn’t contain tars and other icky ingredients in it that most mascaras have in them (especially those drug-store ones). I also love the brush! I can use the brush vertical or horizontal to coat the lashes and guess what no clumps! Also, this mascara has the perfect wetness to it.  I hate those really wet formulas and also I am not a fan of those super dry formulas as well.

That concludes Part 2 of The Best of Beauty! Hope you enjoyed it even though it is extremely late! But, better late than never! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

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8 thoughts on “The Best of Beauty 2014: Part 2 Eye-shadows, Eyeliners, and Mascara!

  1. Ok first off, I am right there with you about the Too Faced mascara. I’m not a fan at all. And I love ColourPop! I have nine of their shadows + two Lippie Stix + two Lippie Pencils and definitely want more!!!

  2. I’m so glad your back blogging. I think my favourite thing in this post is the makeup forever palettes. The colours look amazing. I almost bought some when I was in France, but the euro to pound exchange rate was poor making them expensive. I’m coming to America on holiday in June 🙂 so going to track them down then.
    Do you have the new too faced chocolate palette? I don’t think it’s as pretty as this one. I haven’t got much too faced stuff, only the sample bronzer you gave me which will make an appearance again for summer and the mascara. I’m not sure if I like the mascara or not.

    • Its really hard to be back to blogging. I do a lot of computer work at work for charting so it is hard to want to look at a computer when I get home. I also don’t have as many days off with this job. Yes the Make Up For Ever shadows are amazing. I have some more now that i got this year. I’ve put them into a z palette. Definitely check them out when you’re in America. You’re going to New York right? Yes I got the new too faced palette I used my Ulta rewards and gift card on it. Haven’t used it much yet. I really like Too Faced. They are one of my favorite brands. I want to do my top 5 favorite brands post for both high end and more affordable some day.

      • I hear you with the computer thing. Basically 90% of my job, if not more I’m at a computer. It’s not too bad at the minute as I’ve only been doing Monday to Friday and not much overtime, but last year when I stopped blogging I was spending 12+ hours a day at a computer. Bleh. At least your enjoying your new job though, which is the main thing!
        You’re far too organised with your zpalettes – I really need to take a leaf from your book and depot some of my stuff to save space. Yeah going to new York at the start of June, then on to Canada. Can’t wait. I’m definitely getting some more flower stuff, I really liked the stuff you sent me. Oh and Pacifica too.
        You will need to let me know what you think of the new too faced palette when you get a chance to have a play!

      • Glad to hear you’re happier with your schedule now. That had to be hard putting in that many hours. I do like the concept of my job and what it entails, the charting is just a lot. Yes love z palettes! There are a lot of palettes I wont depot because I love its packaging. That trip sounds like a lot of fun! Ive never been to New York or Canada. Im sure NY Sephora is huge! If you want more flower stuff you will have to stop at a Walmart. Its only sold there. Also pacifica is mostly sold at ulta.

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