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TAG: Search Engine Strangeness – (How People Have Found my Blog)

This is a super clever tag and an interesting one too! It was started by Jacquelyn from The Little Scottish Corner! If you haven’t checked out her blog I recommend that you do! You can check it out here. So recently she noticed that in part of the stats section there is a part that tells her the search items that people used that in the end brought up her blog. She decided to share those by creating a tag! Such a clever tag idea!!! So I decided to look at my search terms. There are a lot of normal ones, but some very strange ones too! It makes me wonder what people are thinking sometimes!!

The Normal Ones

  • My most common one has to do with Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen. I did do an inspired makeup look of Elsa so that is why it brought my blog up. The search words included: elsa frozen, elsa frozen makeup, how to look like elsa from frozen, elsa’s makeup, elsa and anna makeup, and many more. But, it also deals with some of my weird strange search terms that make me wonder what people are thinking. I will get to those ones later!
  • Another common one is dealing with my review on Stila’s Dancing with the Stars palette. One day I got 235 hits and my most viewed post that day was my Stila DWTS review.  I think it was because it was just put on sale at Ulta for $15. The search terms included: stila dancing with the stars, stila patina palette, stila tango palette review, and many more.
  • Other common ones included: perfect palette tag, lush let the good times roll, galaxy chic palette review, urban decay vice 2, and many more.

The Cute Ones

We all know I love my Shiba Inu Mirya. I also love my kitty cat Molly! So this search term, “what does my shiba inu’s tail wag mean?” It just kind of made me smile because shiba inu’s are known for their tails. Through observation I’ve noticed that Mirya doesn’t really wag her tail much and that is common for shiba inus. I would consider her tail more ,”cat” like because she curls and uncurls it based on mood.  The more happy the more curled! She doesn’t even wag it for a treat, but she does have her, “happy” tail on. She does sometimes wag it if she is hard core playing with a toy or she is teasing the cat. When she meets new people she is a little scared and has more of a straighter tail.  If she is looking out the window and seeing something her tail is generally more straight. Same with if she is more calm and resting it is also more straight.


Mirya even had a “happy tail” when I dressed her up as Snow White for Halloween.


Mirya the night I got her. Her tail is more straight.


She even had a curled tail during her bath!

The Strange Ones

  • “do you need to see her picture. no i dont know histroy from the begging of the earth how could i know. i know your name means of the people” I don’t even know what that even means? If anybody does, comment and let me know! I have no idea why it brought up my blog! maybe it was on my, “get to know me tag” where I talked about the history of my hair color. Who knows!?!
  • “how can get an. frozen. elsa comments size 9-10” Not sure where the size 9-10 comes in, unless they were looking for an Elsa costume in the size 9-10? Who knows! But, all I know is that some of these people need to learn to use search engines.
  • “diy scrub johnson bedtime sea salt” This one came up because they wrote the name Johnson which is my last name. Very common! But, maybe they meant, “DIY scrub Johnson&Johnson bedtime sea salt,” but then again isn’t DIY mean doing it yourself?

The “What are people thinking ones?”

  • “frozen elsa sex” Hmm interesting people are searching this. I would hope that people don’t get turned on over an animated character.
  • “hot girl depti lips” That one is interesting too! Not sure what “depti” means?  I’m sure my blog came up because I have done a lip product review and featured some on my monthly favorites.
  • “queen elsa hot” Here is another Elsa one! Elsa is an animated character and I think she is very beautiful. I don’t know if this person was hoping to find some images of Elsa spiced up a bit. I don’t know…maybe with her dress and sleeves cut off into a short skirt. Who knows!

It says that I have 1,852 unknown search terms, but it will only let me see some of them. These were the most interesting ones that I could find!!

My Nominees!

Comment and let me know if you do this tag! I want to see your, “Search Engine Strangeness.”



The Beauty Deputy


24 thoughts on “TAG: Search Engine Strangeness – (How People Have Found my Blog)

  1. This was fun to read, how strange! I haven’t looked into this before and honestly I’m a little afraid to delve into the strangeness of how people may have found my blog but thanks for the tag! 🙂

  2. Haha you have some good ones there! I might update my post to include the normal ones too. I really don’t know why someone would search for a character from a kids movie and sex but each to their own!

  3. I had loads of unknown search terms too – would be interesting to see what they were! I can’t believe people are searching such disturbing things about Elsa. SHE’S THE QUEEN. LEAVE HER ALONE, PERVERTS.
    Anyway, as to the “I know your name means of the people”, that kind of looks like somebody has been searching for a movie quote or something. Sometimes I get a few lines in my head and have to google them to work out what they’re from.
    This has been a really fun tag already! And your findings were great haha. Brilliant idea from Jacquelyn xx

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