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Thank you to my followers!!

I just wanted to say thank you because I reached 100 WordPress Followers the other day! I am so glad that I brought my blog here! I feel like I have had a lot of good conversations through blogging from people from all over the world and that makes me 🙂 !!! I am glad that after months and months of contemplating on if I should start a blog that I finally did. I started my journey back in August on a different blogging site and in October decided to change it to WordPress. Now December is coming to an end and 2014 is near! I love reading each and every comment and love responding! It always makes my day a little brighter and brighter! ❤



The Beauty Deputy


32 thoughts on “Thank you to my followers!!

      • Thank you! Mirya thanks you too! Did u see my latest post “Mirya’s BarkBox review?” If not check it out! Yes it is amazing. It’s always fun to see what other people buy and like in other countries for makeup brands.

      • The nearest sephora is France I guess but even then it’s nowhere near as good as what you guys get. Postage is pretty expensive from there. I get most of my beauty stuff from department stores like debenhams or john Lewis and use websites like asos and beautybay

      • That sucks! I finally figured out how to add a menu to my blog! Yay! You should check it out! I saw you added an alphabetical list to your blog! That’s cool and very organized!

      • It took me ages to add it though! I will check yours out. I saw you changed your design, it’s really cool. I want to customise mine but don’t really know how to make it look nice

      • I like how mine is turning out. I don’t really know how to customize the theme or anything like that. One step at a step! But yeah I like how you organized it like that. Nice and easy to find.

      • Yeah you can. Go into each post and uncheck the ones you don’t want and then add what you want. Then there is category tab in the dashboard that you can delete the ones you don’t want.

      • Ooh thank you! That will be tomorrows job to totally organise my categories. I may take a peek at yours for some inspiration. It’s lovely how helpful everyone is

      • I agree! Effie and watching YouTube videos helped me figure it out because I had the hardest time with adding my menus. Took me forever to go back into every post and decide what I wanted it. But I am happy how it’s coming now!

      • I really like your new design, it’s easy to read and minimalistic which I like. I’ve decided I want to stick with black, pink and white and want to add a cool header image in but haven’t quite managed to do it yet.

      • That will be cool. That way it is more personalized. I thought about doing that too but I don’t know what I would use. I wish I was artsy and could draw something to do with my blog name for a header. Yeah I tried out a ton of the themes and finally found that one. I like it way better than my old theme. I think it fits my personality better. I already used 53 percent of blog space. I’ll eventually have to pay for an upgrade. Wish all that stuff wasn’t so expensive.

      • Yeah I am the same, I don’t know how to design things. I am wondering if you upload media to the gallery, then insert into a blog post and delete the media if it still stays in the blog posts or deletes that too?

  1. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! You absolutely deserve it, I love reading your posts, especially the puppy and palette-related ones. According to my reader, you’re on 105 followers already – maybe you’ll have made it 200 by Easter?! I agree, it’s so wonderful chatting to people from all over the world. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

    • Thank you! I have tons of palette ones coming up and Mirya has some BarkBox ones coming up too! I hope you had an amazing Christmas too! It went by so fast! Hope you have an amazing New Year! Have any fun plans?

      • Oooh can’t wait to see them! Yes it did go by incredibly fast didn’t it? I’m excited for new year though – a friend from university is having a birthday party tomorrow, and he lives two hours away, so I’ll be driving there, and then from there I’m going down to Bristol to celebrate new year with my boyfriend, hooray! What are your plans? Xx

      • I honestly don’t know yet. My boyfriend works 2:30 pm to 11pm on New Years Eve but never gets out on time. So I guess nothing really just relaxing. I’ll have to call some friends and see what they’re doing.

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