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WordPress Family Award!


First off, I got nominated twice today, one by Stephanie Wright and also by The Little Scottish Corner. I just wanted to say thank you to both of you!!! I love both of your blogs and think they’re amazing!

Anyway as I sit here I start to reminisce about my blogging experience so far. I honestly hated English class and I definitely hated writing in school so i never thought I would ever start a blog, ever! But, hey people change as they grow. I have a love for beauty products and all things girly and it just blossomed into what it is now. But, there is just something about blogging about beauty products that I love and I love sharing it with other beauty lovers. It took me months and months to actually decide to start a blog, but I decided to start my blog in August in a different website. I wasn’t too fond of the blog program I was using so I moved to WordPress and I am glad I did. I feel like I got to read a lot more blog posts that I enjoy reading and read people’s posts from all over the world. This is a community, a blogging community. It makes my day when people read my blog posts and comment on them and when people also follow my blog. I have gotten to know a few people’s blogs and I feel like they have made an impact on me and are considered my “blogging family.”

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 6 other bloggers who have made an impact on your blogging experience in such a way that they feel like “family.”
4. Let your 6 “WordPress family members” know that you have awarded them.
5. Spread the love!

My Blogging Family! 

1. Stephanie Wright: Since I got nominated by 2 different people I decided that I could nominate the people that nominated me. I just love her blog. I also love Effie’s writing style! You can tell that she was an English major. She always does amazing posts whether it be: Sleek blush reviews, job interviews do’s and don’ts, Lush product reviews, and many more. I always see myself clicking on her posts when I see that she has a new one. Can’t forget about those Harry Potter reviews!

2. The Little Scottish Corner: Jacquelyn is the nail polish queen! I always see myself reading this blog too! I love her reviews whether is be Lush products, or nail products, or many more. I agree with Effie Wright that she is very efficient in commenting! If she lived close by I would probably be at her place requesting a manicure!

3. Inside My Wonderland: for my third nomination I would have to say Victoria from Inside My Wonderland. With her posts she sure can take you into a makeup, fashion, and all things girly wonderland! She always comes up makeup tutorials that are gorgeous and I love her makeup reviews.

4. Pretty in the East: Michelle from Pretty in the East is another one of my nominations! I love reading her blog posts and seeing her reviews on products such as: The Balm NudeTude, Julep nail polishes, and many more! She always has amazing pictures so show her swatches of products!

5. Dragonfly reviews: Dragonfly reviews always has amazing reviews on beauty products. Some examples are mascara reviews, eyeliner reviews, perfume reviews, and many more. Her reviews are simple and concise and to the point which I like.

6. World Inspires You Create: I recently started following Anastasiia’s blog and I think her blog is amazing! I love her makeup tutorials! She has some gorgeous eye looks that she has come up with on her blog! She also has an adorable cat!

I just want to end this post by saying thank you to everybody and especially thank you to my blog family! My blog would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for you all!


9 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award!

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  3. Oh thank you so much for that lovely nomination, I feel all glowy now! I absolutely love reading your blog too, it’s so interesting to be introduced to new products and of course your gorgeous puppy! Thank you muchly xx

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