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TAG: Spread the Love

So here is a tag that I made up!

There may be forms of it out there, but this is my own version. This tag is out there to spread the love to all bloggers out in the world. My blog is focused on beauty, makeup, skincare, and of course my pets show up quite a bit in my blog posts too. The point of this tag is to make other bloggers aware of other blogs to follow. Blogging is a community in my eyes. I love reading people’s blog posts and I love reading comments and responses.

The Rules

  • Place bloggers into categories that you think fits their blog down below
  • Place the person that tagged you into a category
  • Write what category you think that other bloggers will place you in and why
  • Feel free to add whatever categories you think should be part of this tag
  • Spread the Love!!!

Here are the categories…

1. THE BEST BLOG LOOK: this is the blogger that has one of the best blog themes or looks.

This category goes to… Victoria from The Boom Boom Room. I really like her blog look with the high heels. I just think that it is super cute and fitting for her blog. I also like her tag-line.

2. THE BEST WRITING STYLE: this is the blogger that has a writing style that you find intriguing and attention getting. 

This category goes to..Effie Wright. I love her writing style, it just draws me right into her blog posts. You can tell she is an English major and is very talented with writing. I also love talking with Effie through back and forth comments. She seems like a sweet down to earth gal.

3. THE FAITHFUL BLOGGER: this is the blogger that is always commenting on other bloggers posts and is very faithful on posting their own blog posts.

This category goes to…Jacquelyn from the Little Scottish Corner. I could give her a bunch of other categories too because I love reading her blog posts. But, she is always been a faithful commenter of mine. Her blog is always drawing me in! When I see a post from this girl I have to read it!! A recent post of hers was her blogging resolutions and that was a big part of why she got this category.

4. THE ADVICEE: this blogger is always trying out new products and a good blogger to ask advice regarding a product.

This category goes to…Jen from Dragonfly reviews. She always gives quick short reviews on all sorts of products whether it be makeup, skincare, or nail polish. If I have a question on a product Dragonfly reviews has probably reviewed it.

5. THE MAKEUP JUNKIE: this blogger loves makeup and everything about it.

This category goes to…Wendy from wendydotdinh. I think Wendy and I have a lot in common because we both love eye shadow palettes. She has a lot of nice reviews on palettes such as: Urban Decay Naked 3, Illamasqua Fatale palette, and many more. Also how could I forget about the lovely Perfect Palette Tag that got me started on her blog.

6. THE SKINCARE JUNKIE: this blogger is all about skincare.

The category goes to…Benita from Benita’s beauty bits and bobs. I would have to say that she is the Lush product Queen. If I have a question about a Lush product I know who to ask. She is always reviewing bath bombs, fresh face masks, and much more.

7.  THE BEST PICTURES: the blogger always has high quality pictures.

This category goes to…Caryl from carylalmelor.com. I really like her pictures. Just take a look at her blog and you will see why. I really like that she has a little something extra in the background like a flower.

8. THE LIGHT BULB: this blogger is always coming up with amazing new ideas for blog posts. 

This category goes to…Lucy from Miz Lulu. She has quite a lot of different kinds of posts: traveling, baking, makeup, and many more. She always has new ideas up her sleeve.

9. THE EYESHADOW TUTORIAL GURU: this blogger is always posting new and exciting makeup looks.

This category goes to…Lucy from Makeup Crazy! She is always posting amazing eye shadow looks! Also she posts an assortment of them. If you like neutral looks or if you like colorful looks Makeup Crazy has that covered. She is very talented at makeup and I love reading her blog posts!


The category goes to….I don’t know! But I still thought it was a good category to include. Hopefully I will be able to find someone to fill this category once people start tagging other people.

11. THE NAIL POLISH GURU: this blogger is posting nail polish tutorials.

This category goes to…Laurelle from Paint Me Pretty. She has some pretty amazing nail looks. I especially loved the ones during Christmas time. Go to her blog and check out how amazing they are.

12. THE HIGHLY FASHIONABLE OOTDs: this blogger has a big sense of fashion and has amazing OOTDs.

This category goes to… Joanna from Joannaloves. She has an amazing fashion sense and is always posting adorable OOTDs. I bet that her closet is amazing!

13. THE EMERGER: this blogger is always trying out new brands and doesn’t settle for just one.

This category goes to…Michelle from Pretty in the East. She is always trying out new brands whether it be Urban Decay, The Balm, Julep, and many more. She has some amazing reviews. I especially love her julep subscription box reviews.

14. THE UNIQUE BLOGGER NAME: this is the blogger that has a very unique blogger name.

This category goes to…Victoria from Inside My Wonderland. I just love her blog name because it’s simple but unique. It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland! I love reading her blog! She has some amazing posts whether it be about foundation reviews, new product hauls, and many more. Also this girl can sport whatever hair style she wants and look amazing doing it!

15. THE UNIQUE TAGLINE: this blogger has a tagline that catches the attention and draws you in.

This category goes to…Mary from My Trip Down the Beauty Aisle. I love her tagline, it is very sweet. “A Girl, A Dream, A Palette Full of Color.” I love her blog because she does awesome makeup looks with a “palette full of color.”

16. THE SUBSCRIPTION BOX GURU: The blogger that has the most information on subscription boxes.

This category goes to the one and only…The Subscriptionist. She has a whole blog dedicated to subscription boxes. She was my inspiration for getting the BarkBox for Mirya my Shiba Inu. She has so many subscription boxes that she reviews and a lot of them are ones I’ve never heard of such as: Plated and Conscious Box.

The Category that I think other bloggers will give me…

The Emerger because I always try out new brands!! I’ve tried Urban Decay, Stila, Sigma, Too Faced, Flower Beauty, Bh Cosmetics, and many more.

Well that ends this tag! I hope you enjoyed it!

It will be interesting to see how far this tag travels around.



The Beauty Deputy


33 thoughts on “TAG: Spread the Love

  1. Thank you so much for the mention Brittany !! I’ll definitely pass this along , what a clever idea ! I can’t wait to read more , be prepared for a host of comments as I totally stalk your archives for a minute 🙂
    It’ll be cool to see all of the new blogs out there that I never knew existed . Let’s see how far we can make this go !


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  3. Aw, I’m flattered to be mentioned on your list, haha. I do have makeup hoarding problems though. I’ll definitely be doing this tag in the future. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your lovely word’s this is a lovely tag 🙂 i have also tagged you in my Would you rather beauty tag which was is so much fun hope you have a little look xx

      • I feel your pain too! I recently started using a proper camera which has helped better with taking photos. A lot of selfies and practice and it makes things easier. 🙂 The trouble is I find that too with lighting, at the moment it’s raining and gloomy. I find if I’m desperate for a photo. I will usually take them midday, whether it be rain, hail or shine. Somehow there’s just enough lighting in the room. I have my camera in front of a window. So you’ll notice in my photos when I take selfies, the background is dark. It’s because I have a hard time capturing more light in the room, but of course the real focus is either my face or the product I’m trying to capture. You’d be surprise that even in a dark room, you can still get a good picture out of it! With more practice, your photos will be up to speed! x


      • Thanks for the reply. Yeah I need to work on finding the perfect lighting inside but I have tried multiple spots and can’t figure it out quite yet. But, I do want to get a better camera someday hopefully!

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