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Box Swap Review Item #1: Barry M Lip Paint

It was a very hard decision on what product to review first from my box swap from Stephanie Wright. She sent me a bunch of makeup/skincare goodies and I did the same. It has been a lot of fun trying out all the products she sent me. Well, now it is time for a review. I was excited to receive a Barry M product, because I’ve heard good things about this brand by reading blog posts. Most of the posts I’ve seen have been nail polishes, but still I was curious.  When I opened up this item I was happy because, I had in my possession an item from Barry M.  Opening this package, I felt like it was Christmas all over again!

Be hold readers….Barry M Lip Paint

What Barry M says, “There is a shade to suit every occasion from soft, shimmering pastels to bold, vibrant colours. All Lip Paint’s have a soft, smooth texture that is packed full of natural moisturisers to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours.” Information from their website here


While opening the plastic off the lip paint, I was thinking, “Yay! I’m excited! Hmmmmm, I wonder what color Effie got me.” Actually, I was saying that out loud, because I was with my mom when I was opening my lovely package.

Be hold…The color! 


IT’S GREEN!!! If I had a camera for the look on my mom’s face that would be priceless. I was thinking, “Oh ok, I’ll have to think of a creative Halloween costume, I don’t think I will sport this as an everyday look.” I’ll have to use my Urban Decay Theordora palette and use my green eye-shadows along side this new lip paint and transform myself into the Wicked Witch. Now that I am thinking about this movie, I’m very tempted to go watch it.


It’s green, yet it’s pink in my swatch! How cool is that?!? The shade is called, Touch of Magic. So I realized at that moment, I could use it other than just for Halloween, and sighed a moment of relief. I don’t know if the green lipstick look would look very good on me. I would describe the color as a watermelon shade.



Here is a picture of my first time trying it.

I decided to put it on my lips and it started out as a watermelon shade and kept getting darker and darker. I wasn’t that careful applying it either so when it got darker it didn’t look as crisp. But, lesson learned *spend more time applying it. Hey, I was excited and wanted to try it right away!


When I was opening the plastic wrap off the lipstick, I didn’t even pay attention to the sticker on the bottom of the tube. I was still unprepared for the green! When looking at lipstick colors, I usually like looking at the lipstick itself before I look at the stickers because I guess it leaves open an element of surprise like this one did. (Unless I’m at a store that doesn’t have displays.)

What Barry M says about Touch of Magic, “Waterproof formula with aloe vera, lasts up to 8 hours. Alkali level of your lips determines how pink the colour will go.”

I must have a high Alkali level because my lips got pretty bold. I liked the color, it just took a bit to get used to because I don’t wear bold lips too often. But, it is something different and I like trying different. The fact that it changes to the wearer’s alkaline level is clever and a nifty idea.

Some things I noticed…

If my lips are dry in some parts, it applies very streaky. I used my Lush lip scrub and afterwards it was much better. So another lesson learned *dry patches have a higher alkaline levels.

It doesn’t smell like watermelon. I think it should because it reminds me of one!

The lasting power is amazing! It lasted pretty much all day. I put it on for the fun of it one night after supper/few hours before bed, and I’m being totally honest it still had some color when I woke up the next morning. It also lasts after eating!

Overall, this was a really fun surprise! It is fun to see how bold my lips will get when wearing this. I think it is so cool that a green lipstick turns pink! I also showed this to my grandma, “Effie, she wondered how often you wore green lipstick?” Comment down below if you have tried any Barry M products or if you have tried this lip paint where green is the new pink! Thank you Effie for the lovely lip paint.



The Beauty Deputy


13 thoughts on “Box Swap Review Item #1: Barry M Lip Paint

  1. Haha brilliant! I loved reading this review, I thought you’d get a nice surprise from the green/pink thing, but didn’t realise you’d be this surprised 😀 I love your Mom and Grandma’s reactions too – personally I never wear green lipstick, and I haven’t tried one of these magic ones either, so your review was particularly interesting 🙂 lasting power and colour sound lovely. I might have to get one for myself now!

    • Lol yes! Have you seen the great and powerful oz movie? Totally made me think of the wicked witch! Although I think in that movie her lipstick is more black, but still she is green. It’s one of my favorite movies! It really was a clever idea from Barry m of a color changing lipstick! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I’m thinking about doing another discuss with me topic soon. The one I’m thinking about is non makeup related.

      • I haven’t actually seen it no. Its on my list though. I wonder how it changes colour? Really clever. You could do one on animal cruelty? I’m just about to send an email about a collab/blog swap so look out for that! xx

      • It’s based on the alkaline level, but I guess I would have to be a chemist to understand it all. Lol! I’m in the process of doing a post on animal cruelty, but it is taking a long time to finish. Ok I’ll look out for that email! 🙂 Watch out for my next discuss with me. It’s an interesting one!

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