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Elsa Inspired Makeup from Disney’s Frozen!!

People who know me may know that I am in love with Disney! I may be 25 next week, but I never think I will be too old to love the amazing movies that Disney creates. I love the creativity behind them! The most recent Disney movie that came out is called, “Frozen.” I did love this movie! I thought it was very well done with the animation and I loved the story line. But, on a makeup lover’s perspective I noticed that wow…these characters have really amazing makeup. So I decided to do a inspired makeup look. If you don’t know much about this movie. It is about 2 sisters, one named Anna and the other named Elsa. Well Elsa has this ability to turn things into Winter or ice. This ability causes a lot of issues between the sisters. She becomes what they call, “The Ice Queen.” I’m not going to tell you more than that because I want you to see it for yourself. Also I love the music in this movie too! Anyway back to the makeup look. Anna has a neutral look, whereas Elsa has a very pretty look with the color purple which right now is my favorite color.

First off I am going to start off with some pictures of what Elsa looks like.


Here are a few more photos of Elsa and the rest of the characters.



Sisters: Elsa and Anna!


Rest of the main characters!

As you can see she has a purplish pink style makeup on her lid with a orange/brownish color in her crease. I just think that her makeup is gorgeous!!! Don’t you agree?

Well here is my attempt on this look.








What did I use to get this look?


Products used…

Eye Shadow Base: Sigma Eye Shadow Base in Pursue

Lip color: Tarte LipSurgence lip tint in the color believe

(I got a sample size in a holiday box I got at Sephora)


Eye Shadow Palette: Stila In The Moment


Liquid Eyeliner: The Balm Schwing

Pencil Eyeliner: Em Cosmetics Waterliner in Black Night

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara sample

Eyelash Curler: Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler


Blush/highlight: Urban Decay Naked Flushed


How I got this look? 

Well I am going to post another picture of the palette so you can see the pictures and then the swatches.


I used the colors: impulse, glance, improvise, whim, and desire to create this look.


The swatches: impulse, glance, improvise, whim, and desire.

Well onto the steps! If you don’t have the Stila in the moment palette or the Sigma eye shadow base that is fine! Just find colors that are close. Use what you got!

1. Take Sigma’s eye shadow base in pursue and put that all over the eyelid, but not on the crease

2. Take the color impulse which is a pale shimmery lavender color and add that to the inner part of the eyelid and take that color in about 1/3 of the eye

3. Take the color glance which is a violet with shimmer and add that color to the rest of the eyelid

4. Blend the colors impulse and glance together to make a nice transition into the darker color

5. Add the color whim which is a soft reddish-orange brown with some shimmer into the crease

6. Take the color improvise which is a dark plum into the outer V to add dimension and blend that color into whim

7. Add desire which is a soft matte light pinkish tan as a highlight below the brows

8. Add the color glance to the bottom lash line, stop half way

9.  Make sure everything is blended nicely

10. Add Schwing liquid eyeliner to upper lash line

11. Add Em Cosmetics waterliner to waterline

12. Curl lashes and add Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

13. Add Urban Decay’s Flushed blush (a rose toned pink) to the apples of the cheeks and to the tip of the nose. If you look at a photo of Elsa she has a red nose which makes sense because it’s Winter!

14. Add Urban Decay’s Flushed highlighter (pink-champagne)

15. Add Tarte’s LipSurgence in the color believe to the lips (a berry colored lip)

16. Ready set go! Look into the mirror! Smile! Go enjoy the world!!

Anyway I hope that you all enjoyed this post! I really do love my Disney movies! Maybe I will do more posts like this in the future. Comment down below on what you thought of this look. Also let me know if you saw the movie Frozen and what did you think of it?



The Beauty Deputy


40 thoughts on “Elsa Inspired Makeup from Disney’s Frozen!!

  1. It’s so great that you worked out how to imitate her makeup! I’m definitely going to see Frozen with my sister when she gets home in a couple of weeks. The purple really suits you too 🙂 great post! Xx

    • Thank you so much! They always say people with green eyes should wear purple. Right now purple is my favorite color to so I really liked her makeup. Let me know what you think of Frozen. Also keep a watch out for Rapunzel and Eugune from Tangled during the ball. They are part of the guests. I didn’t see them when I saw it but I saw a picture later.

    • I have been getting all the Disney movies on blueray so I have a whole shelf for Disney Pixar movies and other animation. 🙂 well they’re only available for so long and then they go into the vault. I want to have them available when I have kids in the future and not have to wait for them to come back out of the vault. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I haven’t seen frozen but I really want to- I think it’s just come out. Love Disney. I really like the purple shadow you used it really compliments your eyes.
    I’m excited to try out my naked flush highlighter to create a nice sculpted brow bones. I just got it two weeks ago and have been loving the blush and the bronzer is nice. I tried the highlighter for work the other day but it was too shimmery.
    You should definitely do more posts like this. Found you on bloglovin xx

    • Thank you! I love purple as a color. Purple is across from green on the color wheel so I really like purple as a color for me. Yes Urban Decay loves its shimmer. I don’t really wear much highlighter but I feel like Elsa had some on.

  3. How is the urban decay eyeshadow palet specifically? I know a lot of friends that have it but I was always reluctant to buy it because I feel like eyeshadow pallettes are quite cheap compared to the eyeshadows that you have to buy seperately (I usually use M.A.C), so I’m not sure about it’s quality…..tell me what you think about it…..I’ve also never bought anything from Urban Decay before…

    I also write a blog on makeup, so if you have time, check it out. I wrote a recent post comparing bb creams http://chocolatecouture.org/2013/12/13/best-bb-cream-review/

    • I read the post and I really bb creams. I’ve always wondered about the too faced one. I tried to comment and like it but it keeps making me sign in with my password and I don’t have it with me right now. I am on my phone but once I get to my computer I will. At home I have it automatically come up so I never type my password in.

  4. Oh, I just realized the eyeshadow pallete that u used is from Stila, which I has also heard good reviews about. So can you tell me what you think of Stila eyeshadow palettes, and if you do kno, can you tell me about the Urban Decay ones too? 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like both companies eye shadows. Urban decays eye shadows are very pigmented. Check out my vice 2 palette review. That’s a palette from them. Stila eye shadows are pigmented but not as much as urban decay. They’re still good quality. Stila is also a little more powdery. Urban decay tends to have a lot of shimmery eye shadows to their palettes. I plan on starting a series on makeup brands “my take on urban decay” or stila and many more. I have never tried Mac shadows so I don’t know how to compare them to that. Hope that helps. What kind of eye shadow colors do you like best? Urban decay has really nice neutral palettes called naked, naked 2, and 3. I plan on doing a post on that too.

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  7. GORGEOUS! I have yet to see this movie, I’m waiting for my local Red Box to have it; I cannot WAIT to see it, I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews! And you were spot-on with the eyes ❤

    • Aww thank you! You need to see this movie! It is amazing! RedBox always takes forever to get movies in! Grr! That is my first ever tutorial. I’ve been thinking about doing all the Disney princesses, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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