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New blog theme! +Social Networks!

Today I decided that I wanted a new look to my blog. So I looked through quite a few of them and decided on one I like. I like it a lot more then my old theme! Let me know what you think! Also I just wanted to take some time and share my social networks with you all!





Also I recently started using Bloglovin. I really like it because it is easy to keep track of bloggers that I follow and their posts that I have left to read. I feel like with Bloglovin I don’t miss people’s posts. Sometimes with the WordPress reader is it easy to miss posts. Comment down below if you have Bloglovin and what you think of it!

Let me know what social networks you have and I will have to check them out!

Also I want to organize my posts in a more efficient way. Is there a way that I can make on the top of my page a menu with links (Home, About, Social Networks, Eye Shadow Palette Reviews, Makeup Reviews, Makeup looks, Skincare Reviews, etc). I figured out how to get the home and the about page, but that is about it. Can I publish a post such as a palette review on the home page and also on the Eye Shadow Palette review page? Comment down below and let me know!

Once again I hope everybody had an amazing Christmas! I can’t believe that December is coming to an end! I have a lot of exciting posts coming up so stay tuned! BarkBox review tomorrow! Best of Beauty 2013! Naked 1, 2, & 3 comparison, 3 of the Balm eye shadow palettes, Makeup Brand Spotlights, and much more!


6 thoughts on “New blog theme! +Social Networks!

  1. I’ve just got bloglovin too, but I haven’t installed a button yet, and don’t use it to read too much. Maybe I should? It does sound a bit more reliable!

    With the menus thing, there is a way to do it. I managed it a little while ago but will just return to my dashboard to try and work it out…

    …right. I think you start by going down your dashboard to find “Appearance”, and then “Menus”. Go to the “Categories” dropdown thing on the Menus page, tick a box next to a category, and click “add to menu”. It will then appear on the “Menu Structure” on the right of your “Menus” page. If you want to rearrange where the category appears on your main menu, you can drag it up or down your menu structure.

    You can also make subcategories on here. On my page, for example, I have a “Beauty” heading on the menu, and then a dropdown which includes “Cheeks”, “Eyes”, “Empties” etc. Any post which I categorise as “Beauty” and “Eyes” will appear both on my main page, and a page which is dedicated just to Beauty, and a page which is dedicated just to Eyes. Visitors to my blog can click on any of these categories from the menu at the top. Sorry about using my blog as an example – I don’t mean to be braggy, I just find it easier to explain things with examples!

    Hope this helps!

    Effie xx

      • I’ve tried to do my menu and I’m sad to say but it’s confusing. It says my theme supports 1 menu. So far I only can get my home page, about page, my social network. I’ve been trying to add Makeup and Skincare, but it won’t show up. They could make it a little less complicating! Or maybe it’s just me lol!

      • Hmm it might just be your theme, or it could be that you’re adding the new categories to a different menu by mistake. Make sure that you’re adding the new pages to Menu 1, or whatever your primary menu is called. If that doesn’t solve it then I assume it’ll be something to do with your theme being mean to you by being restrictive! I’m not sure. If you keep getting stuck, I think there are wordpress forums where you can ask their administrators questions xx

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