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Day 26!! Get Ready with Me: A Girl’s Night Out Blog Hop!!!

Can you believe that April is coming to an end?!? That is crazy! But, I have a happy feeling with that, because I actually wore sandals today. It felt amazing! Absolutely amazing! Hopefully Spring is here to stay! This lovely blog hop was lead by the amazing Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner. Jacquelyn, a few other ladies, and I, decided to post a blog hop, “Get Ready with Me: Girl’s Night Out.” Aaah the agony of deciding what palette to use?!? Yes, I may be a little bit of a palette addict! I decided to go with my newest palette by Too Faced which is the Chocolate Bar palette. Let me tell you this….not only do I love this palette, but it smells amazing! Sometimes I just open it again, just so I can get a whiff of chocolate.


My pre-makeup face! 


My Supplies

  • Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter, shimmer, eyeshadow by The Balm
  • Color Tattoo in Sunwashed Sky (110) by Maybelline
  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay
  • Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara by Flower Beauty
  • Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner by Collection
  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
  • Tinted Lip Balm in Apple Pink by Cailyn
  • Julep Lip-gloss in Enchanted
  • Cheek Pop in Berry Pop by Clinique
  • Overshadow in Work is Overrated by The Balm
  • Mineral Veil Finishing Powder by bareMinerals
  • Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation in Light Sand by Tarte
  • The Porefessional Primer by Benefit
  • Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Cool Medium
  • Makeup brushes!!!


Part 1

Prime those eyes! I used Urban Decay primer potion as my primer, then added a Maybelline color tattoo over and blended it out.

PicMonkey Collage

Part 2: The fun part! The Shadow! 

Step 1: Open the palette and smell the amazing chocolate scent!


Step 2: Take a flat shader brush and apply the color Marzipan onto the inner half of the eyelid.


Step 3: Take another flat shader brush or flip the current brush around and take Haute Chocolate and place that shade on the outer half of the eyelid.


Step 4: Take a crease brush and add the shade Milk Chocolate into the crease. Make sure to blend, blend, blend!


At the end of these steps you should have something like this!


Step 5: Take a pencil brush with the shade Black Forest Truffle and add some definition to the outer V and blend a little bit of that shade into the crease. This shade has some sparkles and is very pretty!


Step 6: Take a blending brush and take the shade White Chocolate and apply it below the eyebrow and blend out the harsh lines of Milk Chocolate. 


Step 7: Take the Overshadow in Work is Overrated from The Balm and apply it all over the lid for some extra shimmer! Perfect for a night out!


Step 8: Take the shade Champagne Truffle and apply it in the inner corner by the tear duct.


 Part 3: Eyeliner, Mascara, Face, and Lips

Step 9: Add liquid eyeliner! I used my Collection eyeliner from the UK!


Step 10: I did not like the liquid eyeliner for this look because I felt like it was too harsh, but adding Black Forest Truffle really softened up the look. I used a pencil brush to apply the shadow.

Step 11:  Apply mascara!


Step 12: Put on that face!



I love my Sigma F80 for applying foundation! It gives me a flawless finish!


Love this concealer that I got in my box swap! Thanks Effie!


Step 13: Apply blush and highlighter! I didn’t contour, even though I probably should have for a night out look. I have yet to find a good brush for that, so I usually shy away from bronzer powders at the moment.


Step 14: Finishing Powder!


I use this brush to set my concealer because it fits perfectly under my eye area.


Step 15: Pout those lips!

I got this Cailyn product from my Ipsy bag and this Julep lipgloss from a few Julep Maven boxes back.

PicMonkey Collage 2


Step 16: Add those finishing touches!

The Final Look

I could not get the camera to capture the actually look. In the photos you can’t see the shimmer! 😦  I need to figure out a way to capture my makeup looks more effectively!



The lip products faded throughout the day, so here are some pictures with a different lip!

IMG_20140425_160330146 IMG_20140425_160550662

That concludes this Get Ready with Me post! I know it was more like a tutorial! I decided to just do my makeup! Although, a big part of a girl’s night out would include fashion, hair and nails!!! Comment and let me know what you thought! Also, have you tried the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette!?!?

Make sure to check out the other blogs involved!

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  3. Jen @ Jen’s Beauty Bits
  4. Sonya @ Once Upon A Glam
  5. Makeupyourcupcake

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23 thoughts on “Day 26!! Get Ready with Me: A Girl’s Night Out Blog Hop!!!

    • Aww thank you! I’m really loving the palette. It has become one of my favorites! The color tattoo is a limited edition one so I would assume it is probably only available in certain locations. It is also my only color tattoo I have. It is in the shade sunwashed sky and it is a purple-pink duo-chrome shade. They also had one that was purple-green duo-chrome that was gorgeous as well! Do you want me to pick you up one for our box swap?!?

      • The thing that put me off that palette was the chocolate smell, but I heard it isn’t actually that bad. Ah okay, it’s probably a states exclusive then! Yeah if you could get one and there’s room in the box or should I say weight, that would be cool. It’s really gorgeous. I’ve never seen anything like that shade. I know the us has way more shades than the UK. I bought a Mac paint pot, which is a similar concept but three times the price and colour tattoo is much better.
        There’s a new drugstore brand launched over here called makeup revolution, I’m going to try get you something from there as all the bloggers seem to be raving about it.

      • The chocolate smell is amazing. It doesn’t smell like chocolate once applied. I really am loving this palette. I recommend it. I’ve never tried anything Mac but hear a ton about that paint pot. I’ve seen something about that new brand on blog posts and it looks amazing.

      • I will try swatch the palette next time I’m in the department store. See if I like it. I only got my first Mac product about a month ago, a lipstick. Since then I’ve tried a single powder eye shadow and a paint pot. I think the lipstick is worth the money, but the eye shadow is not any better than urban decay which are my favourite and the paint pot is similar to the colour tattoos.

      • Yes, swatch it! It is honestly amazing! I went to Ulta with my sister in law and she decided to buy that palette. She pretty much looked at every palette available and decided on this one. She is also loving it so far! She is new to the world of eye shadow palette love!

      • I hope my local department store has it. I ended up buying an urban decay palette after seeing it on your blog. I think it’s called vice? Is that right? It’s quite big with bright colours. I think I will end up buying this one if I can find it, the look you did with it is stunning. It seems like a good palette for taking away on holiday as it has colours for day and night

      • The one I reviewed is the vice 2. It has purple packaging. I really love that palette and its array of colors. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the look I created. I’ll do a review on it soon!

  1. Cool post (& cool blog, too – just found you, via Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner)! Would love to do GRWM posts, too but 1. am by now means confident enought to and b. have yet to find a way to take clear, well- lit selfies that would manage to effectively portray the end result 🙄

    • Aww thank you for stopping by! 🙂 I’m glad you like my blog! I totally know what you mean about the selfies. I can’t ever get a good selfie to show off the end result, but that is what I came up with. Don’t worry dear, confidence comes with experience. The more and more I use makeup and write blog posts the more confident I become. Practice! Practice! I even thought about doing a YouTube channel, but that sounds super scary to me!

      • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Been toying with that You Tube cannel idea myself for sometime… Would be fun (but scares the living lights out of me, LOL)

      • I got an Olympus DSLR but no camera at all…Might eventually look into that. If you are looking into it you might wanna check out a series on vlogging that, I think, Vivianna Does Makeup did a little while back. Been meaning to check it out, too.

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