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Day 27: An OOTD and FOTD!

So this outfit of the day and face of the day was actually what I wore yesterday. I went to the town where both my brothers live. I even sold back my Iphone at Best Buy and received a gift card and walked out with a Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo <3! I was happy that I got so much back on my Iphone! Team Android!

I did post some of these photos on my Instagram and Twitter, but I thought it would be fun to do a post about them.

I got this outfit from Maurices! Who would have thought?!? Lol, love that store! I also used one of my newest palettes, Too Faced Chocolate Bar for my FOTD. The picture doesn’t capture its shimmer at all. Comment if you have any advice on capturing photos to get the full effect of an eye look. I am really loving this palette! It is amazing! I will be doing a review sometime soon! I also got my feather necklace at Maurices as well.



Mirya being adorable!



Do you see me wearing capris and sandals!?! So glad that the Minnesota Winter is finally over! It was a little chilly, but I didn’t care! Sandals are out to stay!


My hair clips that I got from Wal-Mart.


The bow ring that I thought was adorable that I got from JCPenney.


I recently got a new curling wand and my hair was still super curly at the end of the day! Usually my hair doesn’t stay curled very well so I was pleasantly surprised!


Comment and let me know what you think! Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Day 27: An OOTD and FOTD!

  1. Hey beautiful, this look is really cute. I love a shrug/cardigan, and own many. Btw, lastnight I was showing my in-laws some pictures of Mirya being that they too had a sheba inu. I said that in past tense because he passed away last year, but he lived an extremely long life, just about the best life any dog could ever ask for. His name was Kuma, and he was burnt orange in colour.

    Also, I just noticed that you live in Minnesota. My maternal mother lives there also, in St. paul, and I was just there last year for a visit. 🙂

    • Thank you! Aww shiba inus are amazing..aren’t they?!? Kuma sounds amazing! Yes, I live in Minnesota and have my whole life. That is cool that she lives in St. Paul. I live in a much smaller town than that, but I do enjoy going to the cities for shopping.

    • Thank you! I actually had my mom help me with it?!? I have a hard time curling the back of my hair! How do girls do it by themselves? I curled the sides and she helped me with the rest. I really like my new curling wand that I got. It is a lot easier than a regular curling iron. But, still I need to figure out a easier way to do the back.

      • It looks lovely anyhow. I usually set up two mirrors so I can see the back of my head and section my hair so I don’t miss any. I’ve never had a curling iron, I usually use my flat iron. Do you think a curling iron is worth it?

  2. You look super pretty! I love the ring and the hair clips. And yay for being able to wear sandals. I wish I could but the weather here in northern England is being incredibly gloomy. xxx

    • Thank you! Today isn’t a sandal day! Yesterday wasn’t really one either, but I didn’t care. It is 39 F outside today and rainy. Boo! It was chilly yesterday and very windy, but I had it with the Winter so I didn’t care that it was cold most of the day!

      • I’ve totally had it with all the rain we’ve had over here this winter and am totally dreaming of sandals. I’m totally sick of having to wear boots all the time! If it would just stop raining it would be worth having cold feet to wear sandals! xxx

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