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Day 16: The Wizard of Oz Collection by Julep

When I first saw this collection I knew I had to have it! I love The Wizard of Oz! This movie recently celebrated its 75th Anniversary, so to celebrate Julep came out with this lovely collection of nail polishes.


The description is off of Julep’s website and can be found here.

Four gorgeous nail colors created in honor of the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of OzTM.

  • Emerald CityTM: Emerald crème
  • Tin ManTM: Silver holographic
  • Glinda the Good WitchTM: Pink frost
  • Ruby SlippersTM: Full-coverage red multidimensional glitter


I find the packaging to be amazing and very well done! It is super colorful and describes the movie very well.


I really like that they put all 4 characters on the back. Once again, I think the packaging is amazing.


The inner flap shows the yellow brick road to Emerald City. Yes, Mirya got a hold of this and chewed on the little flap. Luckily, I caught her before too much damage was done!


All the polishes have a certain spot with their corresponding image. This set includes 4 polishes: Ruby Slippers, Tin Man, Glinda the Good Witch, and Emerald City. Once again, love the packaging. Although, I do wish that there was a spot for the yellow brick road. I’m very surprised that they didn’t include a polish called, “Yellow Brick Road.” But, I guess we can’t have everything!


The spine



Here is a closer up picture of all the ingredients in each of the polishes. It also is cruelty free! 🙂



I apologize in advanced because these are not the best painted nails, but I really wanted to share this set with you. I am working on my nail polish painting skills. I just have a terrible time using my left hand because I am very dominant with using my right hand. I am excited to try Julep’s new system and see how that works.

Ruby Slippers

Dorothy’s red shoes were a big part of the movie so I’m glad they decided to include this one. This polish is a red glitter polish, I think they did a great job with matching the color and glitter to her shoes. I was nervous about trying this polish because I have had bad luck with other glitter polishes from Julep (February birthstone). I was pleasantly surprised. This formula was really easy to apply. It is very sheer with 1 coat, but if you add more than 1 coat it becomes more opaque. In the picture below I applied this polish to my ring finger as an accent nail. The polish on the other nails is Tin Man. I didn’t feel like doing all my nails in glittery red at that time. Sorry for the horrible picture quality. I took this photo with my Iphone.


Tin Man

This is my favorite polish out of any of them! This is a gorgeous holographic silver. The polish shows up differently in different lighting.  I would consider this my all time favorite silver polish and probably a good favorite of mine in my entire collection. The formula is super nice and easy to apply. It dried really fast, but I did use a fast drying top coat. The finish of this polish was just amazing. Good Job Julep on this color!


 Glinda the Good Witch

This polish is a very faint frost pink shade. It is meant to match Glinda’s dress. This formula is once again easy to apply. It does need at least 2 coats because it is such a light shade. I would have preferred it to be a little darker, but all in all they did a good job with matching her dress. This shade did smudge when I applied it because I’m impatient for waiting for nails to dry! I think a big reason why this smudged was because I didn’t use a fast drying top coat.


Emerald City

I really love this shade of green. I got a lot of compliments on the color. It is something different. Even someone told me that it reminded her of Emerald City. This is a creme polish. This polish applied really nice as well and it only needed 1 coat. It did chip really fast, but honestly I think that it was because Seche Vite doesn’t work for my nails.



These pictures looked a lot better on my Iphone, but now on the screen they don’t look as clear. Boo Iphone and bad lighting!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have this set or are interested in getting it after reading my review. Comment down below and let me know what you think!

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25 thoughts on “Day 16: The Wizard of Oz Collection by Julep

    • Don’t worry it still is!!! Are you a julep maven? It’s 19.99 if your a maven. Not sure on how much it is if you’re not. I recommend your ordering it soon if you want it! The silver tin man polish is amazing!

  1. I LOVE this collection! I’m a big QVC fan / viewer / buyer, so they aired this collection, and many other Oz items when it had it’s anniversary not too long ago. I was soooo tempted to buy it, but passed (wishing I didn’t). I love all of the colors in this collection, but not a big fan of the Tin Man (don’t care for metallic-y polishes). I think it’s funny your pet chewed on the box; my dog Roxie LOVES nibbling on anything. She usually doesn’t cause any damage because it’s more of a nervous nibble / tick, but she’s enjoyed the spine of a book or two of mine lol.

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  9. 😮 That packaging! Stunning! I like how you’ve composed the photos of the nail polish too, with your nails parallel with the bottle. It appeals to my neat freak-ness somehow 🙂

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