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The Perfect Palette Tag

On Youtube there is this tag going around called, “The Perfect Palette Tag.” It was created by a mother and daughter. The mom’s YouTube channel is iluvfaces1042. Well I just thought that this tag was a really good idea! In this tag there is a list of 8 questions and whoever is doing the tag gets to look at their palettes and place them into a category such as: best packaging or best color payoff. Well I don’t make YouTube videos so I decided to tag myself and do it through my blog. I am a big palette junkie, making eye shadow palettes my favorite makeup item. Well in advance I am apologizing for the bad photo quality. I was taking these pictures by myself using my Ipad and at that time the sun was going down. I wish I would have taken the pictures sooner, but oh well you get the point of the pictures!


Well here are my palettes that I choose for the tag!


The Great and Powerful Oz in Glinda and Theodora by Urban Decay

I couldn’t choose between my Glinda or my Theodora palettes because I love both their packaging. It is a very sturdy tin case and the colors of the cases are gorgeous! I feel like the colors fit Glinda’s and Theodora’s character very well. Also the eye shadow colors are divine, but this part is for best packaging! In each palette all the eye shadows are removable so the case can be re-used with other Urban Decay shadows once a shadow runs out. These palettes are Limited Edition, but I did see that the, “Glinda” palette is still available and it is on sale! http://www.urbandecay.com/what%27s-new/the-glinda-and-theodora-palettes/361.html

IMG_0068 IMG_0069

IMG_0072 IMG_0071


Nude Tude by The Balm

These shadows are the most buttery smooth pigmented eye shadows I have ever used. They’re super blendable which I think is a huge plus! These shadows make applying eye shadows a breeze!  They also have 2 versions of this palette: the “naughty” one which is the one I have (as you can see the girls in the background, but hey it’s the “Nude Tude”) palette or the “nice” one which has a grey background. The Balm goes on Hautelook quite frequently so you can get this palette discounted. Otherwise their website is: http://www.thebalm.com/nude-tude.html

IMG_0073 IMG_0074


Lorac Pro by Lorac Cosmetics

I would have to go with my Lorac Pro for a few reasons. First off there is 16 eye shadows. There is a wide range of colors meaning that I could make a day look or spice it up a bit with the darker shades. Another thing that sets the Lorac Pro apart from other palettes and making it my most versatile is that the top 8 shadows are all matte and the bottom shadows are all shimmer. There is also a good highlight shade which is always a pro. I got mine at Ulta, but you can get it at their website too! http://www.loraccosmetics.com/make-up_pro-palette.html Lorac is the founder Carol spelled backwards. I thought that was interesting and a good idea on Carol’s part. Also, this palette comes with a primer!

IMG_0075 IMG_0076


Naked 2 by Urban Decay

The Naked 2 palette comes in a hard tin case making it strong for travels. It has 12 shadows from light to dark. Basically I can create numerous neutral looks from just 1 palette. It also comes with a double sided brush making eye shadow application as simple as 1-2-3. I think that the upcoming Naked 3 looks amazing because it has rose neutrals! Here is their website: http://www.urbandecay.com/urban-decay/eye-makeup/naked2-palette/282.html

IMG_0077 IMG_0078


San Francisco Eye Shadow and Blush Palette by Bh Cosmetics 

Sorry Bh Cosmetics but I haven’t really used this palette that much. The eye shadows are kind of lacking in the pigmentation department and I just have a hard time thinking of a look to create with it. I do think the packaging is cool. It was also pretty cheap, so I don’t feel too bad! But, I did give Bh Cosmetics another chance and because of that I now love my Galaxy Chic palette from them! That palette was in close second on best packaging. (I do have a review on the Galaxy Chic palette,  the link is posted below.) Here is the link to their website for the San Francisco Palette: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/products/eyes/bh-san-francisco-palette

IMG_0079 IMG_0085


Creme De Couture by Sigma Beauty 

This palette is no longer available online. But I just thought that the names were adorable! This palette is based off of Macaroons so the palette itself is suppose to look like a macaroon box. The color names include: Redberry Rose, Apricot Flower, Passion Fruit, Cherry Blossom, Meyer Lemon, Ginger Pumpkin, Cafe au Lait, Blueberry Cream, Violet Whip, Lavender Honey, Cassis, Elderberry, Blue Chocolate, Almond Pear, Creme De Menthe, and Citron Pistachio. So each name is like a different type of macaroon. I just think that Sigma did a really good job with matching the names with the color. I just think that they should have included a vanilla color in this palette.

IMG_0091 IMG_0092


Ammo Palette by Urban Decay

I really do like this palette. It was actually my first palette ever. I said it was, “The Great and Powerful Oz in Glinda” in one of my previous posts, but I just realized I got this palette first. As you can tell I forget about this little guy! I do like the colors in this palette. So I need to start using this palette more!

IMG_0086 IMG_0090


Vice 2 by Urban Decay

Wow, quite a few Urban Decay palettes have made it onto my, “Perfect Palette Tag” so kudos to you Urban Decay! Your eye shadows rock! Anyway the reason I pick this palette is because there is 20 colors and If I was on a desert island and for some reason got to bring an eye shadow palette along I would pick this one. Although if I was stuck on a desert island I wouldn’t probably worry about makeup. I just feel that with this palette since there is 20 colors in a huge range of colors and finishes I could make a multitude of looks. I really do love Urban Decay’s pigmentation and I love the colors so that is why  this palette is my most loved! I do use this palette freqently, although it is pretty new, it is on its way to becoming the most used.

IMG_0095 IMG_0096

Well that ends my list of palettes for the tag! Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any of these palettes and what do you think of them! I also have a review on the Vice 2 palette that I will link down below. Comment down below if you want a review on any of these palettes or some pictures of some swatches. I am also thinking about doing, “The Rainbow Tag” and “The Princess Tag.” Let me know if you would like me to do those tags!

Now for the fun part! Just because I didn’t tag you on this list doesn’t mean that you can’t do this tag. Like I said above nobody tagged me, my heart just desired to do this tag. Also if you don’t have enough palettes to do this tag you can do eye shadow quads or whatever you feel like doing.

1. Dragonfly reviews http://dragonflybeautyreviews.wordpress.com/

2. The Little Scottish Corner http://thelittlescottishcorner.wordpress.com/

3. Stephanie Wright http://effiewright.wordpress.com/

4. Inside My Wonderland http://insidemywonderland.com/

5. Pretty in the East http://prettyintheeast.wordpress.com/

Ready Set Go!!!!


24 thoughts on “The Perfect Palette Tag

    • Thank you for the nomination! I was already nominated so do I fill it out again? Also yes I really liked the Lorac name being carol backwards. My name would be ynattirb backwards which I don’t think I would name my makeup brand that if I ever had one!

      • I think it’s completely up to you if you want to do another post on it 🙂
        My name would be HAROBED… Unless I plan on opening a mattress store, I’m out of luck on that trick! x

  1. Wow, you probably have enough eyeshadows to last a lifetime (but we all know no one stops at that, lol). 😉 Great post! Looking forward to eye makeup look posts on these palettes, since I’m such a klutz with eye makeup. 😆

    Followed you, BTW. Hope you could check out my blog and follow back! x

    • Thank you for the follow and I followed you as well. Yes I do have a lot of makeup palettes lol! But I love palettes and it doesn’t help that makeup brands are always coming out with more and more. Makes it hard!!!

      • Thanks so much! Really means a lot. x

        You’re right! They keep releasing beautiful new sets (especially this holiday season) so it’s just ends up being so damn difficult fr mod us to keep buyin things.. 😆

      • Oh dear, I think I was half asleep when I replied to this! I meant “You’re right! They keep releasing beautiful new sets (especially this holiday season) so it just ends up being so damn difficult for most of us to keep ourselves from buying things.”

        ..I knew that WordPress mobile app wasn’t a good idea. 😆

  2. Wow what a great post. I can’t believe how many palettes you have. Unfortunately I only have one or two palettes 😦 as I’m not very experimental with eyeshadow. I will have a dig around my stash and see if I can pull something together. I really want the glinda palette by urban decay. The. Colours look really cute. Xx

  3. I’m dreaming about Vice 2 palette. I don’t own any UD palettes and first I wanted Naked 2. But then I got few random nice nude eyeshadows and two palettes from Sleek and I decided that I don’t need soooooo many browns, because I just won’t use them all…and then I saw Vice 2!!!! And decided that it’s the best one! It has different amazingly beautiful colors and has also shades for nude look:)

      • I bought on my birthday not long time ago just because of reviews. I like the palletes I took, the price is wonderful for so many eyeshadows and quality is good.The plus that there is not so many big palattes in stores for such price, there are lots of quads or 5-eyeshadows palettes, so I think Sleek is a good choice if you want not expensive nice palatte.

      • Yes, I saw! I wanted to take Romance but I choosed Oh so special and Storm with lots of nice day colors and also can be used for evening.

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