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Day 17: My Niece Does my Makeup!

niece does my makeup

A couple weekends ago I went to visit my nieces. When I told my niece Kate that she could do my makeup, she got really excited. Extremely excited! This post will be posting on 4/17 which is also her 6th birthday. I can’t believe that she is already 6! Happy Birthday to my niece Kate! In the photos you will also see my younger niece and she is 2 years old.

I brought a few different palettes from home, but I figured that she would have fun with my Galaxy Chic palette because of all the fun colors. She really thought this palette was cool and said, “woaaah, they look just like planets!” She was very interested in Earth, Venus (the orange shade), and also Mars.


Before the makeup…



I gave Kate her choice of makeup brushes as you can see. A few times I had to remind her to use only a little bit. She kept wanting to load up the brush with tons of eye shadow.


She was all giggly during this point… 🙂


Deciding on her next color!


Kate decided on the color purple as my under the brow highlight shade.


Blending the shadows in…


She really liked the orange color and felt like I needed it above my brows. She was really concentrating and she also thought it was funny, hence the tongue sticking out.



Next we moved onto blush and we went with Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop.



Deciding on a lip gloss!


Kourtney wanted to see the makeup items too!



She went with the Nyx Butter lip gloss in Strawberry Parfait.


The Final Look

She is very proud of her work and she had a lot of fun! Although, all the fall out from the shadows sure extenuated my dark under eyes.


A close up my my shadows, blush, and lip-gloss. Does it surprise you that we’re watching Frozen in the background?!?


After cleanup…

I did have to do a little cleanup because I was planning on going into town. Although, I did wear this look around for awhile. She was extremely excited to show her mom and dad when they got home. All I did was clean up the orange, the purple on the brows, and the fall out from the under eyes. Then I added eyeliner and mascara. I think that my actual eye area looks pretty awesome for a 6 year old!


I thought that this was a really fun post to do! One day hopefully Kourtney will be able to do it as well! Comment and let me know what you think!

Happy Birthday to my adorable niece Kate! Xoxo Auntie loves you!

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35 thoughts on “Day 17: My Niece Does my Makeup!

  1. This is soo cute! 😀 She did a great job, looks like you’ve got future MUA on your hands 😉 Can’t wait until I can have little nieces doing my makeup ❤

  2. This is absolutely adorable! You are a fun aunt! You’ll have to tell her she did an amazing job and if I lived closer, I’d want her to do my makeup! We have a future beautician on our hands, here! 🙂

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  9. I love this, it’s so cute! It looks like you have a lovely relationship with your nieces, and you must have so much fun together. Those pink eyebrows are most fetching, by the way 😀

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