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How am I 25 already? I thought I just turned 18!

Well today is my birthday! I just turned 25! I know I’m not very old, but I feel like I just turned 18. I remember as a kid I was so excited for a birthday and then when it turned into the next day I was like aah another 364 days before another one. When I was a young girl my aunt would always make these amazing character cakes and I loved that! Now that I am 25 birthdays aren’t as exciting. Other then my car insurance going down in price (now that I am 25) I’m like meh. But then again I am so happy to be alive and be able to celebrate my birthday year to year because as I get older and the more I work in the hospital I realize how precious and fragile life can be. It can be taken from a person within seconds. So I am glad to be turning 25 and I am excited for the future.

Two weekends ago my family got together to celebrate December birthdays. My birthday is exactly a week before my boyfriends. Christmas time gets busy so since my niece was having a dance recital we decided to go out to eat afterwards at Olive Garden and celebrate December birthdays! But here is the sad part, my boyfriend’s work made him work on Sunday last minute so he wasn’t able to come. 😦

Well Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurants and a funny thing is the last time I was there was when I brought my boyfriend to meet my family. Well that was October of 2012. That’s what happens when the nearest Olive Garden is an hour away. It is a treat! I love my Italian food and I ended up getting Chicken Alfredo which is a favorite of mine.

So onto what I got…I am also very thankful to my family for the wonderful gifts!


The first thing I got was an amazing scarf with a bunch of different colors. By the way it is super soft and will be perfect for Winter time!


I got this necklace from my parents. It is by the company Origami Owl. Basically it’s a company were you pick your chain, locket, plate, and charms to make an amazing necklace. These necklaces basically can tell a story about someone. This company has a bunch of different charms from birthstones, to careers (they do have one for a RN for me), to animals, and to many different types of charms. These necklaces are very popular in the US.


A close up of the locket.


Another close up of the locket. There are 2 December birthstones to symbolize my boyfriend Shawn and I (since we both have birthdays 7 days apart), a paw print (for Molly and Mirya), a heart (my love for my family), and a flower (I just thought it was pretty). I also have 2 dangling charms (a tree and then a black stone charm).

I also got some gift cards but I haven’t spent them yet.

So Sephora sent out a 20 dollar gift card to VIP members of their points system. I of course had to use it because it was like throwing away 20 dollars. So this is what I got…

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette


I decided to get the Naked palette because I have the Naked 2 and I know I want the Naked 3 because I love rose gold. I want to do a post on the comparison between them all.

Tarte Picture Perfect Eye Lash Curler


The eyelash curler came with a mini, “Lights, Camera, and Lashes” mascara.

Then my free Sephora birthday gift.

Sephora gives their members birthday gifts on their month of their birthday. I got 2 sample sizes from the brand Benefit. I am excited to try these products. It included a mascara , “They’re Real” sample and a highlighter, “Watt’s Up.”  I think the highlighter’s packaging is adorable with the light bulbs. Comment down below if you agree.

DSC01382 DSC01383 DSC01386

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any of the products above. Tonight I plan on going to get a manicure with my mom and then later I am going out to eat with some of my family.



The Beauty Deputy


31 thoughts on “How am I 25 already? I thought I just turned 18!

  1. Yaaaay Happy Birthday Brittany! It looks like you’ve had a lovely day and got lots of gorgeous gifts – I love the personalisation on the locket, it’s so pretty and personal. Looking forward to all your review posts for your new beauty products too! I hope your boyfriend has a lovely birthday as well! Many happy returns for both of you xx

  2. Happy Birthday to you. You got a lot gifts. I don’t even get cake anymore on my B-Day. Since I hate cake I don’t mind. I haven’t gotten a birthday gift since I was 18 years old.

  3. Happy birthday! I’m so jealous of all of your presents – your locket is beautiful!

    I bought Watts’ Up recently, the packaging is adorable! I’ve been tempted to try They’re Real, but I’ve heard mixed reviews… Would love to know what you think of it!

    Gemma, xo

  4. Happy Birthday and many happy returns.
    As you said Life is too precious and one should be grateful for every moment.
    And besides whether 25 or 18 or 53 (my age) , remember it is only a number. It doesn’t tell anything about who you really are and how you feel .
    Celebrate it !

  5. Happy Birthday Brittany! I know exactly what you mean, I turned 27 in June and it feels like I was just turning 17! It’s scary how fast time seems to be going, but I agree whole-heartily about what a precious gift life is 🙂
    I hope you have a fantastic day! x

  6. Happy Belated Birthday :). Your gifts were all so thoughtful, I especially loved that necklace. It’s gorgeous and so unique.

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