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Julep Birthstone Collection Review: February

In case you didn’t know, Julep is a company that makes nail polish. They started this new collection called, “The Birthstone Collection” last month. I did purchase January’s birthstone and now I am doing my review on February’s birthstone.

You can check out January’s birthstone review here.

I was pretty excited to receive February’s color because purple is my favorite color. I had high hopes for this polish while purchasing it. I expected it to be gorgeous!


This polish comes in the normal Julep packaging with 8 ml of product.



The top of this polish is a gold color just like January’s polish.



This polish is named after Rosa Parks! This is something that I find cool! Each polish is named after a public figure that had their birthday in that month. Last month’s was Betty for Betty White. I really think that it is cool that they picked Rosa for Rosa Sparks because she was such an inspirational woman.

What Julep says about this polish, “Amethyst birthstone. Full-coverage multidimensional holographic glitter. The fabulous February jewel in our gold-capped Birthstone CollectionRosa – Amethyst for February is a glistening tribute to an inspirational woman whose light continues to shine, Rosa Parks. Born February 4.” More information here. 


Here is a photo from Julep’s website.

As you can tell this polish color is gorgeous! I may be biased because of my love of purple.



Worst Ever

You may be wondering why such negative adjectives! This was honestly the worst polish I’ve tried. Yes, it is a glitter polish and those are harder to control. But, this was horrendous! It was so streaky. I would take the polish and as soon as I would go over with the brush, it would just wipe away the polish making it very streaky. I ended up giving up and was close to throwing the polish in the garbage. No I didn’t…but, I feel like that is where this polish belongs. Don’t get me wrong, I do love other Julep polishes. Maybe they forgot to add an ingredient in this one. I even checked the ratings on their website and there were a lot of 1 star reviews. Betty (January’s polish) was a little hard to control, but nothing like this! I was looking forward to completing this collection as the months went on, but now I’m not sure if I want to continue.


Here is 1 coat.


Two coats. As you can see on my pointer finger, it was hard to control. Looks awful!

I just feel like Rosa Parks, who was such an inspirational woman to society, deserved a more high quality polish!

Comment and let me know if you have tried this polish before because this one was a huge huge huge miss for me! I think I should return this very disappointing purchase!



The Beauty Deputy


22 thoughts on “Julep Birthstone Collection Review: February

  1. Wow! The picture that Julep posted on their site is totally deceiving! I would have thought that the polish would be more opaque and not so top-coat-ish with glitter in it. Does the model have like 15 coats of the polish on her nails?! Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, your last photo looks great though!

  2. Oh my that’s terrible! I have a few polishes like that (some glitter and some not) and I found it helps if you do a thin coat, let it dry and then do a thicker coat… 😦 sorry the quality was crummy!

  3. Bummer – it looks like they did a thick base coat and dunked their fingers in a pot of glitter to pull off that application. I was excited to see your post since I saw this on juleps site but that is just sad! Boo julep!

  4. This colour is lovely. I think it would make a good topper over a blue I have. That picture has to be Photoshopped, I mean I have loads of glitter polish and they never ever look that perfect. So disappointing about the formula.
    In other news sephora now ship to the UK! What should I buy? I looked at getting a few urban decay things as they’re cheaper but they don’t ship that. I’m thinking some make up forever. Have you tried any of their stuff before?

    • It would have been very pretty over that blue. I will try it again someday but that picture and how January’s polish was made me think that it would be more like that picture. So disappointed! Oh well they just posted march birthstone and they posted a more realistic photo and it seems kind of like this one. Yay about sephora shipping to the UK! Why wouldn’t they ship UD? That doesn’t make sense? I have never tried anything from makeup forever but have heard good things. Do they ship tarte? I love their blushes. I also love their foundation and brushes.

      • It looked amazing in the bottle, so it’s very deceiving how it turned out. You would need so many boats to look like the picture. I hate it when nail places photo shop their swatches. What colour is March?
        I’m not sure why they won’t ship urban decay or nars and some others, but maybe it’s because they are available in the U.K. They do ship tarte. I’ve seen a nice looking palette.

      • It’s an aquamarine glitter polish for March. Doesn’t look that impressive! Really annoys me because I really loved January and wanted too complete the collection. I haven’t tried any of tartes palettes yet, I do have a brown cream shadow (love it!) that I got in a kit with an eyeliner and mascara. I have the color glisten for my tarte blush I have. Its a nice pink. I also love their maracuja oil for my nighttime skincare routine but it’s way too expensive! I had a really good coupon and ran out but haven’t replaced it. Well tarte is expensive in general. I also like their lip products.

      • I know what you mean about wanting to collect the whole collection. Maybe you will like the polish more when it comes. It might look great layered over another similar colour so you just get the little hint of glitter.
        When you convert the prices from Tarte to GBP it isn’t actually too bad, its probably on par with the likes of benefit, which I wouldn’t mind paying for something decent. Such a bummer when you get a product you love but its expensive. I should probably save some money, but maybe in a couple of months I will do a big sephora order. I want to upgrade my blog this month to drop the .wordpress bit and get a custom header too.

      • Yeah I’ve wanted to do it for a while, but havent had the money so this is the month. I’ve just done a no buy of sorts, but feel like I need to treat myself.

      • That’s good! Treating yourself is always fun! I went to a salon the other day and got a gel manicure. No chips yay! Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? I can’t remember if you do or not. I will follow it if you do.

      • I haven’t actually got round to making a page yet. When I went to do it I wasn’t sure how to, so need to look it up. Woo to having no chips! That’s really good. Make sure you use hand lotion or cuticle balm cos I find gel dries my nails out if not and when I take it off they can snap 😦 what colour did you get?

      • I’ve started making a page, but need more time I think to add stuff. Maybe next weekend. Then I will like your page. I saw the gel, it’s so glossy. Very nice indeed

  5. I was so excited when I saw the top of this post! I was like oh my gosh glitter! It immediately made me think of New Years! Then, I got down to the bottom and was very disappointed as I assume you were when you applied the polish to your nails. I hate deceiving photos for products. Why not just spend time making a better product rather than creating deceiving ads, right?

    • I agree! It’s so annoying! The color for march is aquamarine and it seems like the same formula but it does show it different in the photos. The February polish got so many negative reviews so maybe they listened?

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