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October Favorites: 2013

First off…

1) How on earth is it time for October favorites?

2) How is November almost here?

3) How is it almost 2014?

4) How is it that I am going to be 25 soon and that I have been out of high school for almost 7 years?

Anyway enough with the rant on time going by too fast.

Here are my October favorites!!!


1) Marc Jacobs Beauty: Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Shadow in the color Scarlet


I have been using this palette a lot this month because it is Fall and October is the perfect time for metallic eye shadows, especially colors such as: orange and gold.  I think that this palette has amazing pigmentation.  Well, it should because it’s Marc Jacobs!


2.  Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette


I have also been loving using this palette because I feel like it has a lot of amazing colors. It has a nice bright orange, a burgundy color, and some neutrals that are perfect for Fall. I also feel like it has really good pigmentation for the price of this palette.


3. Sigma Dare palette


Here is another monthly palette favorite! I do love eye shadow palettes because I feel like that is where I can be creative with my look. I recently got this palette this month because Sigma had them on sale.  Sigma shadows are a little powdery but this palette has good pigmentation. I love using the 2 orange shades together and I also like pairing it with the eye shadow base that I will talk about next.


4.  Sigma eye shadow base in the collection Flare and color Spy


You can’t really tell in the photo but this base has a duo-chrome finish to it. I think that it makes the eye shadows pop and make the look last longer too! This base is very creamy and applies to the eyelid easily.

DSC01076 DSC01077 DSC01078

5. Anna Sui: La Vie De Bohème


I went into Sephora thinking that I wanted to get the new Marc Jacobs perfume in Honey, but then I saw this perfume and I instantly needed it. The packaging is adorable for one thing! But, the smell is amazing! It smells very girly with some fruity scent with some floral in it, but there is just the right amount of sweetness in it making me want to come back for more.

Notes: Turkish Rose, Pear, Red Berries, Dragon Fruit, Magnolia, Peony, Freesia, White Wood, Skin Musk, Red Raspberries, Vanilla, Sandalwood Accord.

Style: Mysterious. Sultry. Confident.

Notes and Style information off of Sephora website.


6) Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm


One of my trips to Lush at Mall of America I saw this up by the cash register and the lady was raving about it! So I decided to pick it up and try it. On the packaging it states, “For vanilla honey kisses.” This mostly smells of honey, but you do get a nice vanilla scent to it too! The consistency is a little weird at first and when I first tried it I wasn’t sure if I liked it. Once I got over the first layer I decided that I really liked it. It is super moisturizing and makes my lips feel amazing! I also pair this with my Bubble Gum Lush lip scrub (which should be also another October favorite but I can’t make the list go on forever)


7) Benefit Rockateur Box O’ Powder


This is my first Box O’ Powder from Benefit. As you can see I have used mine a little bit in the photo. But, I think that this blush is perfect. It is build-able so you can get the pigmentation that you want. The color is a gorgeous rose gold and I just think that the packaging is adorable! The top layer is more shimmery, but once you get past that you get the nice rose gold color that is perfect for everyday use.  I am not the biggest fan of the brush because I like to use my normal blush brush. I wish that they included more product instead of the brush.


8. Bh Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipstick in Toasted


Got this lipstick the same time I got my Galaxy Chic palette and I just feel like this color is perfect for this time of year. Bh Cosmetics describes it as a spiced neutral bronze with a creamy finish which I have to agree with. This lipstick is pigmented and didn’t try out my lips. It does need to be reapplied throughout the day, but it is good quality for being $3.95.

DSC01081 DSC01082 DSC01083

9. Philosophy Purity made simple: one-step facial cleanser


I love putting on makeup, but hate taking it off, but taking it off is very important! I always had a hard time finding a makeup remover that removes ALL my makeup. This cleanser removes my makeup, cleanses my face, and leaves it feeling hydrated. Its nice not to have to mess around with a million different products to remove makeup. After I cleanse with this I do use Tarte’s Maracuja oil.


10. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation


I really like this foundation because it is build-able and I can get the coverage that I want. I am in the color light beige. I do like Tarte products because they’re more natural and cruelty free! There is a fabric mesh screen that you can get the perfect amount of product. There is more product on the mesh right now because I tipped it over to take the picture of the back, but all you have to do is use the brush and push down a little bit to get some product out.

DSC01095 DSC01096 DSC01097 DSC01099

A little extras!

Favorite movie I saw in October: I didn’t get to see very many movies this month. I saw Prisoners and Seasons of Grey which I thought were both good. Seasons of Grey was a modern day Joseph and the Dreamcatcher story and Prisoners was a movie about on how far would you go if you child was kidnapped to get them back.



Favorite TV show this month: I have been loving, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” I just think that it is creative and I love the character Alice and her romance with Cyrus. I always look forward to Thursday nights!

Book I have been reading this month: Just started, “The Longest Ride” by Nicholas Sparks. I just started it so I can’t tell you much about it, but so far I like it!

Well that concludes my October monthly favorites. This is my first monthly favorites post so I was excited to write it, but I am still in shock that Halloween is tomorrow and November is around the corner which means Christmas is around the corner! Hey I just realized and got excited that November is the month of HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE!!!





13 thoughts on “October Favorites: 2013

  1. I just picked up the Rockateur this Saturday, I went to Sephora with some friends and Benefit was right at the entrance and I just kept swatching this color over and over, I just had to get it… This is my first Benefit Blush… I love it, even though I haven’t used mines.

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