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Box Swap Item #2 Review: Sleek Storm Palette

Time for another box swap review! When Effie and I first started talking about doing a blog swap, I told her that I wanted to try a Sleek eye-shadow palette. Browsing Sleek’s website, I knew that they had quite a few amazing palettes. The ones that I knew I definitely wanted were either the Storm palette or the Garden of Eden palette. I wasn’t sure which one I would get, but I was excited when I opened it and saw STORM written across the palette’s packaging! I live up in Minnesota and sometimes we get tornado warnings. I’ve never been in a tornado (*knocks on wood), but I have seen very interesting colors in the sky and this palette reminds me of that. I remember staying at my brothers hiding out in the bathroom with my sister-in-law and nieces as bad weather was coming. Thankfully, the tornado didn’t really form and come that near us. But, it was sure windy and hailing and the sky was strange colors.

Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette

The Packaging

Here is the outer packaging that this palette comes in. Nothing spectacular, but gets the job done!


The palette itself! I really like how sleek the palette it. It also seems sturdy too!


The back of the palette. It was made in China.


The palette comes with a nice mirror that actually stays up!!! Once again, I think of Xsparkage and her Viagra reference.


The Shadows

Comes with 12 shadows in a variety of colors and finishes. The amount of each shadow is: 12X1.1g/12×0.03oz.


The Swatches



  1. This color is a lot of fun, I would describe it as a shimmery beige medium gold. It is super pigmented! I had fun incorporating this shade into my St. Patrick’s Day inspired looks.
  2. Another fun color that helps lighten up the look. It is a shimmery, yet gorgeous champagne shade that I think helps complete the palette. I like using this shade in my inner corner. I used it in my look #2 down below.
  3. This is a very important shade because it is a matte medium brown which I think is a perfect crease color. This palette is mostly shimmery, so it is nice to have a matte included.
  4. This shade is crazy pigmented! I would describe this shade as a shimmery milk chocolate brown. This is a perfect color to use on the outer eye or outer V and into the crease for a darker look.
  5. Love this shade! This was actually the first shade I tried since I was wearing a blue top. Why not wear blue eye-shadow? I would describe this shade as a shimmery midnight blue.
  6. Also love this shade because I love green! I would describe this shade as a shimmery forest green. This is the shade that I used in my St. Patrick’s Day Inspired looks down below.



  1. I feel like this is the perfect gold shade. I would call it a shimmery medium gold that is super pigmented.
  2. In love with this color! It is crazy pigmented. I would describe this shade as a shimmery medium rose pink.
  3. This shadow isn’t as pigmented as the one above, but still pigmented. This shadow compliments the shade above very well when used together. I would describe this shade as a shimmery (light) cranberry.
  4. I also incorporated this shade into my #1 FOTD down below along with the other blue shade above. I would describe this shade as a shimmery greyish-blue. It is also nicely pigmented.
  5. Another perfect shade to have in the palette for a crease shade. I would describe it as a matte taupe-brown.
  6. Just a regular matte black shade. It is pigmented and can be used to add a little more depth into the outer V.

My Overall Thoughts

I love love love love this palette! I think the shades are gorgeous! The eye-shadows are very pigmented, very blendable, and affordable! This is a very shimmery palette, so it might not be for everybody, but I love the shimmer. Like I said above, it also has some mattes. The only thing really missing is a highlight shade for under the eyebrow. Usually I just grab my Naked 2 and use the color Foxy. I recently went to Mall of America (I will be posting that haul here soon) , and the worker at the Sigma store complimented on my eye-shadows. She made me smile! ๐Ÿ™‚ In case you were wondering, it was FOTD #4. Also, the palette is really hard to open. Trying to open it made me chip my gel polish. But, now that I have opened it a few times, it is getting easier. ย It also comes with a foam applicator, which seems nice and applied the shadows nicely. But, in the end, I would rather use my makeup brushes, so I ended up throwing that away. Overall, this palette is amazing and I will continue to use it regularly.


#1: Blues



#2 Neutral Pink


#3 Gold/Greens (St. Patrick’s Day Inspired)



#4 More Inspired Greens for St. Patrick’s Day



#5 More Blues


Some Mirya & Maddie Photos!ย 



This palette really got me intrigued with this brand. I really want to try out some more of their palettes and other makeup items. These palettes come in 16 shades. I am loving Garden of Eden, Vintage Romance, and I-Candy! I-Candy would be perfect for Summer! They all look amazing!

Once again, you thank Effie for sending me this lovely palette!



The Beauty Deputy


25 thoughts on “Box Swap Item #2 Review: Sleek Storm Palette

    • Thank you!!! I recommend trying a palette if you love eye shadows. Their blushes are nice too. I have a review coming up on one of those as well. I’m so far really impressed with this affordable brand.

    • Oh that would be so much fun IMATS in London. I’ve never been to one of those before. I live in Minnesota so I would have to take a trip to go to one of them. Maybe someday I will go to one. I would love to visit the UK. Sleek is such a nice affordable brand, with lovely colors.

  1. Oh my god! I was literally about to type up my review of this palette, so weird! I might postpone it a little, don’t want to seem like I’m copying. Great review though, and I totally agree about the palette. It is so hard to open, I’ve been using a bobby pin to lever it open!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    • Thank you! So far I’m loving my blush from them. Review will be up either tomorrow or the next day. I’m tempted to place an order too, but I wonder how much international shipping is.

      • I didn’t order from their site but I wanted to know how much does it cost and I put to products to my cart and reached point when it showed me how much I should pay for shipping and it was just 4$.

  2. You have very beautiful dogs!!! I like this palette also. But I got at the same time Storm and Oh so special and to be sincere I almost don’t use Storm.. I don’t know why.. For every day Oh so special is my first palette. I used storm when I went to party and on New Year’s eve and after that..I touched only one shade from it.

  3. Phew, I’m so glad you liked the palette choice! I know I wanted to get you a palette with some greens and blues in, I can’t remember why now, but we must have discussed it at some point! I love the variety of looks you created with it, and also the fact that the lady in the store complimented you on your eyeshadow! I think the blues are my favourite looks on you.
    It’s funny you should say you had problems opening this palette – I had issues with my Sleek blusher too, there’s a big hole in the product from when I finally got it open once, and accidentally shoved my finger into the powder! Oops. I think it gets easier the more you use it though, as I haven’t had any problems in the last few months. Doggies are gorgeous as ever, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. This is the best review of this palette i have ever read. Can anyone tell me how to contact sleek officials? I ordered this palette more than a month ago and its not received yet, nobody is responding to my queries on their official website, Facebook page, twitter, instagram or google plus. There is no phone number provided either. What should i do now? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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