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Discuss with Me! Topic #1

I was just curious about a question that came to mind! I thought it would be cool to make it into a post and have a little discussion. I  might even do more posts like this making it into a series, just dependent on how this one goes. I love reading every single one of my follower comments!

If you could be a spokesperson for any cosmetic brand what would you pick?

I would love to be the spokesperson for….


I love this brand!!! They have amazing products and a wide array of products too including: eye shadow palettes, blushes, skincare, shampoo/conditioner, and many more! I love love love love love their packaging! It is very unique and adorable! Some of it can even make you laugh, such as: The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude, because yes size matters! I have quite a few items from The Balm and have many wonderful things to say about this company. They’re also cruelty free! I have many The Balm reviews coming out to you all soon! So many posts, so little time! Darn me for being human and needing sleep!

Make sure to comment down below and let me know which cosmetic company you would pick!


34 thoughts on “Discuss with Me! Topic #1

  1. I think I’d go with Avon, they have gorgeous lipsticks, a wide range of skincare depending on your age, at least 3 really good mascaras not to mention all the eyeshadows, all great quality.

    Good post

  2. What an amazing post idea! Have you thought about doing a weekly collaboration thing with this? I’ve seen some nail bloggers do that.
    I would choose bareminerals cos I just love their products.

    • I really wanted to see what my followers would say. I think I might do these types of posts weekly or every other week. I have only 1 item from bareminerals, now 2 if you count the lipstick sample I got in my Ipsy yesterday:). I was really excited to see that. Their eye shadows look divine. My mom is sad because she already hit pan on her bareminerals mineral veil compact powder. She asked me if she is using too much? How long does your compact last?

      • Yeah they are great! I love this type of post and if you were interested I would love to do it too and we could link each other?
        I’ve never tried any of their lipstick so you will need to let me know how that goes. I’ve had my compact for around a year and use it to touch up during the day and on nights out. My powdered version lasts for around 6 months, so I would expect the compact to last about the same.

      • Will rack my brains and see what I come up with. I liked this week’s topic. Oh I managed to get the nude palette from the balm in a blog sale, just waiting on it arriving. So yay to my first balm product! They are quite difficult to get in the UK, they aren’t sold in any shops which makes switching impossible and I was a bit dubious about spending so much on something I couldn’t swatch

      • Yay that’s exciting! I like their palettes! I got Effie the meet matt(e) palette! Can’t wait to see her review! Make sure to do a review when you get your palette!

  3. I’m not remotely confident enough to be a rep for any cosmetic company, but my top favorites that I’d love to learn more about and would LOVE to work for would be: Philosophy and Benefit! I only VERY recently discovered The Balm, but thus far I’m impressed. So they would be my third choice! Great blog post idea 🙂

  4. I think I would choose Tarte or It Cosmetics! I love everything about both of those brands and own quite a bit from each so I’d be confident in recommending and promoting for either one!!

  5. Great idea! Not surprised you chose The Balm, you have such great knowledge of their products and it seems like such a fun brand! I think I’d go for Clinique or Lancome because I feel very strongly about people getting the right skincare for their individual needs.

    • My mom loves Clinique. She uses a lot of their skincare line. I asked her this same question and she said Clinique. I love the look of their new blushes! So cute! I’ve never tried anything from Lancôme.

      • Haha how funny! I haven’t been stalking their new blushes, which is probably a good thing as they might tempt me! Lancôme is brilliant for skincare, although I haven’t tried many of their makeup bits.

  6. I would say Bare Minerals (since I’ve been using their foundation for a very long time) or oddly enough, a brand I don’t even own which is Tarte haha. I don’t own any yet, but things look great from everything I’ve seen along with playing with the prodcuts at places like Sephora. I also appreciate that these brands are cruelty free which is amazing since that’s the direction I’ve gone in deciding what to continue purchasing in the future 🙂

  7. I love this post idea! I know it’s a company not many have heard of, but I would pick Honeybee Gardens…they have beautiful all natural vegan and cruelty free make up and great brand personality with lots of customer interaction. If I chose a more well known brand it would be Urban Decay!! 😀

  8. I don’t use make up but my daughters do. The younger one would definitely go for Dior as she adores the products and use all her pocket money for them!

  9. Bumble and Bumble. I was never a fan of more expensive hair products, but I tried a sample on a whim, and it really did make a difference. I’ve even gotten it as gifts for friends and family lol!

  10. I would choose benefit, tarte, or too faced. So hard to pick! I also love hourglass! I’m obsessed with their ambient lighting blushes!

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