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LUSH Product Review: Let the Good Times Roll

One of the last times that I went to Lush one of the workers threw in a sample of the facial cleanser, “Let the Good Times Roll.” I am glad that she did because this facial cleanser smells amazing!!!

I ended up getting the full sized product which was $12.95 for 3.5 oz.  Otherwise you can get 8.8 oz for $28.95. Yes, that is expensive but Lush is a company that I don’t mind splurging on because their products are made fresh with good ingredients and not loaded with a bunch of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.  Also, they are fighting against animal testing and their containers are all made from recycled plastic!

This was what the packaging states regarding this product. You might be able to see in the photos below.

“Our seasonal, popcorn-inspired facial cleanser. Smoothing, soothing and ever so slighting warming on the skin.”

“Massage our polenta and cinnamon scrub into skin for a smooth, polished look.”


Also with a lot of Lush’s products if you save the containers you can bring them back for a fresh mask for free. All you have to do is look for the logo on the bottom. Hooray for saving the environment!


The little V in the front means Vegan which it also states in the back.


How to use and a top tip. I have not tried their Popcorn lip scrub, but it sounds interesting!


Here are the list of ingredients. You can go to Lush’s website and look at information on all the ingredients listed.


Since products are made with fresh ingredients and minimal preservatives some products expire faster than others so each product comes with this sticker that states who made, when it was made, and expiration.


This is what the product looks like inside the container. Looks like there is a lot of empty space, but you do still get a lot! Remember it doesn’t last forever!


So with this cleanser you’re supposed to pinch off a pea-sized piece (I guess I have a little more), add a little water, and mix into paste.


This is what is looks like added with a little bit of water. Now you’re ready to scrub, scrub, scrub!!!

Did I like this product?

Yes, I loved it! I love the smell! It doesn’t exactly remind me of popcorn, unless I suppose you add cinnamon to your popcorn. It reminds me of some sort of cinnamon cookie dough,

How often do I use it?

I use it about every other day. It is a scrub so it really exfoliates and gets the face clean.  It may be too much to use everyday.

Would I buy it again?

Yes I would! This product apparently was a seasonal item before and now its back full time due to popular demand.

Have I tried other facial cleansers from Lush?

Yes, I have tried, “Angels on Bare Skin.” I did like that facial cleanser too. It does have the same concept with adding water to turn it into a paste. But, I probably would not buy this one again because I love Let the Good Times Roll much more!

Where can I purchase it from if I don’t have a Lush nearby?


So overall here are my pros and cons


  • Amazing smell
  • Gives your face that clean feel
  • Has exfoliating properties
  • Vegan
  • Made fresh
  • Doesn’t cause my face to get all red or have a breakout


  • Price
  • Container wasn’t full (but I suppose it probably does have 3.5 oz in it, but still the website shows theirs full)
  • Sticker rubs off (if you wash your face in the shower then make sure its far away from the shower stream because the stickers break down and then there is a bunch of black spots all over the shower)

Anyway let me know if you have tried this facial cleanser or any of their other cleansers!



The Beauty Deputy


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