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Day 13: My Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus!

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You may or may not know that I was a late bloomer when it came to makeup. I never ever wore it in high school or during most of my college life. I was stubborn (if that is what you call it) and I looked at it as, “I don’t need to fit into society’s norms?” I was also in dance for 13 years so I was forced to wear it then. Sure, I wore it during weddings and prom, but usually nothing more than that. Although, I still agree with the fact that I don’t need to fit into society’s norms, my outlook on makeup has changed drastically. I mean drastically! I am 25 right now, if someone told me when I was, let’s say 20 years old that I would start a beauty blog and own quite a bit of makeup, I would have probably said no way.

So where did my inspiration come from?

I kind of had an epiphany and decided to start selling Avon. I was really interested in their perfumes and I wanted to try out some of their makeup. I also liked that Avon sells more than just makeup. I sold Avon for a year, or sort of sold it. I’m not a very good business person. It wasn’t for me, so I decided to quit selling it. Where I was living at the time, there was a new store in the mall called Sephora. I had never heard of one of these at that time. I never went in there until my sister in law told me I should check it out. Behold…this is where Avon was no more and I found out about the amazing pigmentation of Urban Decay. I didn’t get anything that first day because I was not used to Sephora prices and I was used to Avon pricing, but I just couldn’t get that Urban Decay Glinda palette out of my mind. I did order it off Urban Decay’s website with a coupon code and my love of makeup started blossoming. This is where Youtube comes in. I was a newbie with makeup brands so I watched a lot of Youtube videos and this is really where I started my major love for beauty items. Without YouTube, I don’t think I would have ever started my blog. I owe all these lovely ladies with my inspiration to start the Beauty Deputy. Also, I blame all these ladies for all those Sephora and Ulta hauls. In case you’re wondering, I don’t think a woman needs to wear makeup, I just love the creativity behind it, which is why I love eye-shadow palettes so much. I am also a sucker for packaging. Sorry for the lengthy introduction, but here are the top 10 lovely ladies I love to watch in no particular order.

1) Charisma Star

She is one of my favorites! I think that she seems like such an inspiration. She seems like such a true down to earth gal. Also, her and Jacob’s love story is amazing. The thing that I love about this amazing Youtuber is the creativity behind all of her videos. She gets into character with her tutorials!  Snow White? Might as well wear a Snow White costume and sound like her as well!

2) ThatGirlShaeXo

I love this girl’s personality that she transmits through her videos. She is so bubbly and just amazing at makeup tutorials! I always get excited when a new video comes out from this Youtuber.

3) Coffee Break With Dani

This girl is amazing! She is awesome. I love her makeup reviews. This girl was the reason I got that Pantone Universe Sephora Color of the Year palette. She always has amazing makeup looks that she creates. She is the Queen of blending. She also has a westie (West Highland White Terrier) which is the breed of dog that Maddie is. Her son is also adorable!

4) Xsparkage

This awesome lady is no stranger to color. She is always coming up with amazing colorful eye looks. I think that her reviews are always amazing and spot on. If a new palette came out, I know who to check to see if she has reviewed it.

5) Essie Button

I recently started following this Youtuber and I think she is amazing. I just love her personality! One of her first videos I watched was all about Tarte, which is a favorite brand of mine. I just think that she has some amazing makeup advice. Her tutorial on winged eyeliner really breaks it down into nice steps to help get flawless application.

6) BeautyWithBrittanyXo

Brittany is a pretty amazing name…isn’t it? Lol, but I do really love her Youtube channel. She is a lot like me and loves makeup palettes and I just love watching her videos. She has the most amazing red hair as well.

7) MakeupByTiffanyD

This is the lady that got me to try Sigma brushes. She has amazing recommendations and I love her makeup tutorials. Also, her closet looks like a girl’s heaven.

8) Samantha Schuerman

She has an adorable personality. She always has this series the end of each week, “Sunday Sizzles and Fizzles.” I love watching to see what items she loves and which she doesn’t.


I recently found this Youtube channel because I was looking into nail art. I love these tutorials because she breaks it down nicely because I am surely a beginner at nail art. She was also the reason I did my Sally’s Beauty Supply haul that was featured before the start of my no-buy. I pretty much watched her beginner nail art 1-11 videos in 1 to 2 nights intermittently.

10) Jaclyn Hill

Love this girl! She is amazing! Her makeup is always flawless. She also is very informative and has a lot of amazing videos with tips and tricks.

That concludes this post on my favorite Youtubers! I think that all of the above ladies are awesome and I think you should check out each and everyone. Sometimes, I would love to take my blog to the next step and make my own Youtube videos. Comment and let me know who your favorites are on Youtube? Also, let me know if you watch any of the lovely ladies that I mentioned.

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33 thoughts on “Day 13: My Top 10 Youtube Beauty Gurus!

  1. I was definitely a late bloomer! I didn’t start wearing makeup until a year ago (my sophomore year of college). Urban Decay, between their packaging and amazing products, could definitely turn anyone into a believer. 🙂 My favorite YouTubers are gossmakeupartist, emilynoel83, amarixe, and misglamorazzi. Great post!

    • Thank you! Youtube really did give me my inspiration so I thought it was a good post to do. 🙂 Yes, EssieButton is awesome! Let me know if you check out the others and what you think of them.

  2. Great post. I love all the ladies you mentioned except 1,2 and 6 which I have never watched before so will definetely have to check them out. I love Jaclyn Hill, she was the first YouTuber I ever subscribed to. I also really love ShadesofKassie, Makeup Geek, Nicole Guerriero, Tanya Burr and Violeta Meyners + like million more! Such a Youtube addict, it’s the reason I started my blog to 🙂

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  20. I am from Italy, Rome and I found your blog today while I was trying to check if my post on Coffee Break with Dani, one of my favourite you tube make up channel, apperead on google . It has been a pleasure to learn how many you have. Your top ten is very interesting .. I lilve down below th link to my post, maybe it could be funny for you to know that from the other part of the word we share the same passion 🙂

    • Aww your message went into my spam folder so I didn’t see it right away. Sorry for the really delayed response. Coffee Break with Dani is amazing and she is becoming one of my favorites each and every video I watch of hers. I love her personality. That is really cool that you’re from Italy. I have always wanted to travel there and try some authentic Italian food as well.

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