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Em Cosmetics: The Life Palette Mini “Holiday Life: New Year’s Countdown Edition” Review + Tutorial

So with New Years Eve being today I thought that it was an appropriate time to do this review of the Life Palette Mini Holiday Life: New Year’s Countdown Edition. Em Cosmetics is a company that was started by Michelle Phan who is a very popular YouTuber. I did do a post already on some of their products so you can check that out here: https://thebeautydeputy.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/makeup-brand-review-em-cosmetics-by-michelle-phan/

The Life palette is a huge palette that includes eye shadows, cheek products, and lip products all in one. Each Life Palette has 4 separate parts that can be used to make a look. There are a few options such as: beach life, career life, night life, etc. Well they recently came out with 2 Mini Life Palettes. I decided to get both on the Cyber Monday sale because it was buy one get one. So I paid $29 for both palettes which I can’t complain about. I plan on doing a review and a makeup look with the other one that I got also, but that post will be after the New Year.


I think that Michelle Phan does an awesome job on the outer packaging. It does really catch the eye with the details and the wonderful colors.


The packaging opens up to see the palette. On the flap is shows 2 looks created and it says, “inspired by the reminiscence of the past year and the celebration of a new year to come.” You can watch the tutorials at emcomsetics.com. 


The back of the packaging.


I think that the actual palette packaging itself is boring! When I compare it to the outer packaging I especially think it is boring! But, that is just my personal opinion. I love color! You can’t see this in the photo but there are a bunch of words such as: embark, emerge, esteem, embellish, and a few others. I even have a hard time seeing it in person because it is clear words against white. I think it would have been so much better if those letters were colorful. But, I did say the same thing in my last Em Cosmetics post, so my opinion hasn’t changed. It is nice and sturdy and has magnetic closure. The palette came with a mini 2 sided brush which is a nice bonus, although I would rather use my actual brushes.


It has a nice mirror. That can be a pro or con to some people. Personally I never use the mirrors included in palettes (except for my Vice 2).


So here is the close up of the eye shadows included in this palette. I do think the colors are perfect for this time of year. I love my berry burgundy colors!


All the colors on the outside of the palette, except for the 2 small pans on the upper right corner are eye shadows. Those 2 upper right ones are both lip products. The middle pan is a blush.

The picture below shows how the colors are placed in the palette and the amount included (6.7 g 0.237 oz)

States it is “the life palette mini refillable eye, cheek, and lip palette.” Look at the photo above and look for the small little openings by each other. Em Cosmetics has a tool that you can use to get the pan out. Otherwise I’m sure there is something around home that a person could use to get the colors out.


So here comes the swatches!


Sequin dress: I’m not impressed with this color at all. It has very chunky glitter. I have no idea where I would use this shade, except for a tiny bit in the inner corner. Also it is in a bigger eye shadow pan when it should be in a smaller one. The color itself is very pretty: a very light champagne gold.

Good Cheers!: I do like this color. I think that it is a complimenting color to add to the palette. It is a good color to add in the crease or add in the inner part of the eyelid. The color is pretty: a medium orange beige with glitter.

Couples gold: I’m glad that this color is in a larger pan because it will be my most used color. It is a gorgeous pigmented deep shimmery gold. It is a good color to use on the eyelid.

Cranberry Cocktail: I wish that this color was in a little bigger pan because I think this is a perfect crease color to use to get the perfect New Years look! I would describe it as a pigmented shimmery cranberry mauve.

Happy New Year!: I would describe this color as a deep chocolate brown with silver glitter. This color would work well as a liner. I think that it is a very pretty color. It is pigmented, but a little streaky.

Clock Strikes Midnight: I would describe this color as a matte navy blue. I do think that this color is a nice color to have included in the palette. It is always nice to have a darker matte shade. This color is very pigmented.

So that ends the eye shadow colors! Overall I do like the colors included, except for the first one. I think that they could have done a much better job with it and included a shimmery champagne color without all that chunky glitter that won’t blend.


Swatches are from left to right and in order from the description above.


Countdown: the biggest pan in the middle is the cheek product. I do think the color is very fitting for the palette name and concept. Since it is so dark and pigmented a light touch of the brush works well. I would describe the color as: a shimmery taupe berry. 

Sparkling Punch: I would describe this lip product more as a lipstick and describe the color as a deep berry color. I haven’t really had that much chance to use this color yet, but I have used it once and I do like the color on my lips. It does look overpowering in the pan, but it gives the lips a nice winter berry color. 

Stroke of Plum: I would describe this lip product as more of a lipgloss and describe the color as a soft shimmery mauve pink. The lip gloss itself isn’t sticky, but doesn’t add that much color to the lip. It adds more shimmer than anything. It does look really nice over the lipstick described above. 



So now for the New Years look I created using this palette. I tried to take a good photo so you could see the shimmer, but I had a hard time getting the photo the way I wanted it.





So how did I get this look using this palette? It is very simple, but I think it is very pretty!


A picture of all the products I used.

Some more pictures of the products I used..


The Balm’s Overshadow in, “Work is overrated.”


Em Cosmetics Shade Play- Lip color mixing palette in, “mix it up roses.’ I added all the colors together except the top 2 colors and I created the color on the middle right side in the mixing pan.


The eyeliners I used: 1) Em Cosmetics Waterliner in Ro’s Gold. 2) Minerelles Eye Pencil Crayon in Charcoal.


My Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and Younique’s 3D lashes (I plan on doing a review on this, but it basically is false lashes being applied like mascara.)


My favorite highlighter: Mary-Lou Manizer which is perfect for a New Years look!

The Steps…

  1.  Add face primer and foundation (I used a sample of Benefit’s POREfessional for primer and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Powder foundation)
  2. Add Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion
  3. Add couples gold all over the lid, except for the outer corner
  4. Add cranberry cocktail to the crease and outer V
  5. Add good cheers! to the inner part of the eye over couples gold
  6. Blend everything together
  7. Add sequin dress in the inner corner
  8. If I was to do this look again I would add either happy new year or clock strikes midnight to the outer V to add more definition
  9. Add a charcoal eyeliner to the upper lash line
  10. Add a gold colored eyeliner to the water line
  11. Apply overshadow all over the lid to add shimmer
  12. Apply mascara and false lashes or Younique’s 3D lashes
  13. Apply blush
  14. You can also add bronzer between steps 12 and 13.
  15. Apply highlighter
  16. Apply lipstick and lip-gloss
  17. Go out and enjoy the night!

For more information on em cosmetics their website is emcosmetics.com. This palette is also on sale right now for $25.00.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below if you have heard of Em Cosmetics or if you have heard of Younique 3D lashes. I love hearing from you all! Also comment down below and let me know what your New Years Eve or New Years Day plans are!




The Beauty Deputy

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