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Stila: Dancing with the Stars Collection!

Stila and the ABC show Dancing with the Stars teamed up together and created 4 new palette collections inspired by 4 different dances. They also have a blush, bronzer, highlighter, and a makeup bag that is part of this collection. I decided to check these out because I love Stila makeup and I also love Dancing with the Stars. This collection is an Ulta exclusive. They’re also limited edition! So if you want them get them as soon as possible so you won’t miss getting your hands on one of the sets. You can also get them on the Stila website.

Click here for the Ulta link

CLick here for the Stila link

The four sets include:


  1.  stila + dwts live.love.samba
  2. stila + dwts live.love.tango
  3. stila + dwts live.love.freestyle
  4. stila + dwts live.love.cha-cha

They cost $39.00 for a set. I decided to get 2 of them: freestyle and samba. I got mine at the Ulta store.


Overview of all the palettes.1)Tango2) Cha-Cha

3) Samba

4) Freestyle 

Picture from: stilacosmetics.com


Another overview of the palettes, but in this picture you can see the blush, highlighter, bronzer, and the makeup bag that is part of this collection. Picture from: http://okmagazine.com/be-pretty/stila-cosmetics-and-dancing-with-the-stars-the-new-beauty-duo-we-cant-stop-talking-about/


Each one of these sets include: 7 eye shadow colors, 1 cheek color, a stay all day liquid lipstick, a smudge stick or eyeliner, and a deluxe-size Stay All Day® 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm.



The outer box of the live.love.freestyle set.


The palette itself. The palette is very thin and sleek and does seem very sturdy.  Each of the palettes have a different Stila girl on the cover in a different outfit. The cover to this palette is shiny so I apologize that in some of these pictures you may see my reflection. But, overall I do like the look of the palette.  It does have a magnetic closure. 


Here is a picture of the colors included. Refer to the picture below to see the names. 
Back of the palette with the color names and I also swatched the colors in this order.

  1. en pointe
  2. ambition
  3. motion
  4. stea the show (cheek)
  5. mirror ball
  6. chasse
  7. 8 count
  8. twist


This is the back of the cover of the palette. I think that the packaging is adorable!


Smudge stick in purple tangStay all day liquid lipstick in patina Stay all day 10 – in-1 HD illuminating beauty balm SPF 30
Picture of the swatches next to the palette. Remember refer to photo above to see order and names. 


Closer up on the swatches with the eyeliner and liquid lipstick included.



So the packaging on the live.love.freestyle palette is basically the same except there is a different Stila girl on the cover. 
Here are the 7 eye shadow colors and the one cheek color. 
Once again the back that shows the color names.

  1. sequence
  2. tempo
  3. ballroom
  4. sensational (cheek)
  5. glitz
  6. shimmy
  7. swing
  8. pivot


Stay all day lipstick in dolce

Smudge stick in bluefin

Stay all day 10 – in-1 HD illuminating beauty balm SPF 30

Swatches and the palette. 


 Closer up of the swatches.

Below are going to be some of the looks I wore using the products from the Freestyle and the Samba palettes. I also used both lipsticks.

IMG_0882Eye look creating from both palettes.

Lipstick in dolce.


The above two pictures I used both palettes to create the look.

Lipstick in patina.


Close up of the eye looks.


Thought I should take a picture with my cat Molly since I was taking pictures anyway.


  • Packaging is adorable!
  • Eye shadows are pigmented and last all day like normal Stila shadows.
  • You get a mini liquid lipstick and Beauty balm and an eyeliner with the set so I think the value of $39 is worth it.
  • I love Stila eyeliners so I was excited one was included in each set.  They go on really easy and stay all day.
  • The lipsticks are pigmented and last throughout the day.


  • I wish that it would say the name of what palette is which on the front of the package instead of just on the back, but it is no big deal to flip the palette over and look at the name.
  • Eye shadows are a little powdery so some of the colors did drift into my blush color.
  • The liquid lipstick dries/sets really fast so don’t screw up when applying it! Also the lipstick isn’t moisturizing at all so you will have to add a lip balm or lip gloss on top to help.
  • Doesn’t have a good highlighting shade so I always have to grab another palette.

Overall, I would buy this product again! I love the show, “Dancing with the Stars.” So I think that Stila did a good job teaming up and coming up with these awesome palette collections.  If you want them act fast because they’re limited edition.  Just an FYI: at the Ulta that I was at they had a seperate display and they weren’t even close to where the other Stila products are located. The DWTS collection was located in the middle of the aisle. Make sure that you check it out because when I first asked a worker where they were she said that they didn’t have any and I’m not even sure if she knew what I was talking about.  So I kept browsing and then another lady asked if I needed help with anything and I decided to ask her about them just because I thought it was odd they wouldn’t have them. Sure enough she brought me right to the display.

Also I just checked and they’re on sale right now on the Ulta website.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review.



The Beauty Deputy


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    • Thank you so much!! Thanks for the follow too! I followed you as well! I love Stila makeup so I was super excited to get this collection! I almost got cha cha instead of freestyle but they are all awesome. Maybe if they discount them a lot I’ll get the other two! Lol.

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