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Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog


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This is a series that was created by The Daily post. Click here for more information. It was created by a team of top blogging experts and it based on years of highly scientific like research (writing blogs). So they created 30 days of blogging assignments that will hopefully make my blog a blog that I can be more proud of. I do have to say that I am proud of myself already with what I have accomplished with this blog. I’m not sure how this will work with my schedule. I work 12 hour shifts and rotating shifts, but I will try my hardest. Can I do multiple days in one post or is that cheating??


I guess I never really did do an introduction post! Oops! My name is Brittany and I am from Minnesota. Here in Minnesota the weather gets well below zero. Right now it is -17. Burr! I just turned 25 years old a few weeks ago. I work at a hospital as a Registered Nurse on the Medical-Surgical floors, although I wish I could get into OB (babies). My dream would be to open an Alzheimer’s/Dementia care center. The disease is so sad and it breaks my heart to see a person living in a nursing home and not getting the care they deserve. I’m not badmouthing nursing homes or anything, it’s just Alzheimer’s is a complex disease and these people need more one on one then a nursing home can provide. At my facility it would be like a home and there would be music therapy and animal therapy and many more. There is nothing more exciting then a person lighting up when holding a kitten or a puppy. There would also be nail therapy where the ladies could get their nails and toes done. There is not enough time for painting nails in a nursing homes sadly. Not sure how I go about opening my facility, but that would be amazing!

In high school I used to hate makeup. Other people did my makeup for me for rare occasions such as: prom, weddings, and a few others. I was in dance for 13 years so I think that part of my hatred of makeup was from being forced to wear it. But, a few years ago I discovered makeup and found out that it was my way of being creative. I did sell Avon for some time, but then I discovered Sephora and all it’s glory. I no longer sell Avon, but it still had a part in what got me started with makeup. I do love my high end brands and a few drug store brands. Some of my favorite cosmetics and skincare brands include: Urban Decay, The Balm, Sigma, Too Faced, Lush, & Indigo Wild. I love eye shadow palettes. I’ll admit I  have way too many! Those cosmetics companies always coming out with new ones make it too hard to pass it up sometimes. I will be doing a no buy soon! After this month.

I’m not really sure what to except from this challenge and what kind of questions it will ask me. I might pick and choose what I want to do since I’ve had my blog for awhile. But, in the directions it said it didn’t matter how long I’ve had a blog. I also won’t be able to do the next few challenges since it is my overnight weekend (work 12 hr shifts). Also let me know if you’re doing this challenge.



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13 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog

  1. This is such a great idea! I will definitely give it a go too. Tried to comment on your two previous posts but safari kept crashing on my iPad 😦 I think it must work better with this one because there aren’t as many photos. I’ll try again when I get home on Sunday. Your ambitions for the Alzheimer’s care centre are so admirable. My Grandma’s cousin has dementia and is in a home, and when mum went to visit her with grandma they had an animal experience day with a man from the zoo. Some of the ladies in the home didn’t react at all to having parrots sitting on their knees, but when a baby snake escaped into a chair all hell broke loose! Mum said it was really funny. They seemed to enjoy the variety of having animals there 🙂 I hope that one day you can open your own centre with lots of activities for the patients to enjoy xx

    • Thanks for the comment and the cool story :)! I sure hope that I can open it one day! That would be amazing. I wonder if I could get grants for it. I always have hard time writing comments on my iPad it always kicks me out.

      • Smelly iPad 😦 I hope they have grants for that sort of thing, as it’s such a great idea and for such a good cause. Glamour Magazine UK runs a thing once a year where they give a few thousand pounds to three ladies who have come up with great ideas to support the community. One lady used the funds to launch a domestic violence support group, another lady wanted to open a wig shop in her local hospital, to help cancer patients regain their confidence. They’re always quite diverse, so if you could find something like that, it could be a way into launching a centre one day xx

  2. I saw this challenge and think I will start it a couple of days late as I didn’t have much time yesterday. It’s cool to read about other people. Dementia sufferers at the care home my Granny is in make me so sad. They just wander about looking straight through you. I mean there’s a lady there who I delivered her paper for three years and she just doesn’t recognise me. She looks awful and thin. They are quite good in there, as one of the nurses takes his little dog Daisy in quite often and the folks love her. Another man takes his dog in to see his wife and she goes round all the old people wanting attention and I think it makes their day. I’ve seen some articles about animal therapy in hospitals where rabbits or dogs or cats are taken in to help sick people forget pain. I think I’ve gone a little off topic here…..

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