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Watch Mirya Grow: my Shiba Inu!

Mirya turned 4 months on November 7th. I just wanted to post some updated pictures of her.


Mirya and Molly on Halloween! Yes, I am one of those people that dress their pets up. Mirya was going to be a pumpkin before she was Snow White so I decided to try the costume on Molly.


Wow dogs have really long tongues.


Mirya loves her bed!


Trying to get a picture with both Mirya and Molly. It didn’t work out too well!


Once Molly jumped down I decided to take a picture with just Mirya.


Mirya relaxing on a blanket. Such a hard life!


Getting in some zzzzzzzzz


Just relaxing by her bed. Crazy how much she has grown!


Another picture of Mirya and I.


Catching up on some more zzzzz.


Just a picture from 10/8/13 (the day I got her) just to show how much she has grown!

So far Mirya knows how to sit. We’re working on the command, “stay” right now which she isn’t a fan of. She wants that treat right away!!! Anyway I hope that you enjoyed my photos of Mirya and Molly! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!! I will also link my 2 previous posts on Mirya down below. 


Brittany, Mirya, & Molly


15 thoughts on “Watch Mirya Grow: my Shiba Inu!

    • Yeah they are getting better! Molly my cat will randomly hiss at her but not that often. They play with each other and Molly randomly rubs up against Mirya just like cats rub against peoples legs.

      • I have a cat and I’m thinking that in future I want one more cat and a dog.And I read 1000 stories about cats living with dogs and what I understood it depends on their character and mainly on the one which came to that home first:).

      • I’m thinking about getting a new pet. I think my kids will love to have a little playmate. I’m trying to decide between a rabbit, a cat, or a dog. What do you think?

      • It honestly depends on what you’re looking for. A dog is going to be more work than a cat. A cat is more independent and has it’s litter box. A dog is more dependent and needs to be taken out and taken for walks. My dog gets excited when I get home but my cat could care less half the time. She is very independent but she has her times where she wants attention. With rabbits the cages have to be cleaned out. But I’m not really educated on rabbits. Hope that helps.

      • It does thanks. Maybe a dog is too much right now. I have three kids and I work all the time and can’t take a dog out everyday. Rabbits are quiet, and love attention. I’ve had about 22 rabbits in my life ;]

      • If you do decide you want a dog someday all breeds are different. Like shiba Inus like Mirya are more independent. Whereas another breed may want constant attention. Mirya a lot of times takes a toy and is very content playing by herself but yes she is a lot more work than Molly my cat. She also hardly ever barks. Shiba Inus are known for that. When I have taken her out all the neighbor dogs are barking and she doesn’t even bark back. She usually only barks at Molly randomly and when my boyfriend gets home and that’s only cuz it’s late at night and dark so she can’t tell who it is. At least I know she would wake me up if someone was breaking in lol. I had 1 rabbit when I was really young and I really enjoyed it but I was 6 or 7. Let me know what you decide.

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