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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My 2013 Highlights!!! Plus New Years Eve Makeup!

I just want to take the time and look back at 2013 and share a few highlights during this year.

I completed my first year as a Registered Nurse at the hospital I work at. I have learned so much working there and will continue to learn each and everyday. I think the real learning is by experience.


My RN graduation!

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary.


Moving in with my boyfriend and purchasing a house.


Going to the drive in movie theater with family and friends. I love drive in movie theaters! They’re so fun and a totally different experience then seeing a movie at a regular movie theater.

Bringing Mirya my Shiba Inu home. (I wanted a Shiba Inu ever since Nintendogs came out when I was young.)

IMG_0033.JPG (2)

Watching Mirya and Molly interact with each other.

IMG_0238.JPG (3)

Took the leap and started blogging end of August, but switched my blog to WordPress beginning of October. I just want to once again thank my followers! I have a ton of posts planned for the new year. Also comment down below if you have any posts that you would like to see.

Watching my nieces change over the year was cool. It’s amazing how fast kids grow!


Read more (I have a million books on my book shelf to read)

Do better at saving $$

Cook more healthier foods

Ride my bike more (Darn you WINTER!)


(sorry for the bad lighting, it gets dark so early in Minnesota)

IMG_0356.JPG (2) IMG_0355.JPG (2) IMG_0354.JPG (2)

The Palette

Too Faced Pretty Rebel

I feel like this palette was a perfect palette for New Year’s Eve

IMG_0359.JPG (4) IMG_0360.JPG (4)

IMG_0361.JPG (3)

Row 1: Dainty, Charming, Girly, Totally Fetch, Miss Sparkles
Row 2: Ringleader, Gangsta, Instigator, Badass, Jailbird

IMG_0364.JPG (3) IMG_0367.JPG (4)

Eye Shadow Steps

Add eyelid primer

Add Ringleader to the inner part of the eyelid

Add Gangsta in the middle of the eyelid

Add Girly to the outer V and blend slightly into crease

Add Charming into the crease

Add Miss Sparkles into the crease for some more added dimension

Add The Balm’s Overshadow in Work is Overrated (just to add some more sparkle and shimmer)

Add Dainty as a highlight under the brows

*I added the shadows before doing my face because Too Faced shadows have some fallout while applying them.*



9b07bf94-2ba3-11e3-af40-bc764e10b52f Frozen-movie-poster

MV5BMTg4MzcxODA3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTYzNDkwOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_  Oz_-_The_Great_and_Powerful_Poster


once-upon-a-time-ouat-in-wonderland-poster-1 th

MV5BMTM3MjU0NTQ3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjg5MTU0OQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_ MV5BMTMxOTg1NTIxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjkwOTM4NQ@@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_

download (7) download (6)

download (5) download (4)

download (8) download (9)

I loved the show Dexter and yes I was upset with how they ended it this year. 😦 Stupid writers!


I didn’t get to read many books this year. I read a few but none of them stuck out in my mind. I am currently reading the new Nicholas Sparks book. I will share with you my favorite book at least.


Anyway I hope that you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to comment down below if you have any post requests. Hope you all enjoy your New Years! I am relaxing at home right now until my boyfriend gets home from work. Hopefully that will be before the clock strikes midnight! Right now it is -17 F below (earlier it was -20 F) so I did enjoy myself a cup of hot cocoa! I did miss the marshmallows in it!  😦
Tomorrow I plan to post, “TAG: Best of 2013.” Then December Favorites soon after that!




The Beauty Deputy


20 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My 2013 Highlights!!! Plus New Years Eve Makeup!

  1. What a sweet idea for a post 🙂 it looks like you had a great year, especially buying a house, completing your first year, getting a puppy…they’re all such wonderful achievements! On the girlie side, the colour pay off on that Too Faced palette looks amazing. May 2014 bring you just as much happiness! Xx

  2. Love this post! It seems like this last year was a really good one for you. Finishing your first year, moving in with the boyfriend and getting a puppy. I hope 2014 brings as much excitement. I love that palette, the colours are really different than what I normally go for. I still haven’t seen frozen, it’s no my massive to do list though!

    • Thank you! Yes it was a big year for me! Not as big as 2012 but I feel like I accomplished a lot this year. I haven’t used that palette very much because it’s so different and very shimmery but it does have amazing color payoff! It is a fun palette to have! Frozen is amazing! I love that it’s more about the love between sisters instead of the normal Disney romance. It’s really good. I went to it twice already. My niece wanted me to go with her so I went again lol.

      • Doing a year as a nurse is a massive accomplishment! You should be proud of yourself, it can’t be an easy job. And getting your first house is a big deal too.
        Awh I can’t believe you have seen frozen twice and I still haven’t even seen it once. I really need to get my mitts on some too faced stuff

      • Thank you! Yeah nursing has it’s ups and downs. Sounds like you have an amazing job as well. Let me know when you end up seeing Frozen. Too faced just came out with this new palette that apparently smells like chocolate.

      • I’m not sure I would want to smell like chocolate, but each to their own I guess.
        Job has its moments I guess, like any job you have days where you love it and days where you just can’t wait to get home

      • It does sound odd. I had a philosophy shower gel that smelled of chocolate before and it was nice, but the scent disappeared after washing off. Not sure I would want my face to smell of chocolate.
        Is Hersheys the biggest brand of chocolate in America? Someone took some of that into work

      • I actually have a bronzer in my palette that smells like chocolate. Too Faced loves their chocolate. Yes it is, my uncle actually used to work there. He would always bring bags of candy during Christmas. We have a big family so it went fast but it still was nice!

      • Does it still smell on your face? Or just in the palette?
        I remember getting American chocolate and sweets as a kid from my family who lived in Texas at the time and them being so different than what we have over here. It’s strange isn’t it? You think chocolate would be the same everywhere? Working in a chocolate factory would be amazing

      • I honestly haven’t really used it much because I hardly wear bronzer and I’m not that good at applying it yet. I think I need to get a different brush for applying it. But I know a lot of people love it and I don’t think the smell stays.

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