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Julep Birthstone Collection: January

Julep came out with a new collection, “Birthstone Collection” recently and I think that it is an amazing idea! This month is January (in case you forgot) so that means that the birthstone is garnet. I thought that this color was gorgeous and I wanted to try it out! But, the problem here is, now I will be tempted by February and every month after that until the end of this year. The shipping didn’t take too long and before I knew it my package was in the mailbox.

Here is it!!! Mirya (my shiba inu) tried to grab some of the black paper as I was opening it.


Comes in the normal Julep packaging and has the same amount of product as their other polishes (8 ml).


The top is a gold color which normally they’re black.


The color name is Betty.


And it was named after the amazing….

Photo: John Shearer

BETTY WHITE!!! Love her!

A closer look …

Now I have to warn you that I am horrible at painting my nails so these photos aren’t the best! I hate polishing my own nails!!!! This is also one of my first times using one of these types of polishes.


1 coat


My dog got a hold on the polish and put a few teeth marks into the cap. Yes, I know my thumb nail isn’t painted yet in that photo.

As you can tell I kind of got it all over. I thought that this polish was very hard to control. It was also very thick. But, it did dry super fast so that was I plus. The color is gorgeous and the photos don’t do it justice. I will pain my nails again in this color soon and hopefully put up another photo of them looking better. I am one of those people that like to wait to clean up the sides of the nails the next day. For some odd reason I think it is easier. This polish lasted pretty well the next day, but towards the end of the night I did have a tiny chip, but nothing compared to other polishes (Sephora X post ringing a bell). It was easy to fix since of the consistency of the polish. It was hard to take off with all that glitter! Next time I will have to use Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner’s tip on removal!

All in all I thought this polish was ok. I did love the color, but hated the application. Julep is coming out with this new wand that attaches to the bottles of the polish and that helps people like me paint their nails without getting it everywhere! More information on that on their website: http://www.julep.com/idealab/plie-wand

I hope that the pile wand will help me with polishing my nails!!!



The Beauty Deputy


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