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Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Box 2013

The Fortune Cookie Soap Fall Box of 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap is a bath and body company that makes numerous amounts of products such as: soaps, body wash, bath bombs, clay masks, and numerous other products dealing with bath and body. Apparently 4 times a year they have new products come out and during those times they send out subscribers a preview box of all the new products. These boxes ship out about 2 weeks before the launch giving you a chance to try out the product before committing to the full-size product. It includes 8-9 exclusive FCS products in mini size. The price is $19.99 and includes shipping. The pricing for Canada is $28.00 and international is $34.00 which also includes shipping.  Here is the website for FCS: http://www.fortunecookiesoap.com/
Just click on Soap box if you’re interested in subscribing for the soap box or just look around their website and you can tell that they have some amazing products. Another thing that they have going on right now is “Magic is Coming.” If you’re a fan of “Once Upon a Time” you will love this collection! But, this collection is limited edition!
So Fall is the time of year for some amazing scents such as pumpkins, cinnamon, and many more. I love Fall. I think its gorgeous outside with all the colorful leaves and I love pumpkin pie! You also can’t forget about Halloween! The scents during Fall are probably my most favorite.
This is what the box looks like and let me tell you the box smelled AMAZING!
What I saw when I first opened the box.
Overview of the packaging! Very Fall like and I was in Fall scent heaven when I first smelled this box.
The box came with this little card which shows all the products included.
Here is a explanation of all the products included.
 Product #1
“Pick of the Patch” Personal Space
They say size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to pumpkins – the bigger the better, baby!
So basically this product is a room spray and it smells like pumpkins and smells amazing! If you love the smell of pumpkin pie then you will love this smell!
Product #2 
“<Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here> Bath Oil
“Cookie cutter, shmookie cutter!! We kinda pride ourselves on not being cookie cutter around here. Our new fall cookie fragrance is anything BUT your average cookie scent, filled with luscious goodness and baked vanilla.
If you’re a fan of baths and a fan of vanilla then you will definitely like the smell of this. It smells exactly like a vanilla cookie.
This bath oil came up wrapped like this which I think added a nice little Fall touch!

Product #3 
“You’re Insecure, Donut What for…” #fall Milk Bath
YOU KNOW YOU SANG THAT WHEN YOU READ IT! This yummy cinnamon sugar donut scent will light up your world like nothing else.
This product looks like a bunch of tiny white flakes. It smells like cinnamon cider to me which smells amazing!
Product #4 
I Yam What I Yam” Said the Marshmallow” Whipped Cream
Can’t you just see an adorable little marshmallow proudly saying this? Cuz in our world marshmallows can talk, and unicorns fart glitter and rainbows.
So the saying to this product on the card made me laugh hopefully it made you laugh too! Too bad boyfriends and husbands can’t fart glitter & rainbows. 
This smells AMAZING and it is super moisturizing! This is probably so far my favorite product! I love the smell, the texture, and I think that saying is funny and cute!
Product #5
“Leeeaaf Piiiile!!” Bath Fizzy
Let’s face it, jumping into a big ol’ pile of leaves sounds like more fun that it actually is. With notes of apples and acorns.
Once again this smells amazing! It smells like walking outside on an Autumn day and then stopping by an apple tree and eating a good juicy apple.
Product #6
“Cranberry + Apple = FTW” Wax Tart
Of course we’re talking about our favorite libation, the Washington Apple, (AKA the panty dropper) Oh! You mean the fragrance? Yeah, that’s good too.
So basically you burn this in a wax warmer so the room can smell like this scent. It does smell really good. I mostly smell the apple scent .
Product #7
“Autumn Daze” Furtune Cookie Soap
“Deuces Summer!” till we meet again.. With notes of apple, cardamon, and pecan.
This probably grabbed my attention first when I opened the box because it is the shape of a fortune cookie. Well that isn’t surprising hence the name of the company, “Fortune Cookie Soap.” In my opinion it is very unique. This also smells amazing!!!!! It smells like a nice Autumn day mixed with an Apple pie! It also has a fortune inside!
Product #8
“Inidan Summer” OCD Handsanitizer 
AKA two more months of sweaty backs and cracks. #sorryimnotsorry With notes of blueberry, woods, and musk
So this is a earthy scent so if you like earthly scents you might like this. This is probably my least favorite scent compared to all the others. It does have a very light scent. It smells like the woods and you wouldn’t think that the woods would smell that good, but with the blueberry and musk it does make it smell pretty good. But, like I said I am more of a fan of the other scents.
Overall, I am happy with the Fortune Cookie Fall box.This box honestly got me excited for Fall to start and get over the fact that Summer is almost over. I do love my Fall scents!!! This is a very good idea for the company to do because it introduces people to the amazing products that they have to offer. I will say that I am 100% sure that I will buy something from them. I might check out that “Once Upon a Time Magic is Coming” collection. But, I better hurry up because they’re limited edition!
Picture of everything together after opening the box!
They even made it smell extra Fall by adding a cinnamon stick.
My cat is even interested in the Fortune Cookie Fall Soap Box!
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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