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Huge LUSH UK Haul

If you’re a huge Lush lover like I am and live in the United States, you may know that Lush products aren’t cheap! I heard about people from the United States ordering from the UK site because it was cheaper. Well I decided to check it out! I figured that it probably wouldn’t be that much cheaper because then I would have to pay for international shipping. Well it doesn’t hurt to check it out…right?!? Another reason I decided to order from Lush UK was because the US site was out of Let the Good Times Roll which is almost a crime in my mind. I even tweeted them with my sadness. Then I started wondering about ordering from the UK site again and that is just what I did. I decided well if I’m going to order I might as well make it a good sized order.  I also knew that I wanted to get a lot of products so it was a good timing.

Steps on ordering from Lush UK

  1. Check to make sure your bank/credit card allows international purchases
  2. Go to their UK website here
  3. Set up an account
  4. Add products to cart that your heart desires
  5. Add the same items to the Lush USA site here
  6. Compare the prices by using a currency converter using Google. I typed in British pounds to US dollars into Google and it brought it right up. (fyi: currency exchange rates change everyday)
  7. Decide which is better pricing and if it is worth it
  8. Click check out
  9. Enter address (Change country to United States. There was no place for State so I put my City and State under City)
  10. Enter Zip Code
  11. Add a message for samples! (I added that I would like samples of shampoo and conditioner for oily hair and that I wanted to try the Karma Kreme)
  12. Review and Submit
  13. Wait until a wonderful Lush package arrives at your door step.

So how did ordering go for me?

It was super easy! I ordered on a Friday and I got my package the following Wednesday! That is crazy fast for international shipping!!! My package also had tracking so that was nice. I was really surprised when it came so fast!

The Packaging! 


See I told you it was a huge Lush haul!


Yay packed by Dale!


In Lush Heaven! The aroma of this box was amazing!!!


It’s here!


All the packing! An overflowing Target bag! At least they know how to package their products! Thanks Lush!!!



In Lush Heaven!!! Sadly one of my bubble bars was broken, but hey it had a long trip!

Lush Valentine’s Collection


Prince Charming Shower Gel
The Kiss Lip Balm
Close to You Massage Bar
Neon Love Soap

Bath Bombs


Starting on top then going clockwise.
Sex Bomb
Phoenix Rising
Honey Bee
Think Pink (Not available in  the USA)

Bubble Bars


Creamy Candy
Pop in the Bath

Soaps/Shower Gel


Rock Star
Neon Love (Also shown in the Valentine’s Collection photo)


Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
Prince Charming Shower Gel (Also shown in the Valentine’s Collection photo)

Body Butters/Hand Cream


Buffy Body Butter
Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream

More Lush Goodies!!


Starting at top then going clockwise.
Mask of Magnaminty
Roots Hair Treatment 
Let the Good Times Roll 😀 My Holy Grail product!!
Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion



Got a tin for my massage bar!


The samples!!! The I love Juicy shampoo spilled a little out of the sides, but nothing too serious!

So was it worth it?

After this post you may be commenting, “you need LA or Lush Anonymous,” but like I said if I’m paying international shipping I might as well make it worthwhile. I do think that it was worth it because even with international shipping (which was a lot), it was about 3o dollars cheaper! In not speaking of shipping it was $67.03 cheaper! That is astronomical!  I think that is crazy! For example the Dream Cream in the US is $26.95 for 8.4 oz!!! Since I got it from Lush UK it was £9.38! That comes out to be $15.31 for the same size!! So yes it was worth it!!! So I won’t be buying anything from Lush for awhile because well I’m all stocked up! Until next time I run out of Let the Good Times Roll! 😛

With that I hope you enjoyed this post!!! Comment and let me know if you have tried any of these products! I will be having a lot of happy baths in my future!



The Beauty Deputy


41 thoughts on “Huge LUSH UK Haul

  1. This is a great haul! A lot of these items are staple LUSH products! I am in love with Let the Good Times Roll, Mask of Magnaminty, Phoenix Rising and much much more! You should check out my blog (andreapuskar.wordpress.com) … I have reviewed lots of these products! Would love to hear your input 🙂

  2. Keep trying to comment on this! Lovely haul, it certainly is a haul and a half. How much did you pay including shipping in gbp if you don’t mind me asking? Lot of products here. I’ve not tried most of them as I tend to be very unadventurous with lush. Can’t wait to see you reviews. And I can’t believe my lucky you were with getting all those samples! W!

    • Hey! I spent too much lol, but I wanted to make it worthwhile with international shipping. It’s just crazy how much more expensive everything is here from Lush so that is why it was such a huge haul, otherwise I would have gotten everything little by little. Usually when I go to the actual Lush store I get 1 to 3 products. I love lush so I decided that I wanted to do a huge haul. I was planning on doing it for a few months now. There were quite a few products that I wanted to try. I won’t have to order anything from Lush in a long looooooong long time (until I run out of Let the Good Times Roll) or if I go to the actual store and then I will get a fresh face mask.

  3. Wow, didn’t realise Lush was so much more expensive in America 🙂 and am surprised by the amount of samples, didn’t realise you could ask for samples in the message section – thanks for the tip! Great Haul – I love the honey bee bath bomb!

      • It’s crazy, we think it’s expensive over here, but it’s nothing compared to you. Glad I made you get it haha, It’s a really nice bath bomb, a more subdued one compared to the strong smells of the others.

  4. Wowww this is incredible! That big picture of everything that came out of the box made me so excited. Well done for working everything out with international shipping – I can’t believe they charge so much more in the US! Meanies. Looks like Dale did a good job. Can’t wait to see the reviews for the Mask of Magnanimity and the Valentine’s specials, particularly 🙂 yaay so exciting xx

    • Yes they’re meanies!!!! But, it was fun to do an international order. Dale did do a good job because there was only 1 broken one (that flower bubble bar) but I plan on crumbling it up to make bubbles anyway so I wasn’t sad or anything. That would have sucked if my lotion, face mask, and other products were all mixed together in a gooey mess! Plan on doing the Valentines reviews first because eek Valentines day is coming soon! Time flies!

      • It does indeed! Looking forward to seeing those 🙂 yeah the bubble bars are sort of meant to crumble so you were lucky with that one. I’m so jealous of all the new things you get to try! Must be so exciting xx

      • haha you can never go too crazy with Lush! ooowft hard question! Maybe the 9 to 5 cleanser? or butter ball? or dreamtime bath melt? or the gorgeous moisturiser? TOO MANY

      • aah! 9-5 is absolutely incredible its so soft and gentle 🙂 gorgeous moisturiser just smells unbelievably good, if you can get a tester then its so so worth it. My little tester pot lasted me a whole week and im a total moisturiser whore haha 😛 butter ball is lovely – i used it earlier today! I just love that it smells like ‘old school lush’ if you get what i mean? haha 🙂

      • I went to my first Lush store last summer so I don’t know what old school lush smells like. Also that is when I ordered my first package from them too! Since then I have loved pretty much everything I’ve tried. Those products you named sound amazing!

      • No way! I think i end up there near enough every other day haha and thats ok – it smells like butter ball! haha Definitely try some more!! everything from Lush is awesome so it’s always worth trying a lot! haha 🙂

  5. This is such an amazing haul! I am so shocked that Lush is more expensive in the USA. I wish I could order internationally from Sephora.

    • I agree! You can’t order online from Sephora? I’ve seen Youtube videos of people’s international orders. Or now that I think about it I think one girl went through a different company and they sent it to her from Sephora or something like that.

      • I have tried a few times to see if I could get round the international shipping but they only ship to USA and Canada. We have most of the stuff here in the UK but its so much cheaper in the US 😦 My brother lives in the US so I might get it delivered to him and he could forward it on 🙂

      • I tried this shampoo bar which was a green round thing that was terrible, but I do like their lip scrubs! I want to try their body lotions, do you have any recommendations?

      • I’ve tried their charity pot lotion where all proceeds go to charity. Some people love it and some hate it. The smell is kind of strong in the tub. I also got dream cream in this haul, but haven’t got to use it much. Their lotions are super moisturizing. They have one called Karma Kreme and I think that one smells the best out of the 3 I’ve smelled. I got a little sample of that in this haul too. Just ask them for samples if you’re ever by a Lush store.

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