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A few little things….Need input!

I have a question for my followers. Are my blog posts showing up on the reader? I am just wondering because I recently did a post on Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen inspired makeup and haven’t received much feedback. I have asked a few followers and they said that they did not see it on their reader and that they weren’t receiving emails either. Comment down below and let me know.
A few little extra things I wanted to include…


Just wanted to post this picture from Disney’s Frozen because if you look closely you can see Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert from Disney’s Tangled. I just wanted to post that so if you go to the movie you can pay attention because I don’t remember seeing them when I went.

Also, I just thought that this was cool. I live in Minnesota and I have been to Mall of America many times. This post makes me proud to be a Minnesotan! It’s about a person named Zach Sobiech that got cancer and wrote a song called, “Clouds” which is him basically saying goodbye. This song became very popular and was number 1 on Itunes. Which it honestly is an amazing song. Sadly he did pass. Well not too long ago 5,000 people got together and sang this song at Mall of America. There is a video on the link. Just take a look because it is pretty amazing!

One last thing is that it is now snowing on my blog. I think that is awesome!



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17 thoughts on “A few little things….Need input!

  1. If you truly love blogging there is no reason to stop. I don’t follow you but I saw this post on the reader so they’re obviously showing up. I try to make the majority of my posts around noon my time, that’s when I get the most traffic.


  2. Oh look, there they are! For some reason I expected Rapunzel to still have “Rapunzel hair” but of course she has her brunette bob from the end of the story! So cute.
    Obviously we’ve spoken about the reader issues, but I think Katie makes a good point – when I do look at posts in my reader, I’ll only look at the latest 20 or so. If you follow a lot of people, posts from earlier in the day can get flushed out of the reader, if that makes sense. I try to schedule most of my posts at around 5.30pm GMT, because that’s when people come home from work or school. And then the others get posted in the “bedtime” reading hour 🙂 of course, that’s harder to do when readers come from different time zones, which is why it’s helpful when the email system actually works! Silly WordPress…
    Thanks for showing us that video by the way, group singing always moves me to tears – what a lovely thing for them all to do. I hadn’t heard the song before, so thank you so much for introducing me to it!
    I hope everything resolves itself with the reader soon,
    Effie xx

    • Me too! I kind of forgot that she would have brown hair at first. Tangled is a favorite of mine! Yeah I looked up more videos on Zach on YouTube and I watched this one about his last days and it was sad. It moved me to tears. What an inspirational person and what an amazing song he left behind. Cancer is so sad. A classmate of mine died from the same type of cancer. Yeah I agree about silly WordPress, but this is way better than where I had my blog previous to this.

      • Where were you hosted before? I used to have a tumblr but most people don’t really use that for writing, it seems more of a “pictures i like” outlet to me. I’m not sure I want to look at more videos of Zach as I’d just cry constantly, but what a beautiful mark he seems to have left on the world 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your classmate. My Grandpa was recently diagnosed with cancer but we got the news yesterday that he’s got 3 to 6 years, which is much better than we expected (he’s 88). So we have lots more time to enjoy his company than we initially thought! I think that’s what we must take from cancer – enjoy our time with the people we love, and keep those memories for when they’re gone. Xx

      • Ah I’ve never tried blogger. I’m thinking about expanding onto bloglovin too as it’s meant to be good 🙂 yeah it’s a much better prognosis than we were expecting which is brilliant xx

      • Well I don’t recommend it. I feel like WordPress does a much better job. I just got bloglovin yesterday. I really like it. Makes it easy to follow blogs from all sorts of websites. I also made myself a Facebook page too. Lol!

  3. Liked! I think twitter works if you’re as obsessed with celebrities as I am, but I also think it’s important that your friends are on there too – it was really boring when only two or three of my friends had twitter! Did you? I’ll have to follow you back then, be right back! Haha xx

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