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Day 8: My 3 Month No-Buy

I just wanted to share with you all my No-Buy rules. This is something that I really need to do, especially after my latest hauls.


  • Not allowed to buy any makeup, skincare (Lush, Fortune Cookie Soap, The Body Shop, etc), or anything dealing with the beauty world (nail polishes, makeup brushes, etc.).
  • Timeline is from 4/8/14 to 7/8/14. I want to be realistic here. I know it could be longer than 3 months, but let’s be realistic. All the cosmetics companies make it so hard with all the amazing products they come out with all the time. I can always extend it.
  • No Ulta or Sephora!


  • If I run out of moisturizer or any other essential skincare items, I am allowed to repurchase. It would be cruel to let a person with really dry skin not be allowed to buy moisturizer. I will be good for awhile, because I got a new one not too long ago.
  • I am allowed to buy products for Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner for our box swap, but not for myself.
  • I am allowed to keep my subscription boxes: Ipsy, Julep, Beauty Box 5, Fortune Cookie Soap (4 boxes a year), and Barkbox. I am thinking about canceling all but Ipsy and FCS. With Julep, I can skip a month so that is always a plus. Mirya has 2 BarkBoxes left before her subscription is out. Also, I canceled my Naturebox, but I will be doing a post regarding my last 2 boxes.
  • I am allowed to get my Birthstone polishes for each month. I’ve done them since January so I can’t stop now.
  • I am allowed to get Limited Edition items.

Comment and let me know if you have gone on a no-buy.

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Don’t forget that during this month there will be 30 days of The Beauty Deputy to celebrate my 6 month blogiversary so make sure to check back each day for a new post. I know this one isn’t that exciting, but I promise there will be more exciting ones to come! Also, make sure to check out my post from yesterday if you want to see my nieces as Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen.

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23 thoughts on “Day 8: My 3 Month No-Buy

  1. Those seem like pretty reasonable rules! Good luck! I found that it was helpful to me to unsubscribe from stores’ email lists because it helps me avoid the temptation of sales (which some places seem to have all the time!)

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