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The Perfect 3 some: Naked 1, 2, & 3!!!

Yes I know the title does sound a little pervertive. But, I am just going by what Urban Decay calls the collection.

Urban Decay does it again…comes out with another Naked palette! I know this post is a little late. But, better now than never! The Naked 2 palette was one of my first Urban Decay palettes. I didn’t get the Naked palette until recently, because I knew I needed to have the Naked 3 when I saw it come out. Well…with that in mind, I needed to complete the collection! Hopefully they won’t come out with a Naked 4! So this post is going to be a comparison between the 3 of them and I will let you know which one is my favorite at the end. MAKE SURE TO TAKE THE POLL AT THE END!!! 





The original Naked palette’s packaging is different than the others. This one has a velvety feel to the packaging. It also opens up pretty easy, but the palette itself is pretty small and could fit easily in storage or in suitcases for travel.  The velvety feel honestly isn’t my favorite because lint sticks to it, and it doesn’t look as sleek as the others. You can already tell that in the picture there is lint sticking to it, and I got this palette about a month ago, but in reality, I took these pictures before even using it!


Naked 2

When the Naked 2 palette came out they decided to totally change the packaging and made it out of tin. The palette itself is very sturdy and perfect for travel. I do like this better, but for some reason, it bothers me that it doesn’t match the original Naked.


Naked 3

Then comes the Naked 3 palette where they decided to stick with the tin packaging, but they added some design to it with the ruffles. I think that it looks very nice and elegant!





Naked 2 & 3




What Urban Decay says, “Everybody wants to look good NAKED! Far from a group of boring beige shadows, Naked Palette’s long, lean, seductive case is packed with TWELVE gorgeous bronze-hued neutrals, and includes our pro-quality Good Karma Shadow Brush.” Find out more on the Naked palette here.


Naked 2

What Urban Decay says, “The most anticipated sequel of the decade. Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows. Our palette proves once again, neutral is anything but boring, (and is downright sexy when worn Naked). Feast your eyes on our shades ranging from pale to deep, matte to sparkly. This collection lets you achieve lots of neutral looks, smoky dramatic eyes, and everything in between. Let’s just say there’s a whole new way to get Naked!” You can get more information about this palette here


Naked 3

What Urban Decay says, “Experiment with 12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter.” You can get more information here



I am going to describe the colors at the best of my ability. Since my eye shadow obsession started, I realized that there is a crazy amount of eye shadow colors out there and some of them are really hard to describe.




VIRGIN: shimmery pale beige
SIN: shimmery pink champagne
NAKED: matte medium beige-brown
SIDECAR: shimmery bronze-brown
BUCK: matte medium brown
HALF BAKED: shimmery coppery bronze



SMOG: shimmery dark brown
DARKHORSE: deep brown (chocolate) with sparkle
TOASTED: shimmery pinkish medium brown
HUSTLE: light shimmery dark chocolate brown
CREEP: grayish-black with silver sparkles
GUNMETAL: lightly shimmery blueish-grey

My Thoughts…

Pigmentation is amazing! Especially Sidecar, Half Baked, Smog, & Toasted! Those are the ones that seem to have more of a frostier finish. I love the color selection in this palette. With it, I can create a multitude of looks with the 12 shadows included. I can use the beginning shades for an everyday look or the end shades for a night-out look. Urban Decay is a fan of shimmer, as you can tell! If you’re not a fan of shimmer and only like matte shadows, then I would recommend a different palette. I do love my shimmery colors, but I also like to have some matte shadows. This palette includes both of these!

Naked 2



FOXY: matte light beige
HALF BAKED:  shimmery coppery bronze (also in the Naked…boo for repeat colors!)
BOOTYCALL: lightly shimmery pink beige
CHOPPER: shimmery red-orange toned brown
TEASE: matte medium brown
SNAKEBITE: shimmery medium brown



SUSPECT: shimmery brown champagne
PISTOL: shimmery taupe-grey
VERVE: shimmery grayish champagne
YDK: shimmery copper taupe
BUSTED: shimmery chocolate brown
BLACKOUT: matte dark black

My Thoughts…

Once again the pigmentation is there! This palette works the same way with starting with the lighter shadows and working its way up. I have had this palette the longest out of all 3 of them, so I have used this one more. Foxy is perfect for an everyday below the brow highlighter because it is matte. Half Baked, Chopper, Suspect, Verve, and YDK are the most pigmented of this palette, but they also have more of a frosty finish. Once again, Urban Decay loves shimmer! There are a lot of shimmer colors with the palette, but there is also a matte. I like to use matte colors in my crease, so I always reach for Tease. I love pairing Verve and Pistol together because it makes such a nice eye shadow look.

Naked 3



STRANGE: matte pale pinkish-beige
DUST: shimmery pale pink with micro-glitter
BURNOUT: pinkish-peach satin
LIMIT: matte pinkish rose-beige
BUZZ: shimmery rose with glitter
TRICK: shimmery coppery pink



NOONER: matte pinky-brown
LIAR: shimmery mauve pinkish brown
FACTORY: pinkish brown satin
MUGSHOT: shimmery pinkish taupe
DARKSIDE: deep mauve brown satin
BLACKHEART: purplish black with red micro-glitter

My Thoughts…

I think that this palette is gorgeous! I love the rose gold theme! I love the colors Buzz, Trick, and Mugshot the most. I pretty much like all the colors, except I am not a fan of Dust. The glitter is too chunky in this shadow. I just think that they could have done better. The first time I used it, I put it in my inner corner. It wasn’t too bad using it there, but it is patchy all over the lid. I think that Blackheart is a nice shadow to add dimension to an eye look.



DSC01453 DSC01454

The first brush is from the original Naked palette. It is only single sided 😦 ! Some people don’t like double sided brushes. I like keeping these brushes in their palettes so it works well for me. Otherwise, I prefer single sided brushes due to storage issues.  The brush itself is just a simple eye shading brush. This brush is perfect for picking up shadow and placing it on the eyelid.

The second brush is from the Naked 2. This brush also has a simple eye shading brush perfect for placing shadow on the eyelid. But, it is shorter and has less bristles. The second side of this brush is what I would consider a crease brush. It is perfect for adding color in the crease, but it can also be used for blending. If I want a more defined crease color, I use a smaller brush that fits my crease better.

The third brush is from the Naked 3. This brush has the same type of simple eye shading brush for placing shadow on the eyelid just like the other 2, but the other side is a bit different. It is flatter so this works more for a blending brush.



Each of the palettes came with a little extra something!

The Naked came with an Urban Decay eye shadow primer.
The Naked 2 came with a travel size Lip Junkie lip gloss in the color Naked.
The Naked 3 came with 4 samples of eye shadow primer potion.


Urban Decay has 4 different eye shadow primers and they included sample sized portions of each. At first I wasn’t excited about this, because it’s a small sample and it probably would dry out between uses. But, then I decided that it is cool to be able to try all the primer potions.


I have not used these yet and I don’t want to open them all at once, so I went off of Urban Decay’s website on the description of these colors.

  1. Original : nude (dries invisibly) This is the same primer potion that came with the original Naked.
  2. Sin: champagne shimmer
  3. Eden: nude matte finish
  4. Anti-Aging: minimizes the appearance of wrinkles in 8 weeks




  • Warm toned
  • Bronze hued

Naked 2

  • Cool toned
  • Taupe hued

Naked 3

  • Rose Gold hued


How do you know if you should wear cool toned or warm toned makeup?

That is a good question. It is honestly based on personal preferences. I think that the Naked 3 is totally different from the other 2, and took a whole new take on neutrals. The Naked and Naked 2 are very similar, but yet different. If you like more bronze toned or brown neutrals, then I recommend the Naked. But if you like the taupe grayish colors, I recommend the Naked 2. All the palettes have the same high quality Urban Decay shadow formula, with only 1 repeat shadow between Naked and Naked 2. Darkhorse in the Naked palette is a stand out shadow that I use a lot to make my eye look more brown hued, whereas in the Naked 2, I think that Pistol is a stand out shadow that makes my look more grayish taupe. In the Naked palette, Virgin is more shimmery and in the Naked 2, Foxy is matte. Working with both the palettes I would have to say that the original Naked is more shimmery, so if you don’t want all that, but still want a Naked palette, I would get the Naked 2. I mean, there are still a lot of shimmery shadows, but not as much. If you want a simple palette with some basic colors, check out Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette. I don’t have that palette and I don’t plan on getting it either. It is a nice palette, but I don’t need it. If you’re interested on a review about that palette check out a fellow blogger’s review on it. Her name is Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner and her link for that review is here.



The price is steep, but it is Urban Decay. They know that people love these palettes so I’m sure they make bank on these, but I don’t think that it is an outrageous price if you compare it to other cosmetic companies and their palettes.  It has gone up in price since I got my Naked 2, because I’m pretty sure it was only $50. All three palettes come with 12 x 1.3 g or 12 x 0.05 US oz.


  • Pigmentation is amazing!
  • Wide variety of neutral colors
  • Shimmery and matte shades included (some may look at that as a con depending on if you like shimmery shadows or not)
  • High quality brushes
  • Can build numerous looks with just 1 palette since there is a highlight shade, crease shades, all over lid shades, and many more in each palette.


  • Price
  • Different packaging (here is where my OCD comes in)
  • Poor quality glue! When I got the Naked 2 some of the eye shadow pans fell out. It was very annoying because I had to pull up a photo of the palette and place them back in the correct spot and re-glue them. It was annoying because it wasn’t that old! I haven’t had any problems since then with any of my palettes. But, one of my Too Faced palettes did the same thing! Come on cosmetic companies, for how much we pay for these palettes, they could at least have better glue! Like this post if you agree!


Number three goes to….


Sorry Naked 2, my original Naked palette! I feel bad for this little guy because I was at Sephora and The Naked and Naked 3 were sold out and they had about 5 of these left!

Number 2 goes to…


I love creating bronze/brown hued looks with this palette. There are so many amazing shadows! I like my shimmery shadows so I like this one a lot. The pigmentation is amazing, especially the ones I listed above! I just wish it had a double sided brush, but oh well!!!



I mean, look at the amazing shadows again!


Since I love rose gold looks this palette is a must for me! I really love creating the eye looks with it! This palette also has the best packaging! I love the texture and the look of it!



IMG_0591[1] IMG_0593[1]

Naked 2 (FYI, I am wearing the lip gloss that came with the Naked 2)

IMG_0606 IMG_0609

Naked 3

IMG_0399 IMG_0404

So that concludes this lengthy post! I hope you enjoyed it! Comment if you made it to the end! Also comment if you have any of the Naked palettes! I love hearing from my followers!



The Beauty Deputy

38 thoughts on “The Perfect 3 some: Naked 1, 2, & 3!!!

  1. I liked the photo of all three together which really showed the differences in shades. What a detailed and awesome post and I have made my mind up on naked two. I really think naked three could have come with a better extra though. The second to last photo is just gorgeous, you have such awesome skills. I really enjoyed this post, so thanks so much for doing this.

  2. I can’t help it. I LOVE Naked 2, and it’s the first one I purchased for my client kit. 🙂 I’m not sure I’ll ever purchase 3 because I don’t love all the pink/rose undertones, but that’s entirely personal preference.

  3. This such a great post! I was really interested to see a direct comparison of all the shades, and all those swatches were really helpful too 🙂 it was funny what you said about “Tease” from Naked 2, because when I saw the shade in your photograph I thought “Oooh, that would make such a nice crease shade…” And then you said that that’s exactly what you use it for! Great minds think alike 😉
    I also feel your pain on the fact that the packaging doesn’t match for all of them, it makes me feel sort of twitchy. Although I do like the silky ruffle design on Naked 3. I’m now tempted by Naked 2 – the look you provided really suits you by the way – but I had to vote for the original on your poll. I couldn’t live without it!
    I think it’s quite rare for somebody to be lucky enough to have all three, so thank you for doing a full comparison – they’re quite hard to come by! This is so detailed and brill well done xx

  4. I looooved this post! I have Naked 2 and 3 and I really love both, but I do have to say I am having more fun with 3 currently! I am still experimenting and trying to find different looks, but the rose gold hues are beautiful no matter how you wear them!

    p.s. Just found your blog–love it!

  5. Reading your blog always makes me feel like I’m not alone in my eye shadow palette addiction, haha. The NAKED3 palette suits you really well, (they all do, really), but the last look is my favorite on you. 🙂

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  7. I have none of them:D I gave Basics as a present and I wanted Naked 2 very much..but after I got dupe I understood I’m not a big fan of such colors as I like more pink:) I was very calm when I saw Naked 3..but now after I use pink-gold shade every day I want it so bad:D

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