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Box Swap Item #3 Review Sleek Coral Blusher (Plus my Blush Organization)

Wearing blush was one of the things that I used to skip when I first started getting into makeup. Well, now that I am getting more experienced, I know the importance of blush. Since then my blush collection has grown and it has become one of my favorite makeup items (besides eye-shadows). Effie had asked me during our box swap planning what kind of blush I would like, and I told her a coral type blush. I mostly have pink toned blushes, so I was looking forward to seeing what blush Effie decided to send me. When I ripped off the wrapping paper, I was excited to see a Sleek blush, or should I say blusher.

The blusher comes in a Β little black sleek package. It is a little hard to open, but over time it gets easier.


I present to you all…Coral blusher by Sleek! Such a lovely color!


Here is a picture of my swatch. The blush is very pigmented and a perfect coral color. It will be perfect for Summer! Although, I feel like it could be worn anytime of the year.


Here is a picture of me wearing this lovely Sleek blusher. I am also wearing eye-shadows from the Storm palette.


My Overall Thoughts
I really like this blusher, I think the color is gorgeous! The blusher itself is very pigmented. But, it isn’t overly pigmented where application gets messy. Sometimes, if blushes are too pigmented even a tap on the brush is too much. With this blush, I can built it up to how I want it. The color also lasts most of the day. It does fade a bit throughout the day, but most blushers do. I really am loving this blusher!

Geeze that was confusing on weather I should say blush or blusher while writing this post.

Thank you Effie for the wonderful blusher you sent me! I love it! This makes me want to check out more Sleek blushers.

Recently I decided I needed to organize my blushes a little differently, because how I had them was driving me nuts! So I went shopping at Target and Office Max and this is what I came up with. I’m not sure if I want to add anything more to it or not (such as words/stickers, etc.). Comment and let me know how you organize your blushes/bronzers/highlighters. Yes, I know I have too many blushers, but some of them are highlighters and bronzers. Also, to tell you the truth I don’t have them all up there either such as my Bh Cosmetics Floral Duos (review here) and a few others so I am thinking about getting another one. Not sure yet. Comment and let me know what you think!


With that I hope you enjoyed this post! Can you spot the Sleek blusher in the photo above πŸ™‚ ?!?!?!



The Beauty Deputy

19 thoughts on “Box Swap Item #3 Review Sleek Coral Blusher (Plus my Blush Organization)

  1. Love your new organization. Is that like a magnet board? I am getting two new Sleek blushes this week and will have to find a new way to organize my blush collection, too! πŸ™‚

  2. SUCH a clever idea to organize makeup / blushes! I love your blush review and think it’s perfect for your skin tone! πŸ™‚ Such a lovely picture of you! Natural beauty, yet accented perfectly with the right touch of makeup πŸ™‚

  3. Yaay the blusher looks lovely on you! I’m so glad you like it so much. It’s funny you should say that blusher was one of the last things you got into, where make up is concerned. I was the same, and my younger sister still doesn’t use it! I think she worries about looking too red, as she goes red naturally anyway, but I’ve never had that issue. I think wearing foundation makes it less scary somehow πŸ™‚ perhaps you could try another Sleek blush when you do a swap with Jacquelyn in May? Love the organisation technique by the way, it looks great!

    • Aww thank you! I agree about the foundation making it less scary. I guess I will have to see what Jacquelyn sends me! So far I’m loving my blush organization! Makes it so easy to find what blush I want for that day!

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